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Full Version: Project TRICO
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From the developers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. PS3 game, natch.

Looks absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to see what the hell its about.
YES. You know, when I purchased my PS3 this was totally one of the reasons why I wanted to get one because I knew the amazing team from Shadow of the Colossus/Ico would eventually be flexing their chops by it and from what this trailer shows I am so freaking glad. The setting seems to be the same castle/world from the last 2 games. Think I'm gonna plug my ps2 back in and try and beat Ico. (While I'm at it I can try finally finishing up Okami.)
Well, like most games made by the ICO team, they are interesting, a bit unique, and very mysterious. Its the mystery that makes the game really worth the effort and a worthy playthrough. They tend to get you thinking at the end and wondering. Generally, most gamers aren't into 'big budget puzzle games;' although, ironically people play puzzle games in casual manner the most. Also, the ICO games has kind of this niche anime feel to it, like Princess Mononoke, which is different from the mainstream anime style. Mononoke is a well known, major anime which is also incredibly different looking then most animes, as well. It's quality and difference, captivated it's audience. Sadly, gaming, is a little more shallow than that. This game will appeal to a smaller market share, even though their games are excellent in their own right, gaming market share is still segmented in a way where a real master piece might not be a best seller. Shadow of Colossus, despite being designed by the same people, and feeling very similar to ICO, from a marketing perspective, will naturally appeal to a larger crowd, because of its basic concept (slaying giant beasts).

My concern is that this looking like another potential great experience, might go unnoticed to the average gamer who might actually enjoy it. Hopefully the gaming community has developed a bit more this game can yield some good success.
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