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I think this was the best game showed at E3. Freakin amazing.

It does look pretty brilliant. I'll be sure to "get" it for DS when it comes out.

I love the giant crab fighting the japanese soldiers. Attack the weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE! beigelaugh.gif
Well, I'll go ahead and ask what we're all thinking. What if we write "penis"?
Vitamin D
So, I've been playing around with this game a lot and I'm in love. If I had one problem (and it's pretty huge) it'd be the controls are not as tight as they need to be. Other than that though, this game is awesome.

For instance, I was just messing around on the start screen. For the hell of it, I type in "El Chupacabra"....

This might be Game of the year haha.
Yeah this game is very good, and I agree the controls are a little weird. I was hoping you'd just control the main character directly with the D-pad, but you can only point-and-guide him with the stylus.

Protip: when giving the frying pan to the Chef, do not equip it and smash him in the face with it.
Loving this game so far. I agree with the controls. There really should an option to move with the D-pad. You can really feel how bad the controls are when you equip a rocket pack and try to launch yourself somewhere.

I like replaying levels to see how many times I can solve it differently. I just wish they extended it beyond three in a row. Or even kept a list of how you solved something, and record/replay modes. Things for a sequel I guess.
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