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I knew i should have set my excitement for FF14 as a "10 out of 10" instead of an 8!!!! God damnit! crash.gif
this isnt ffXIV related but the level cap in ffxi is going to be raised from 75 to 99.

heres a condensed version

FFXIV Tester Site opening March 11th for those chosen! - Invite notification info still unknown
Beta announced for FFXIV - Details have not yet been completely revealed
New FFXIV gameplay footage - not yet viewable to non-attendants for the moment
Info on the FFXIV Alpha for the FFXI players invited will be sent March 1st

Odin and Alexander as Summons in FFXI!
Level cap increased to 99 in FFXI!
Three Mini Expansions announced
New high level area - Abyssea
Earn AF3 in Abyssea with only a single party!
New gigantic NM and HNM!
Black Mages to possibly learn Meteor!
Many class adjustments - will be detailed later
Apparently the invites have only been sent to people who are currently FFXI players, and they say it's an invite to the "alpha". It's ambiguous as to whether the closed beta on the 11th is the alpha they mention in the emails, or if everyone else who applied but is not a FFXI player can still get in to whatever is happening on the 11th.

The email says: "You will be participating in the Alpha Test, which will be taking place prior to the launch of the Beta Test". A lot of people are taking this to mean that the thing on the 11th is the alpha test, and the beta won't be happening for quite some time after that, since having an alpha for one week and then rolling out a beta seems a bit odd. I guess we'll find out.

Alisha get back on FFXI and hit level 99 so you can give us impressions on 14. TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM
QUOTE(AC9breaker @ Mar 1 2010, 07:43 PM) *
Apparently the invites have only been sent to people who are currently FFXI players, and they say it's an invite to the "alpha". It's ambiguous as to whether the closed beta on the 11th is the alpha they mention in the emails, or if everyone else who applied but is not a FFXI player can still get in to whatever is happening on the 11th.

The email says: "You will be participating in the Alpha Test, which will be taking place prior to the launch of the Beta Test". A lot of people are taking this to mean that the thing on the 11th is the alpha test, and the beta won't be happening for quite some time after that, since having an alpha for one week and then rolling out a beta seems a bit odd. I guess we'll find out.

Alisha get back on FFXI and hit level 99 so you can give us impressions on 14. TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM

lol maybe i will. if you look on the site theres a picture of a whm using convert and a pup using chi blast.
That level cap raise seems really stupid. Its like they're saying "fuck any sort of balance we had before, go nuts guys. It's over."
I'm just too curious to stay away! beigelaugh.gif
Apparently if you buy the PS3 version of FF13, you get a chance to get into the 14 beta.

Leaks leaks leaks!

  • Everything done in battle in FFXIV increases TP, including casting
  • Defense can happen both automatically and at the will of the user
  • The PC version will be able to run on PCs from a few years ago, but the alpha version will only run on high-end PCs
  • Can be run on 512MB of VRAM and above
  • Alpha test starts soon
  • Square wants to make it possible to play with your friends from FFXI
  • Character customization won’t be fully available in beta (can’t change facial features)
  • There’s a mode for restoring HP while moving
  • The plan is the make the maximum number of members in a party between 6 and 8, and there will also be alliances
  • The important things in battle are distance, range, and direction
  • There will be magic you can use while moving
  • There are screenshots in the magazine of the alpha version, and it looks like there have been a lot of small changes
  • “Aggro/hate” has a different name in 14 (Translates to something like how much the enemy views you as a threat)
  • Enemies will not be set in one area in order for people to pull them to camps; places that enemies will appear will be scattered around
this url has a boat load of pics

heres a translation someone posted as well.


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Being nitpicky, but the sky looks kinda crappy in that shot, and the foliage doesn't feel much improved compared to FFXI. Might be the angle though, and it would probably look a lot better in motion.

I'll give my attempt at a rough translation of some of it for those of you who can't wait.

Opens with short introduction about SE's new MMO, FFXIV, and this is a class breakdown.

A flexible class capable of wielding swords of all types. With a shield, it may act as a tank. With a light sword it can act as a fast striker. It can adapt to many situations.
Equipment introduction includes a curved scimitar and a small-sized buckler.
The third picture looks to be a stance selection...IE Warrior from WoW.

Sword's Cheer(?): Attack before the enemy, provoking it and encouraging it to attack the user.
Cover: Defend the party member behind you.
Rampart: Focus on defense over your blade, ups both physical and magical defense.
Aegis Boon: After blocking with a shield, the damage can be converted into HP recovery.
Weapon Skills
Phalanx: After a block, strike quickly from behind your shield, angering the enemy.
Red Lotus: A flaming strike with your sword.
Shield Bash: Damage + Interrupt
Spin Stroke: Deals more damage if you have aggro
Circle Slash: AoE attack

Followed by commentary by development team, who all basically say that the class if focused on being balanced in both attack and defense, will be often asked to tank for parties, but can also switch between a stabbing and slashing type attack pattern to add versatility in DPS.

