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Full Version: Alan Wake
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Tell me what you guys think? What's catching my eye is that its going for a very heavy cinema-like feel (ie. a stephen-king-esque presentation). Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is alone in the dark, but it seems a lot more like a movie. This game could either suck really hard or be really interesting.
I've always heard some of the magazine and company guys talk about the game but I've never actually seen any footage. Looks pretty interesting and reminds me of a movie, The Window. I think that's the name of it. Pretty sure it was based off a Stephen King book as well. Anyway, still don't have enough information on the game to form a solid opinion.
This game has been hyped for YEARS, basically since shortly after the 360's launch.

I'm so burned out on reading about how awesome its supposed to be, i barely care. Hopefully they will finally have an actual playable demo at e3 09, so we can at least see what the hell its really about.
OK, so they actually DID deliver with gameplay at e3, and it looks fucking awesome.

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