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Full Version: AT Podcast Episode 18 [05-12-09]
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In this episode:
  • Here at ATHQ, we love you.
  • Weekend Updates.
  • AT Half-assed Reviews: Fallout Broken Steel DLC, Bionic Commando Multiplayer demo, Left 4 Dead Survival Pack, Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram for XBLA, Burnout Cops 'n' Robbers DLC, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine (the game and movie), and Star Trek.
  • REAL TALK: AC gets busy with old folks, T-Wolf goes to Home Depot, Liz and PSN stalkers, Crushinator gets stalked by a guy in a wheelchair.
  • More burger talk with Crushinator. Was it good this time? And another Slurpee review by Crushinator.
  • We have a forum question? We answer it.
I'm down for either.
So we doing this tonight?
Well, I don't come from the cityyyy. I came here on the train.

Yes, tonight if possible.
OK, we are doing this for sure this Sunday. No excuses.
Everyone who wants to be on the show, please show up tonight. No more dropping the ball!

But dood, Jack Bauer is gonna save america tonight and Dr. House is finally gonna tap DAT AZZ
Vitamin D
Well I'm down for the cause. I'll be back home tonight about 9:30 Mountain. mario.gif
Episode live.
Holy crap 2 hours 30minutes long. Longcast is long.
Yeah it was like The Watchmen of our podcasts, sheesh.
where the white boys at?!
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