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Full Version: E309: MS Conference
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Just some stuff I think was noteworthy
  • Beatles RB to have full Beatles Album DLC. 45 songs on disc.
    • They had the real Beatles their, and their families! Totally cool.
  • 360 getting timed exclusive on TWO Modern Warfare 2 map packs.
  • Square Enix displays FF13 running on 360 hardware for the first time.
  • Dude Huge himself, Cliff Blezinski unveils new XBLA title, Shadow Complex. 2D side view game, looks interesting.
    • Looks like contra mixed with metroid, comes out this summer.
  • Crackdown 2 announced. Now you have mech suits, and you battle zombies in an infected city (wat?)
    • Developed by Ruffian, a team staffed by former Realtime Worlds members.
  • Nov 17th release date confirmed for Dead Rising 2. 360 and PC exclusive.
  • Halo: ODST demoed. You switch between different members in the ODST squad during the story.
    • New Co-op mode unveiled.
    • Comes out Sept 22.
  • Alan wake Spring 2010 (sigh)
  • support on XBL.
  • Zune Video coming to 360 with no additional hardware requirements.
    • Instant on 1080p video promised no pre-buffering
    • Able to share viewing with your XBL friends (like what was promised and then cut from netflix?)
    • All movies and TV shows instantly accessible
  • Facebook support coming to the NXE dashboard.
    • Able to capture screenshots from a game and upload them as status updates.
    • Tiger woods will support this.
  • Twitter support also coming, tweet directly from the xbox.
  • Hideo Kojima sneaks on stage, lolz.
    • Metal Gear Rising coming to 360, "Lightning Bolt Action"
    • Raiden baby!
  • Much rumored motion controller revealed, called project "Natal"
    • Supports facial, full body, voice recognition.
    • Spielberg worked with MS on the project.
    • Showed using the face recognition to log you into your XBL profile.
  • Peter Molyneaux Natal project, you interact with game characters using the Natal system.
    • You can "Scan" objects with the camera and put them into the game world.
Pretty fucking impressive presentation all told, there was some more stuff I probably missed. I thought MS didn't really have anything up their sleeves, but BAM.
Shadow Complex vid:


Halo: ODST

Looks fucking AWESOME.

Firefight = Halo horde mode. I'm so in.

Edit: Halo: Reach
New Splinter Cell looked cash and New Left 4 dead is in New Orleans?

Also, that Halo trailer has me psyched. Can't wait!
More MS info from their Q&A session:
  • Games on demand service, purchasing full retail 360 games on live and downloading them straight to the HDD. Launching in August with 30 games.
  • Props and full costumes for marketplace avatars. Showed things like cheerleader pom poms, RC Halo Warthogs. Costs funbucks, of course.
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