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Full Version: Bayonetta
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I'm excited for this game. I know wiryu is.
Looking good, seems like an even more over-the-top DMC3, which is not a bad thing at all. beigelaugh.gif @ "first climax trailer".
HEL YEH, She's obviously using the High Grade conditioner for her hair. Looking forward to this, can't believe it's a Sega game.
Vitamin D
Haha looks pretty dope. guns.gif
Fuckin concur. This looks like awesomeness.
She used her hair to turn into a cat dog. I know you guys saw it too.
Vitamin D
To those who didn't know, I've been playing the Japanese PS3 version (which is completely in English) for a couple weeks now. I've put 30 hours into the game thus far and my thoughts? You guys need to buy this game.

Bayonetta is easily one of the best games I've ever played, and likely my favorite of its kind (DMC, GoW, NG etc). From beginning to end Bayonetta is an incredibly unique experience that truly owns the title of "over the top". I'll just give you one piece of advice; do NOT look at anything that could potentially spoil the game, you'll sorely regret it. There are so many things that make the game as great as it is, and you wouldn't want to ruin it with some random YouTube video or something haha. If you were thinking of picking up the game do so, I guarantee you'll love it. Yes you too Wiryu haha. The demo provides the tiniest window of how the game is in its entirety.

tl;dr? Buy Bayonetta when it comes out in a week's time, it's amazing. In fact, I'll be playing through it again on 360 when it comes out here. guns.gif
I've been making fun of hairboots so much, I'm pretty much already locked into buying it. Good to know it doesn't suck!
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