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A place to poast infos on the forth coming Mechwarrior game.

HD ign trailer:
More MechWarrior News & Previews

Youtube ver:

In game graphics, unreal engine.

Info I gained from the Q&A:

It has been 7, very, long years since the last official Mechwarrior game. The acquired IP were used for the Mechassault games, but they just ain't shit compared to MW. This MW game is a restart, meaning its not MW5, its MW1 v 2.0.
The game is slated for PC and 360, with coop 4 player and cross platform support (plus usual DM style multi). Heavy focus on the campaign with design around high replay value, specialy with the way they are operating the mech classes and their uses. Destroyable buildings (as seen in vid) as well as buildings with behavior as you would expect (windows busting out of the building in vid when mech lands on it). Unlike old MW games where once targeted, you always had the box of your target on screen, regardless of LoS or distance. In this game, you can duck behind buildings to lose attackers. As such, use for light mechs to scout or per vid using the scout drone to locate targets is a must.

Gameplay sounds like you will be commanding 2 or 3 others along with yourself in the single player game. With the focus on making each of the 4 mech classes (light, medium, heavy, assault) useful and required, this will let you mix and match your setup. as well as give replay in ability to play through using each class yourself and making lance mates use diff.

Graphics. Even in the early stage video they are impressive, and the plans of the developers are even more grand. Some things they'd like to expand on, is the firing of certain weps (big white cannon in vid) causing heat distortion around the shot, as well as in the cockpit of the mech. Additionally they'd like to make it so as a mech heats up, the cockpit is more and more distorted with heat distortion causing not only worry of meltdown, but even issues with just engaging properly. Game sounds to be entirely urban setting for the plot.

Overall the devs sound like they are trying to stay true to oldschool MW, while obviously abusing what modern tech allows compared to what they had 10+ years ago. They want to appeal to the rabid MW fans, as well as bring in a new generation. All I know is the vid fucking owns, and I cannot wait. MW was the second game I ever bought for PC. Doom 2 being the first.
Also newsworthy, Mechwarrior 4 will be released for free, officially. They're doing it via fansite

And for those who have the Steel Batallion controller... check this out, mods for Mech4 to use the controller with the game! buttrock.gif
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