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Full Version: AT Podcast Episode 11 [01-29-09]
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In this episode:
  • Don't you hate it when...
  • Tired podcast is tired.
  • We talk about the new Fallout 3 DLC and DLC in general.
  • Vitamin D reviews Battle Fantasia.
  • AT discusses difficulty in past and present games.
  • Donkeybeatz loses a Rock Band tournament and doesn't want to talk about it.
  • REAL TALK: More burger talk with Crushinator and AC9Breaker.

  • AC Tech support
  • Cheese?
  • Note Pages & Passwords
  • Street Fighter 2010

inb4 "I'll be out drinking".
Won't be around this weekend! If you're all good to go without me, go for it. If not, i'll see ya next recooording day!
I'll be ready for it. I have some more "burger talk" prepared for this episode.
If my usual time is good then I'm down. Sunday right?

Also, I think we've got some good stuff to talk about for this podcast. EGM and 1up, Some Gears of War 2 stuff online I wanna talk about, and difficulty in games. Also, have games gotten easier, maintained same difficulty, or gotten harder?
Sounds good, I always like it when we have "video game real talk".
So Podcast tonight?
QUOTE(AC9breaker @ Jan 25 2009, 08:21 PM) *
So Podcast tonight?

Tonight as in tonight? Ok.
Cool, me and crush had some good ideas to talk about for tonight. We're planning on discussing the worth of DLC on the Marketplace, Burger Talk, and Game talk about difficulty of games. Seems like we're gonna have an insightful podcast tonight.
Good talk on the podcast last night, guys.
Sorry for the slight delay. Episode is live.
Sweet job on the edit donks and That was one great podcast. Glad you didn't use my tech support as the intro lol!
Added special bonus content.
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