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Full Version: AT Podcast Episode 12 [02-16-09]
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In this episode:
  • Crushinator expresses his distaste for Fire Emblem
  • Special Guests Tanshin & Kaori join the podcast.
  • AT Impressions: Killzone 2 Demo, Halo Wars Demo, Tom Clancy's HAWX Demo
  • AT Reviews: Retro Games Challenge for NDS, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for 360, and FLOWER on PSN.
  • REAL TALK: Crushinator's TV dies, Retehi gets a parking ticket, Tanshin's car gets broken into, Retehi reviews Friday the 13th and yells at some chick at the theater.
Sounds good to me. We need to have a "video game issue" talk segment for this show, any ideas?

Also games:
  • Afro Samurai
  • Flower
  • FEAR 2
  • Halo Wars demo
  • HAWX demo
  • Retro Games Challenge
  • Tenchu Wii
  • House of the Dead overkill (did anyone get this?)
  • Killzone 2 Demo
  • Ultimate Genesis Collection

We have a lot of stuff we can talk about, so it should be a good show.
I will work on procuring a mic in the mean time, this could prove troublesome however with no income.
Vitamin D
I just got House of the Dead this morning (haha), so I can play it with my bro and weigh in on it for the podcast. I'm also about to buy Sonic's Genesis collection too. And Flower looks pretty damn interesting, so I might give it a DL. In any case, I'm down for the 'cast.
Everyone with a DS should... 'get' Retro Games Challenge, its pretty sweet.
Also, TV talk & Ticket talk.
So we on for tonight right?
Better be, I actually have stuff to talk about for once *gasp*.
It was kinda nice having Retehi talk a bit more for a change!
I'm going to cut the wii discussion out since it deemed a bit weak. I'll have this episode up by tonight once I get home from class.
Episode is live.
Yo, good shit. I was hoping this would be up. I listen to these podcasts while working and people look at me funny when I just burst out laughing at random. If AC9 wouldn't have kept pushing me to listen to them, I probably wouldn't have and that would've sucked.

Keep it up, guys and hopefully one of these days I'd like to try and get on one of them.
Thanks for the support, man. buttrock.gif

And tell your friends how great the show is! shades.gif
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