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Full Version: Metal Gear Speculation Thread
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Okay so I'm sure most of us are aware of new trolling like announcement by Kojima of what seems to be a new MGS game.

Most of the internet is stumped so it's up to us to figure this mystery out. I think the analysis job done by joystiq is close.

I'm calling it now, DUCK HUNT FOR THE XBRO
Otacon is crushinator's brother. You can tell by how the clouds move across the sky.
360 exclusive MGS4 port/expansion, with all the DLC from MGO included plus new exclusive shit.

Or a Wii version/sequel to Snatcher.
Personally I think it's something unspectacular like just MGO for the Xbro.

In anycase I can see it now. Screaming Mantis giving you a fake RROD.
"See you like to mail your Xbox in for service."

Metal Gear Solid 5? Dunno, just keep seeing the number 5 pop up every few secs.
MGS5 is too obvious, and I think its too soon to announce it. We'd have blue balls for like 4 years.

I think its the name for the "expansion." Substance. Subsistence. MGS4: Senility? beigelaugh.gif
i think i read last month that kojima was inquiring if fans would like to see a ZOE sequel.
Annnnnnd the site died when the timer hit zero.

Did anyone see what it was before the site crapped out?

EDIT: Fuck! Its back up now and its a NEW GOD DAMN COUNTER FOR 199 hours! But the letter flashing in the background is now E instead of S or 5.


Oh, I just got it. Its going to go S - E - G - A.

MGS5 launch title for Dreamcast 2 CONFIRMED. 9/9/09. AT news exclusive!
The doods from neogaf have already deduced that there where going to be 5 counters in total. After one counter winds down, a new one will start up. The last one is suppose to end on June 1 Microsofts E3 press conference date. Famitsu has leaked something about a new MGS game for PS3 and psp, so who knows.
The site's next countdown ended. Now the letters P and R are appearing in addition to the previous ones. But more importantly, the screen is also flashing a picture of BIG BOSS!

I'm changing my speculation to... a remake of the original Metal Gear for PS360 using the MGS4 engine!

Nope, I say its gonna be a remake of Snake's Revenge beigebiggrin.gif
starring kyle reese from terminator.
Direct sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3? After Portable Ops of course. A remake of the original Metal Gear could fit. And could still be titled Metal Gear Solid 5. Hell could even be a remake of the first and second games in one game.
In the interview with Famitsu, Kojima stated this game would span multiple eras, so it very well could be a retelling of the Zanzibar island events, things after MGPO, maybe even what happened to Raiden between MGS2 and MGS4.

Lemme see if i can dig up the translation again...

EDIT: here it is
1. (The Big Boss image is posted above)
Interviewer: "Is that Big Boss?"
Kojima: It's a little different from XX
(or XXX's next form is a little different)
Interviewer: "Whaaaattt? Different???"

Kojima: I still can't tell you what the title is, but this is the real deal. Put it this way, it's part of the orthodox "Metal Gear Saga"
(The text below was mostly blocked out, but it talked about what timeframe the game is based in, and it appears that it's across all time periods)

Kojima: I want the game's core to be aimed towards Japan, and released globally. XXX... It's being made by MGS4 staff
Interviewer: That's awesome!

Kojima: The symbol on the cap of the old man (he did not say Big Boss) will be important
Interviewer: This symbol is different from the fox, it looks like a world map
Kojima: No just the mark, but the system of the game will be new!
Note: Kojima uses "This old man" a lot through the interview rather than referring to Big Boss

Interviewer: It sounds interesting, but do you think people will understand it at all?
Kojima: I think people will understand

Well... Tried my best to translate it, but it's so hard with all the blocked out text... bloody Kojima. That's all I can do for now, maybe I'll give it another go later

Interestingly the old man in the cap might not be Big Boss, the story will be part of the main MGS saga and it will go through different time periods. New game system, and it's being made by the staff from MGS4

Its either Solidus or Solid snake.
in MGS2 fashion, you'll start out as one character in one time, and then once that part of the story is finished, you'll end up in another time as another character. My guess. Big Boss and Raiden respectively!

Ohhhhh. The letters C, O, and 6 have been added to the flashing.

3 6 0? P S 3

Multiplatform confirmed?
Oh man! This is driving me nuts! Metal Gear Solid 4 "Sub" game for 360? And new Metal Gear game for PS3? Raiden as the main character? Maaaaaaaaan killin me.
This might sound crazy to you, because it sounds crazy to me, but people are starting to speculate otacon and sunny, not big boss and raiden. Like I said, crazy.

I called that shit back before MGS4 came out.


OMG it being Sunny is on to something. I have not read any speculation yet besides here. So when you mention Sunny, it drew my attention to the eyes.

Thats not Raiden in that pic! Its Sunny. Raiden has blue eyes. Sunny has orangish eyes. The cyborg Ninja has the same eyes as Sunny.



and the plot thickens!
And it looks like its Snake's bandanna over the ninja's eye. Also the old man being Otacon. Hmm I kinda see it. But it looks like Big Boss to me. I can't imagine Otacon's voice coming out someone that looks like that. I admit when I first saw that pic I thought it looked kinda off to me for being Big Boss. Almost has a Fidel Castro thing going on.
New metal gear project revealed just now at MS's e3 conference


Raiden is the main character. Xbox 360.

I'll post more later.

Cam trailer for MG: Peace Walker from GamesCom.

EDIT: replaced with a direct feed vid.
Wow there's some very awesome game mechanics going on there. Might actually have to pick up a PSP. CO-OPS

This game looks badass, true sequel to MGS confirmed.
So its been revealed that Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish, MadWorld) is now the developer of MGS Rising, they scrapped the original Kojima Productions game plan and rebuilt it from the ground up. The game is now METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE.

They've done away with the granular move-controller based slicing for something more action packed to keep the flow of the game going. Its also changed settings, before the plot was between the events of MGS2 and 4, now it takes place years after the end of MGS4, where cyborgs have been running rampant (or something).

I love the look of the action, and with Kojima Productions behind the cutscenes/store, but Platinum at the gameplay helm I think this will turn out to be a really interesting title.

I'm really pumped for it, but I don't know if I'll be able to justify 60 bones for it. Like most hack and slash style, level based games, I usually can't justify buying a 12-15 hours game until it's 30 to 40 bucks.
Well if it follows Bayonetta's suit you can pick it up for $40 about 3 months after it comes out beigelaugh.gif
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