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Full Version: Review: Necrovision
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Oddies da Nerfed
'NecroVisioN is World War I-set alternate history survival horror first-person shooter developed by Polish developer The Farm 51 and published by 505 Games.' In addition to this, you get to play in hell, stab up some zombies, vampires and demons! This shoot em up, smack em with a shovel drag out brawl FPS places you in the middle of WWI, which is in and of itself in the middle of a battle between vampires and demons.

This is not quite your typical shooter, as the game has heavy (and late game almost an overriding) focus on beating the shit out of things in melee. Starting off you are involved in some classic WWI trench warfare with nothing but a good ole colt .45 and a bolt action rifle. The rifle you can use to charge and knock over groups of enemies and gank em while they are down, or just smack em in the head. Later after snagging a bayonet you can stabass people with the rifle as well. Another feature of the game is dual 1h weps, with option of rotating what you are using. Early game this is dual pistol or pistol + item. Items to pick from are grenades (quick throw key for if you are using rifles and shit), am oil lantern that also burns things well when thrown, a shovel to smacking bitches around, a bayonet for the stabsin, some TNT, and like 6 potato masher grenades stuck together in one asswhoopin package. Late game consisits of primary weps both being 1 handed, though you can still bust out ye olde sniper rifle or the heavy machine gun for giggles.

Combat style for shooting is rather typical, wep spread based on your firing position, wep, kickback and so on. Melee is straight forward and simple, ctrl kicks things away from you, default middle mouse smacks em with current 2h or right hand 1h while main mouse uses left wep and right mouse fires the right hand gun. As you slaughter people you gain adrenalin, this can be used for slow mo, or later for dropping a can of asswhoopin on people with the shadow hand. However just killing shit does not do much. Instead you need to perform 'combos' to generate adrenalin. Head shots are most basic, others are stabbing people 2x in a row with bayoneted rifle, or a single stab and a single shot for 'stab and shoot', or shoot em while they are on the ground for 'rolled'. There are a right ton of combos based on weapon combos and if things are knocked down etc, so really getting them is pretty easy. For each combo you perform your 'fury' level goes up 1, eventually to your max. Each rank of fury increases your adrenalin gained per combo kill as well as zaps things with lightning knocking em down and finally burning shit that gets close. 'Artifacts' gained through the game are used to increase max fury.

Graphics: The game sports dx10 and dx9 modes, although I could not see a major difference between them. Overall the game looks great, nice use of blurs, glows, and effects. Models are not the highest polygon around, but I do not think they were intending to go all crysis on us. When things get going crazy it can be hard to see wtf is going on with all the pretty things running around burning and screaming and stuff exploding. The gas mask areas are a pain due to restricted vision and they even added some condensation to the mask on exhales. Cut scenes are split up, some in game others are drawing/painting like still art with narration. Most boss fights have the art stuff with, and the game provides a more 'lore based' story to the boss fight you just finished rather than 'lulz you killed him guud'. As such to figure out how things transpired, you need to watch these scenes.

Sound: This I am splitting up in to two. Music, is well awesome. Great soundtrack all around sans the pop garbage during the credits, nto much else to say just really well done music. Sound effects however, is where the game suffers some IMO. The sounds attached to guns, just lacked some umph. They were not low quality really, they were just flat and did not give you that 'oh this thing sounds badass, shits gonna die now!' feeling shooting at stuff. NPC sounds are decent. Hearing NPC in heavy armor come trucking along down hall with the clunk clunk clunk was cool. Voice acting. This I honestly think is the first game where the person you play talks, talks a lot, and has a southern/southeastern accent. He talks during cutscenes, he talks to himself, he taunts enemies after fucking em up. Later on his voice is a quasi demon/southern accented voice which, is kinda odd. Some of the voice acting is well done, others like main char lack some emotion considering whats going on. Certainly tell the person is just reading a script and adding a lil emotion per the lil box that says [scared] next to their line.

Difficulty: The game runs its health on a partial regeneration system. Your health is divided up (based on difficulty it seems) and partially depleted sections regeneration, the rest need health packs to restore. On medium as far as I can tell 1%-50% is the main block so its hard to die, at least early on. Also, when you 'die' the game basicly gives you a second change, it hits slowmo for several seconds and gives you a chance to avoid actually dying. As such at least early game dying is pretty damn hard to manage. Combat wise the game basically mobs you at most times. Encounters will start small, 1-3, later on I would say I have watched as 20 things came charging at me with intent to rip my face off. However due to the games combat style, the AI will engage in both melee and ranged combat. Forcing them to charge you around the corner only to get a rifle butt in the face is fun. Late game however it is like someone changed the game difficulty from 'pfft' to 'anal rape with a broken bottle and nails'. This is where the 20+ things try to eat you. Things move faster, hit harder, mob more, and get back up at times. Makes for some good times! There are a few 'vehicle' combat areas, which consist of you strolling around in a ghetto mech suit. It has a grenade launcher and chain gun for gibing people. Not overly hard, no melee combat involved just shoot and scoot for a small game play change.

Challenges: Each mission unlocks challenges as well as the ability to replay and collect missing items. The challenges unlock certain things based on which mission. Early on you get ones that unlock always having the shovel, another always having armor, or always having dual pistols. Later ones unlock additional spells for the shadow hand. The early challenges are pretty easy, kill 20 zombies with only the shovel etc. Later ones are insane, one was kill 500 enemies in 15 min or something like that with the mobs zerging you at all times and even a few of the mini bosses for good measure. Also after finishing the game you can replay with the shadowhand enabled at all times, I have not tried this yet as I just finished the game. However I imagine it will be lots of fun.

Overall: Good game, not sure I would suggest paying full retail price for it, however 39.99 probably a good bet. Solid mix of shoot em up with smack em up with blont or sharp objects. Good graphics, mixed feelings on the sounds, enjoyed the story which kept me wanting to play.
wow, sounds pretty cool. I looked at a few videos on youtube and the game seems solid enough. Scenerios seems interesting enough at the very least. You probably don't care for these things but how was the story? It looks like it would be pretty weak though.
Oddies da Nerfed
Story was decent, a different spin one what could be argued as the played to death demon/vampire slaughtering game. Was certainly enough to keep me playing through the whole game and good chance I will spin through it again with shadow hand from the start.
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