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So since Rock Band has such a robust amount of DLC, I figured I'd make a compendium of the tracks some of us have so we can better orgainze what tracks we choose to download for band play.

Just gonna list the tracks I have. Gonna bold 5 tracks that I feel are must owns. Not gonna included the 20 free downloaded tracks.
* Free Tracks

Only full album I have is Boston
I didn't like enough of the rest to purchase them but I think No Doubt album will be a must buy.

3's & 7's - Queens of The Stone Age
Baba O' Riley - The Who
Bandages - Hot Hot Heat
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
Buddy Holly - Weeser
Burn - Nine Inch Nails
Call Me - Blondie
Capital G - Nine Inch Nails
Charlene (I'm Right Behind you) - Stephen Colbert and the Colberts *
Closer - Lacuna Coil
CrushCrushCrush - Paramore
Dammit - Blink182
Date with the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fortunate Son - Cover of Creedance Clearwater Revival
Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie
Hitch a Ride - Boston
Hysteria - Muse
Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
Last - Nine Inch Nails
Little Sister - Queens of the Stone Age
March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails
Message in A Bottle - The Police
More Than A Feeling - Boston
Move Along - All American Rejects
Mr. Brightside - The Killers
My Curse - Killswitch Engage
My Hero - Foo Fighters
Natural Disaster - Plain White T's
One of THOSE Nights - The Cab
Peace of Mind - Boston
Rock and Roll Band - Boston
Roxanne - The Police
Self Esteem - Offspring
She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
She's a Handsome Woman - Panic at the Disco
Sick, Sick, Sick - Queens of The Stone Age
Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers
Smokin' - Boston
Something About You - Boston
Spaceman - The Killers
Still Alive - Glad0s *
Swamped - Lacuna Coil
The Collector - Nine Inch Nails
The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails
Toxicity - System of a Down
Wonderwall - Oasis

"Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Little Sister" Queens of the Stone Age

"Attack" 30 Seconds to Mars
"The Kill" 30 Seconds to Mars
"Dirty Little Secret" All-American Rejects
"Move Along" All-American Rejects
"Song with a Mission" Sounds
"Gimme Three Steps" Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Hard to Handle" Black Crowes
"Limelight" Rush
"Die, All Right!" Hives
"Interstate Love Song" Stone Temple Pilots
"The Number of the Beast" Iron Maiden
"All the Small Things" Blink-182

"Siva" Smashing Pumpkins
"Working Man" Rush
"Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)" Coheed and Cambria
"Sex Type Thing" Stone Temple Pilots
"El Scorcho" Weezer
"Why Do You Love Me?" Garbage
"Crushcrushcrush" Paramore

"Beethoven's C***" Serj Tankian
"Shockwave" Black Tide
"Still Alive" GLaDOS
"Saints of Los Angeles" Motley Crue
"Zero" Smashing Pumpkins
"Kool Thing" Sonic Youth
"Hysteria" Muse
"Monsoon" Tokio Hotel
"Hammerhead" The Offspring
"Snow ((Hey Oh))" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Tell Me Baby" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Working Man" (Vault Edition) Rush
"They Say" Scars on Broadway
"Toxicity" System of a Down
"B.Y.O.B." System of a Down
"My Curse" Killswitch Engage
"Rio" Duran Duran
"Girls on Film" Duran Duran

"Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" Stephen and the Colberts
"Bandages" Hot Hot Heat
"Sorrow" Bad Religion
"Breaking the Girl" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Suck My Kiss" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Under the Bridge" Red Hot Chili Peppers
"All Right Now" Free
"Stop!" Against Me!
"Bad to the Bone" George Thorogood & the Destroyers
"Nearly Lost You" Screaming Trees
"Push It" Static-X
"Dr. Feelgood" Mötley Crüe
"Dammit" Blink-182

"Well Thought Out Twinkles" Silversun Pickups
"Melatonin" Silversun Pickups

"Pretty in Pink" The Psychedelic Furs
"Jesus Christ Pose" Soundgarden

"Pretty Noose" Soundgarden
"Tempted" Squeeze
"Headphones On" Miranda Cosgrove

Punk Pack 01
"Ever Fallen in Love" Buzzcocks
"Rockaway Beach" Ramones
"My Iron Lung" Radiohead

Oasis Pack 01
"Don't Look Back in Anger" Oasis

"Live Forever" Oasis
"Wonderwall" Oasis

NIN Pack 01
"March of the Pigs" Nine Inch Nails
"The Collector" Nine Inch Nails
"The Perfect Drug" Nine Inch Nails

Boston Pack 01
"Peace of Mind" Boston
"More Than a Feeling" Boston
"Smokin'" Boston
"Rock and Roll Band" Boston
"Something About You" Boston
"Hitch a Ride" Boston

Harmonix Pack 01
"Rock Rebellion" Bang Camaro
"Shake" Count Zero
"Sprode" Freezepop

Classic Rock Pack 01
"Simple Man" Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Message in a Bottle" The Police
"Call Me" Blondie

Scene Pack 01
"This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" Fall Out Boy
"Date with the Night" Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"It Hurts" Angels & Airwaves

