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Post more news as you see fit.

OnLive Service

Streaming PC games online. Subscription based service where you play pretty much ANY pc game remotely on their servers, no need to download it to your computer or have any dedicated gaming hardware (fast CPU, GPU, directx 10, etc). Works on Windows, OSX, and on a regular TV with their little set-top box.

Seems too good to be true to me, but we'll see... They're taking beta applications as we speak.

Gears of War 2: Dark Corners

Campaign DLC expansion pack for Gears 2, no full announcement on it yet, but it was leaked on the japanese marketplace site.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

360 "exclusive" goes PS3, now with Ayane playable and online co-op.

CryEngine 3.0 Tech Revealed

Just when we get to the point where a regular gamer's PC can play Crysis... they roll this shit out. (Although with OnLive this supposedly wont' be an issue beigelaugh.gif)
Looks great, as expected. But I have to question... have they even recouped the costs of developing CryEngine2 yet? There's only 3 games that use it, 2 of which are Crysis titles, and one is just an indie game...

Noby Noby Boy Multiplayer Mode

Let the sausage-fest commence!

More Punch Out Footage

Wii Firmware 4.0

Available now, supports SDHC with up to 32 gig SD cards. Direct download from the Wii Shop to your card AND most importantly the ability to launch WiiWare and Virtual Console titles directly from the memory card. They also added "Arcade" games to VC, with a bunch of Namco arcade classics (Mappy, GAPLUS, Solvalou, etc) to start it off. Hopefully they get some CPS2 classics on there, I'd totally be down for that.

Max Payne 3 announced for 2009

Coming to all platforms that matter (PC, 360, PS3).

Final Fantasy Coming to Wii VC

Square will be releasing FF1 and FF4 on VC, as well as original titles "My Life as a Dark Lord" and "Final Fantasy 4: The After Years" onto WiiWare.

New Zelda Game "Spirit Tracks" on DS

Links drives a train. beigerolleyes.gif
I saw the trailers for the Zelda game and I burst out laughing when they showed Link in the conductor uniform with that serious look on his face. I was like this is so gay its funny. Which brings me to another thing. How come each new Zelda game has to have a gimmick?

Can't wait for Onlive. I came up the same idea years ago, but could not figure out how to solve the lag issues. I bet its going to be expensive on their in to operate. I'm not expecting a mass market subscription fee though.
Well I think they base the games off whatever the hell Shigeru Miyamoto is doing at the moment.

He's gardening... so they make Pikmin. He's playing guitar... so they make Wii Music. He's riding the train to work... BAM new zelda game.

Dam, Max Payne looks like he belongs in Grand Theft Auto 4.
Looking forward to ninja gaiden for ps3 since I still haven't purchased it yet.

I kinda have mix reactions on the Punch Out game. I love the fact that they're making a new game but it doesn't seem to have the same flair that Super Punch Out for SNES had and doesn't seem as intense as I remember the old NES version.
nintendo is starting to scare me. are they ever gonna make a console zelda again?
Starting to scare you? Nintendo hasn't given a shit about the "core" audience since Wii launched, and they have no reason to ever do so again for the foreseeable future. You'd have to be pretty delusional to believe anything else at this point.
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