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Full Version: Brütal Legend
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Double Fine, baby! buttrock.gif
What does everyone think about the gamer. Looks entertaining from a story/character stand point. Dunno about EA and action games though.
EA's just the publisher here. The game itself is developed by Double Fine, creators of the critially acclaimed (but sadly not too well-selling) "Psychonauts" last generation. Tim Schafer is the head of the studio, and the creative mind behind their games. His resume includes many of the best Lucasarts adventure games from PC days of yore, such as Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Full Throttle. As far as story, humor, and characters go, the dude is brilliant in the videogame medium.

Brutal legend is going to be an open-world game so it is new ground for Double Fine, but as long as the gameplay is competent and fun, the story itself will make it worth playing. I'm hyped buttrock.gif


GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. Is activision angling for "most evil game company ever" or some shit? Why the FUCK would they do this?
Activision just cockblocked FTL.

Dunno whats up, but if double fine is developing the game and then leaves activision for EA, the question is who has the rights to the game content, if activision paid double fine?
I been waiting for this one ever since I read it was a Tim Schafer game. Psychonauts is one of the best action/platform games I have ever played. Its actually number 3 on my top list after Galaxy, and Mario 64 of course.

And that is bullshit what Activision is doing.
This guy is right. Don't buy the game because it has graphics that look like its from 2001.
That kid is seriously fucking neurotic.

Jack Black exploding demons with lightning bolts from a guitar, what the heck were they thinking? When you really think about, it sounds stupid, but the game looks cool regardless.
the whole rock and roll theme kinda terns me off. in fact its for that reason i'm sorta interested in DJ hero but never got into guitar hero or rock band much.
QUOTE(Alisha @ Oct 13 2009, 05:13 PM) *
the whole rock and roll theme kinda terns me off.

Uh oh, you're asking for it. <_<
QUOTE(Alisha @ Oct 13 2009, 06:13 PM) *
terns me off.

LOL liek wut u meen eye dun speek gud? LOLLOLOLOLOL
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