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Full Version: Battlefield 1943
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I played the hell out of the demo last night on XBLA, this game is just awesome. Whats a shame is its SO awesome the servers are taking a pounding from everyone playing (and trying to play). Its basically the a full Battlefield gameplay experience in a straight-DLC game, and its only $15.

Some simplifications of the game might turn of dyed-in-the-wool BF players though, but it works out in this game's scope.

There are only 3 classes in this game, hybridized versions of previous BF classes.
Infantry - Short range attack. Also includes anti-tank bazooka and engineer repair wrench.
Scout - Sniper and demolitions (satchel charges). Has a samurai sword for melee if you play the Japanese beigelaugh.gif
Rifleman - Medium range attack, has grenade launcher for anti-infantry/jeep.

It's also only 24 players max, and the game mode is limited to the capture-the-territories (but thats the only mode that matters in BF anyways.)

Despite that, at the $15 price point and looking graphically on par with many retail games, its a fantastic game. The environments are fully destructible, except for a few hardened bunkers. And when you call in an airstrike you actually switch control to the bombers and steer them to where you want to deploy. Its just a brilliant game in a nice small package.

Now my question is, who else wants to get on this? I know AC was talking about getting it on PSN, but come on man! Get it on 360 so its easier for everyone to play. Hell at 15 bones maybe you can double dip and get both? beigelaugh.gif
My problem is the hard drive space. I'm down to like only 300 something Megabytes else I'd totally be on the 360 side. Most likly though I won't be getting a harddrive for a while since there are some games on the horizon that I would much rather spend my loot on. Like Batman, KoF 13, and gonna pre-order Special edition of Demon's Soul.
Had a blast playing this last night with donkey and AC. They're still getting overwhelmed on the server side though, so its hard to get into a game even now 2 days later. But at least its no longer laggy.
Kill count just passed 43 million on the XBL version, we should be hearing about the new map unlock soon!
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