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Full Version: Red Ring Rico'D
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So my cousin was playing some grand theft auto when all of a sudden this bitch pops up.

Except it was only two rings. I immediately did a gears of war 2 barrel roll and disconnected everything. I'm looking online and I see its an overheating heating issue. I was thinking of popping the hood and running an air can through it. I've seen some videos about people purposely overheating their GPU to get it to smolder or something to the heat sink. Not sure if this would be the appropriate action for me to do, especially since I know my room is dusty. Gonna play operation later tonight on my Xbizzle and see what happens.
You're better off just sending the unit in, rather than voiding the warranty and try to fix it yourself.
Yeah since your xbox is still pretty new I'd just get it fixed under warranty.
waiting for the "I broke my xbox :(" post.
Actually, think I fixed it. Popped that bitch open, went in there with an air can cleaned a SHITload of dust threw some Z's on dat bitch and bam! Back in running order.
for now.
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