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Full Version: New launched, Starcraft 2 beta opt-in
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Blizzard just launched the new version of, which will link all blizzard games and support Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. You can sign up now, and most importantly, register for beta testing on new games! This isn't a "starcraft 2 beta confirmed" type of deal, but its definitely the easiest way to get in the running when it eventually DOES happen.

One caveat is that to qualify you do need to have at least ONE other blizzard game to register. The cool thing is, you can put in the product key from any blizzard product and then they will give you the right to download a digital copy, just like steam. No more cd's!

You can also link this account to your world of warcraft account if you have one, so you have just one unified login.
Oddies da Nerfed
They have been testing this new combined login system for a couple months now with wow. Have been some issues with patch server rejecting the combined login accounts while accepting old style, or the login just going down locking people from wow. One benefit, other than the beta opt in, is the combined login allows for use of blizzards mobile authenticator. (, which is a phone based ver of their key chain authenticator that is used to prevent account hacking, even if the person has your login and pass without the auth they cannot log in. Downside however is if you restore your phone for any reason, there is a good chance you will have to jump through hoops to gain access to your account again due to auth providing wrong numbers.

I personally have not yet combined my logins as of yet, been waiting for blizz to get some of the bugs worked out. Specialy on the wow side of things.
It begins!

The email, which asks game writers to make sure they have a Battle.Net account set up and a request in, says that Blizzard has no date yet to announce for the start of the beta. The email ends, however, by saying that all account login info for game writers needs to be sent to Blizzard by June 19.

Beta should be starting pretty damn soon, make sure you're signed up! buttrock.gif
Starcraft 2 officially delayed till 2010!


I personally blame Oddies' negative attitude for this delay.
I think its cause oddies rolled alliance, personally.
Apparently is itself that is causing the delay, all the features and functionality Blizzard wants to implement into the new will impossible to have in a working state before the end of 2009.

They want it to have "Xbox Live-like" features, such as inter-game messaging, friends list, etc. across all future Blizzard games.
Oddies da Nerfed
Hey now, I said it was D3 I expected in 2010. As for WoW, I quit. =p Playing C-Aion currently.

edit: besides, didn't they use soon™ for their release dates?

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