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Full Version: Killzone 2
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So I got this game a few days at the request of Crushinator so we can play online. Finished beating campaign today. I have to say, I really fucking hate my own teammates. What a bunch of fucking cock gobbling meatheads, holy shit man. I swear every other word out their mouth is fuck, it's like the developers where trying too hard to be cool and edgy. The worst part about it is that EVERY FREAKING GUY FROM YOUR FACTION is like that except for you in some parts. It got to the point where I was killing off my own team mates cause they pissed me the fuck off, but I couldn't really kill them cause every time they were suppose to be dead, they would just lie on the floor bitching and crying for me to rez them, which was only slightly more annoying then having them yell at me to "get the fuck behind cover" when I would pop out from under cover to shoot enemies while they stood in the middle of the fucking battlefield getting downed attracting every other bullet. Also the dialogue is equally atrocious. It's like somebody recorded the chatter you hear between matches of Call of Duty 4. Gears of War 2, Halo, and decided to use it as the dialogue for this game. Only without racial slurs, actually Higs kinda does sounds like Nigs so I guess... W/e.

Then to make matters even worse, the bad guys are so much fucking cooler then us. Not just their weapons and such, but even their dialogue and the way in which the game presents them. Really though the campaign would be a whole lot more bearable without the most fucking annoying character ever, Rico. Holy shit is this guy fucking stupid and annoying. In fact his very existence is incomprehensible since a person with his demeanor and attitude would have already been fucking dead if the game treated him like any of the other npcs in the game.

Also, this games controls fucking suck. Half the time I was dying in campaign cause I was fucking wrestling with the controls. This would be a fucking awesome game...If it was on PC or 360. People complain about Resident Evil 5's controls but you know what, fuck them. Why haven't I heard anyone call bullshit on these controls. Even the fucking button layout is atrocious and this is after I switched it to a more manageable control setting since you can directly assign actions. It's all a bunch of pre-set options you can choose from.

I have to say I think Crushinator should change his stance from this game on being a buy to a rent. Fucking atrocious controls and stupid plot.
I told you to change the damn controls to call of duty style. The defaults are retarded as fuck, and you do need to turn the sensitivity up all the way because you still turn too slow.

I think i talked about how shitty your meathead teammates were in the podcast, and yeah the helghast are a shitload cooler. The campaign IS very forgettable and is only a rent (Which i also said.) But the multiplayer is great.

Also... use the knife as your only weapon on campaign beigelaugh.gif . Fuck the guns and fuck cover.

You must have been playing on Baby Mode or something cause that knife shiz didn't work. That or maybe it was patched cause there was an update when I started playing. Tried doing the knife on the bridge, no good. On the train, failure. Then going up the stairs on the last stage, even worse failure. Also, on the first post, I was talking about offline only. lol.

Anyway, I sure as hell ain't going to get those trophies. On the otherside, Killzone 2 online is pretty cool guy, doesn't afraid of nothing. It's like Wolfenstein:ET and I looooooved wolfenstein. If you can get past wrestling the controllers you'll do fine. Seems like a lot of other people are wrestling with controls too cause I was coming out on the top spots for the few games I played olo. Just hit Sergeant rank, almost Sergeant 1st Class.

Also, Crush I did change controls. It's still garbage. I decided to change it on the bridge when I got the sniper rifle. Trying to pop out of cover, use scope and change magnification to snipe is nearly an act of impossibility. You either need 6 fingers or a highly trained pet spider to pull that shit off. This is coming from someone who plays Armored Core where you pretty much use every godamn button in the game. All in all though, I still say this game is a rent. I feel a lot of people will be put off by the controls.

Edit: Oh yeah forgot to mention that you can use your own custom music [playlists for online play which is hella sweet. The game has a great soundtrack but there is no muzik online. :(
Oddies da Nerfed
I want a trained spider. =(
One than can skate is even better.

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