MTV2 Pack 01
"Moving to Seattle" The Materia
"A Clean Shot" The Myriad
"Bullets & Guns" Them Terribles

NIN Pack 02
"Burn" Nine Inch Nails
"Capital G" Nine Inch Nails

"Last" Nine Inch Nails

PAX 08 Collection
"Skullcrusher Mountain" Jonathan Coulton
"Livin' on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe" MC Frontalot feat. Brad Sucks
"Shhh..." The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

Rock Band Live 2008 Pack 01
"One of Those Nights" The Cab
"Hands Down" Dashboard Confessional

"She's a Handsome Woman" Panic at the Disco
"Natural Disaster" Plain White T's

The Offspring Pack 01
"Gone Away" The Offspring
"Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" The Offspring
"Self Esteem" The Offspring

Nirvana Pack 01
"Breed" Nirvana
"Lounge Act" Nirvana
"On a Plain" Nirvana
"Polly" Nirvana
"Something in the Way" Nirvana
"Stay Away" Nirvana
"Territorial Pissings" Nirvana

Dead Kennedys Pack 01
"California Über Alles" Dead Kennedys
"Holiday in Cambodia" Dead Kennedys
"Police Truck" Dead Kennedys

Girls of Metal Pack 01
"Forever" In This Moment
"Closer" Lacuna Coil

"Swamped" Lacuna Coil

The Killers Pack 01
"Mr. Brightside" The Killers
"Spaceman" The Killers
"Smile Like You Mean It" The Killers

Full Albums

The Pixies - Doolittle
The Who - The Best of the Who
Rush - Moving Pictures
Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape
No Doubt - The Singles 1992-2003
Oddies da Nerfed
Not bread. Hopefully the 'Girls of metal' gets a lil more angry. Seriously, gota have Angela Gossow and Arch Enemy in there.

Oh and March of the Pigs as well as the Perfect Drug ftmfw.
Free tracks (no excuse for not owning them)
Still Alive - Glad0s
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) - Stephen and the Colberts
Promised Land - Vesuvius
Headphones On - Miranda Cosgrove

Singles that I bought or bought separately from a pack/album.
A Clean Shot - The Myriad
All Right Now - Free
All The Small Things - Blink 182
Ashes To Fire - Ghost Hounds
Attack - 30 Second To Mars
Baba O'Riley - The Who
Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood
Bandages - Hot Hot Heat
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Cream and Bastards Rise - Harvey Danger
Crushcrushcrush - Paramore
Dammit - Blink 182
Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects
Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue

El Scorcho - Weezer
The Janitors - Get Your Rock On

Girls Who Play Guitars - Maximo Park
Hammerhead - The Offspring
Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie
Hysteria - Muse
Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots

Kool Thing - Sonic Youth
Last - Nine Inch Nails
Lounge Act - Nirvana
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters

Monsoon - Tokio Hotel
Move Along - All-American Rejects
Moving to Seatle - The Material
My Generation (Live at Leeds) - The Who
My Hero - Foo Fighters

My Iron Lung - Radiohead
My Sharona - The Knack
Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees
One of THOSE Nights - The Cab
Ready, Set, Go! - Tokio Hotel
Rio - Duran Duran

Roam - B-52's
Roxanne - The Police
Saints of Los Angeles - Motley Crue
Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots
She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
Shockwave - Black Tide

Song With A Mission - The Sounds
Stop! - Against Me!
Suck My Kiss - RHCP
Tempted - Squeeze
Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial) - Coheed & Cambria

Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear - The Mother Hips
Truth Hits Everybody - The Police
Under The Bridge - RHCP
Well Thought Out Twinkles - Silversun Pickups
Why Do You Love Me? - Garbage
Wonderwall - Oasis

Yomp - thenewno2

Songs Packs/Albums that I have.
Queens of the Stone Age
3's & 7's
Little Sister

Sick, Sick, Sick

Black Sabbath 01
War Pigs
Sweet Leaf

Boston Pack
Hitch A Ride
Something About You
Peace of Mind
More Than A Feeling
Rock and Roll Band

Harmonix Pack
Rock Rebellion - Bang Camaro
Shake - Count Zero
Sprode - Freezepop

Classic Rock 01
Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Message In A Bottle - The Police
Call Me - Blondie

Jimmy Buffet 01
Cheeseburger in Paradise

PAX 2008 Collection
Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton
Livin' at the Corner of Dude & Catastrophe - MC Frontalot feat. Brad Sucks
Shhh... - The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

Rush - Moving Pictures
Tom Sawyer (Original Version)
Red Barchetta
Limelight (Original Version)
The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear)
Vital Signs

The Offspring 01
Self Esteem
Gone Away
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Century Media Girls of Metal 01
Forever - In This Moment
Closer - Lacuna Coil

Swamped - Lacuna Coil

The Killers 01
Smile Like You Mean It
Mr. Brightside

I'll be getting the whole No Doubt pack next week. I'll eventually get the rest of the Who Pack.
Vitamin D
I don't have very much DLC at all, though that'll change very soon (net week at the latest). I'll have synched up quite a few songs with you guys by then. Great idea for a topic btw haha. guitarist.gif
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