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Full Version: Ghost in Shell 2: Innocence BD
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Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence came out on blu ray Tuesday, I got a copy yesterday. unlike the original dvd release, the BD was done by Ban Dai. Ban Dai released Stand Alone Complex here in the US with an awesome dub and as such Innocence was given a new english dub, by non other then the SAC crew. The movie it self is pretty wordy and can be hard to keep up with the subtitles alone (seen it subbed in the theater). Yet the dub (in 5.1 DD) was great and made the movie much easier to follow. Also of note it contains the original UK dub as well.
One last thing even though its a sequel to the original movie, the way it's written it could also work, with little leeway, in the SAC universe, set between 2nd Gig and Solid State Society.
Sweet! I gotta get this puppy asap. I have the DVD version and that was really ass they didn't include the awesome actors from the GiTS series. Plus the dvd didn't have any kind of features, no director commentary or anything I was like wtf? Having it in english dub is great though and good enough for me. What special features if any does it have?
A making of GitS 2 feature, director commentary, and trailer. Then there is the US and UK dubs and the original jp in 5.1 dolby digital for the movie. Ban dai also released a new dvd version as well as the bd for those of you with out bd players. Now if they would hurry up and release the original movie in bd here, as they did in japan, it would be great.

Oh one last thing, Richard Epcar's Batou is awesome as always, and has been Batou in the US since the beginning all those years ago (save for those crappy movie versions of SAC plots)

Edit- The dvd edition comes in a steelbook collectors case and includes the OST on cd.
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