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Full Version: Happy Friday the 13th!
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So does anyone suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Friday the13th has never bothered me in the slightest, but there are people who fear this dreaded day.

Why does this day have this connotation? Does anyone know the origins of this phobia?
It's just another day. I think I'm gonna start treating it like April Fool's Day though, because some people are so damn paranoid, they're just waiting to have a joke played on them. beigelaugh.gif
Ahh yes, Friday the 13th. People get so spooked that they end up doing stupid things (ie being so careful that you trip on your own feet o.O). Perhaps I'll pop in an old Jason flick for old times sake. ;-)
the number, 13 - is a reference to time; time as in months out of the ancient observation of the world, it was/is known that the year is in synch to 13 months/ 28 days per month, with a single extra day that is the transition from one year to the next - hence, a day out of time.. 13 is an honored number; that is, until the gregorian system was introduced.. =.

the originators of the gregorian calendar disregarded the 13 month cycle for their 12 month cycle - claiming that anything existing outside their theological study is deemed heresy & should not be practiced; to further enhance their doctrine - disinformation was introduced to the peasantry (sheep of the religious flocks of years before, folks.. -.-), preaching the idea of 13 as being an unholy number, a number that is explicitely linked to devils..

*sigh* since only a handful of old men had access to education & higher learning, the rest simply followed their vision without question; even though it be imperfect.. this has stuck throughout the remaining centuries to this day - many still believe that 13 is an unlucky number.. bash.gif

thank goodness i exist in the now.. teleport.gif
Nick novalis
OK well here are some (useless) facts for you about Friday the 13th, courtesy of Jonathan Cainer.

* AXA Insurance found drivers are 50 per cent LESS likely to crash on a Friday that falls on the 13th (probly cos people are more careful)
*Due to a quirk in the calendar, Friday is more likely to fall on the 13th of the month than any other day... by a factor of 0.02 per cent.
* On Friday October 13, 1307, King Philip of France executed several thousand members of the Knights Templar.
* There were 13 people at the Last Supper - after which jesus died on a Friday.
* Ancient zodiacs vary, but ALL contain 12 signs. that's why 13, in every culture has come to symbolise the breaking of a perfect circle.

In fact you SHOULD be more interested in the fact that it is a full moon on a friday the 13 th lolol. teleport.gif
I was told that the reason the 13th became such a dreaded day was because back in the early colonial periods when hanging where a common thing in England(because poverty was a big thing leading to theives). King George the something decided that every Friday would be hanging day. (Or was it Guilotine day) Well anyway, something bad happened to their upper extremities.

On the the guilotine/hanging stand there where 13 steps. 13 because their death was upon them so it was to curse them in the after life because as many here have stated 13 became to represent bad luck and such.


WoW good excuse to use that symbol too LoL

Funny cause although I don't believe in this superstition junk, I am am very weary when I get a fortune cookie. luna.gif
And how uber-ironic it is...
Oddly, 13 is my lucky number, I always seem to be in better moods.

... although I feel like crap at the moment, and my phone line blew up 4 times earlier, I still think it's my lucky number... yeah. O_o
Oh gosh, my birthday is on August the 13th...and sometimes it ends up on a Friday...oh well. I guess I have never had a bad Friday the 13th. Something bad better not happen to my PSO data today because as soon as I get off work I am going online :o)
Angel of Enders
I'm on the same boat as you Shiek cept my B-day's a month earlier. Last year my b-day fell on the 13th. Nothing bad happend but it was a pretty crappy day for me.
Nick novalis
lol me tooo cept I in March.. I actually think I was born on a Friday.. cant remember.. cant be bothered to find out buttrock.gif
Well you think thats strange. How about being born on February 29. @_@ Talk about bad luck. Not that my birthday is on that day but my Friends sister is. They Usually celebrate it on March 1st though but when that day does come its on that day. Imagine being 5 when your really 20. @_@
QUOTE (Nick novalis @ Jun 15 2003, 01:10 PM)
lol me tooo cept I in March.. I actually think I was born on a Friday.. cant remember.. cant be bothered to find out buttrock.gif

*plugs numbers into Date & Time prefpane in the System Preferences*

Nope, you were born on a Thursday... close though...
Holy dude, I didn't even realize friday was the 13th...but it was one of the worst days ever X(. I couldn't do a single thing right all day, and when I got to the arcade with my friends for DDR, I failed every damn song, even one's I've done perfect for over a year! I couldn't pass the 2nd guy on Fist of the North Star, and by then the dude at KFC spit in my Spicy Chicken Sammich (I think). I'm glad I didn't play PSO...I probably woulda gotten a corruption or something.

Go Friday! wassup.gif skullcross.gif
Angel of Enders
My grandfather was born on that day too. He used to tell us he was 19 and we didn't believe him until we were old enough to understand leap year.
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