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Full Version: Virtual On coming to XBLA
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The DC and Arcade classic Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram is coming to XBLA in the near future!

Twin stick action baby!

Looks like it will be 1200 MS Fun bucks. Is it just me, or are a lot more games releasing at that price point now? God damn shitty economy.
Vitamin D
Awwwww shit! "TAM-JEEN" "VAI-PAR-TOO". Awesome news for sure, my brother and I played the hell out of these games on consoles and at the arcade. I can't wait to get it! And yeah, I think 1200 is the new standard for Arcade games. I don't think we'll be seeing releases like this for 800 points for a while.
i'm not terrible interested unless it has only play or cool acheivements.
Why do you even care about the achievements? You don't even have a 360.

And its most assuredly going to be online, what would be the point otherwise?
SOLD. Can't wait to get some apharmd action going on in HD.

YES!! Color editing, intact classic tunes, and online play? Hell f-in yeah!

After some digging around, I found that they have a new site up just for the 360 port:

There's nothing really new on there except the video. The wallpapers have been there since forever.
Vitamin D
Oh HELL yeah. Virtual On is out next week! I honestly didn't think it would be so soon, but here it is haha. levelup.png
This game STILL rocks my face off. That's all I can say.
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