Capable of using spears of all kinds, as well as javelins to attack from a distance.
Equipment shows two types of spears, one of riding and one for normal use(?)
Third picture shows that you can attack while out of the enemy's range, as well as attack multiple weak enemies.

Inspire: Erect a spear with a flag, increasing morale (party members attacking the enemy gain TP)
Ferocity: Sacrifice HP to deal massive damage
Focus: Reduce own HP to up TP
Collusion(?): Attack from behind a party member to trick the enemy into thinking he attacked (IE Trick attack from FFXI)
Dragon Sword: Push the enemy with a spear, lowering evasion and draining HP.

Weapon Skill:
Overrun: Spear lunge, appears to allow the PC to charge forward colliding into the enemy and starting the battle with extra TP
Feint: Perform a feint, lowering evasion and attacking immediately with 100% accuracy
Leg Sweep: Stops movements of enemies in front of the user, ineffective on flying enemies
Moon Lance: Thrusts spear, lowers enemy TP gain
Skewer: Seems to attack multiple enemies and slow down ground enemy movement

Developers say it is a class that is half attacker, half support class. It is a class that must focus on the positioning of others during battle as well as being mindful of what abilities are used. It appears to be a mish-mash of SAM, THF, and DRG from FFXI.

Will continue in a bit.

Oh well curse you Elmer. Given that Elmer's translation doesn't seem to include the abiltiies, I'll go ahead and do that.


Whistle: Gain attention of enemy
Blindside: Larger damage from behind enemy
Chakra: Reduce TP to gain HP
Steal: Steals item (herp derp)
Phase Step: Up evasion

Jarring Strike: Appears to be Hamedo from FFT. Ups aggro.
Relentless Strike: Attack weak point, repeated use lowers critical strike.
Haymaker: Dodge and attack
Tackle: Charge
Earthen Slash: Hit ground for Earth damage around Pugilist, ineffective on flying


Bloodbath: High critical strike on next attack
Defender: Attack-, Defense+
Disorient: Lower enemy evasion
Invincible Charge: Movement is possible even if hit with restricting magic

Skill Thunder: Damage, AoE larger if charged
Log split: Effective against plantoids
Fracture: After being hit, attack and seal enemy WS
Brandish: AoE attack
Ion Tempest: Donut-shaped attack around user with wind-type damage


Replenish: Attack with several arrows at once
Chameleon: Disappear
Stride: Higher movement speed
Retrieval: Lower HP, recover arrows
Hawkeye: Next attack has high accuracy

Shadowbind: Bind enemy in place
Wide Volley: AoE attack
Quick Knock: Fan shaped AoE
Feathered arrow: Remove enemy's buff
Shrieker: Make enemy flee


???: Longer cast time, higher damage
Trance Chant: Magic cannot be interrupted
Spirit Bind: Bind caster in place(?), lowers MP costs
Roaming Soul: Casting possible while walking (Thank you SE)
Purge: Recover status of party and enemies to normal

Fire: Fire damage in area of effect
Cure: Heals party members in area of effect
Protect: Do I really need to explain this
Shock Spikes: Enemies that hit you take thunder damage and get stunned
Frost: Causes ice slip damage in area of effect


Blood Ritual: Reduce own HP, up magic damage
Thorns: Return damage done to caster back to attacker
Dark Seal: Ups magic accuracy
Initiation: Party members gain your buffs
Paradigm Shift: In exchange for spell distance, AoE is enlarged

Drain: Drain HP
Gravity: Slow movement
Sacrifice: Reduce own HP, heal other's HP
Siphon-Magi: Drain MP from enemy that cannot move
Absorb-Accuracy: Lower enemy's accuracy and ups yours

more good stuff
I'm rolling Galka Archer and Maybe Marauder.
The officiall AT linkshell will be "Bro". You can only get a pearl if you're a Galka.
the official jp site has been updated and you can hear the battle theme.
Just reached the first save point for in FFXIII and just finished filling out my Beta application for 14 with my promotional code from 13. I gotta say, that square enix website is fucking cumbersome as shit to navigate. Here's to hoping I get in the beta!
The different "Tribes" from FF14. So I guess we have to make the important choice: Red Galka or Blue Galka?

I gotta give it up to the character design on FF14, every race looks fantastic and appealing, even the mithra.


Looking fantastic. I just hope the framerate isn't gonna be like that.

I'm gonna go with Blue Galka because I've always picked the blue-ish games in the Pokemon series.
Alpha Test users' manual:

FINAL FANTASY XIV is a cross-nation, cross-platform massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) that brings together people from all across the world to compete, cooperate, and communicate within the virtual fantasy realm known as Eorzea. While solo adventuring is always an option, most will agree that joining forces with their fellow gamers not only makes the game that much easier, but that much more fun as well!

* The Alpha/Beta versions contain only a fraction of what is planned in the full version. This includes playable races and clans, character customization options, selectable classes, and available areas, to name a few.

1. After logging in, select “New” from the Character Selection screen.

2. Select your character’s race, clan, and gender.

3. Choose a preset appearance for your character.

4. Customize various aspects of your character’s appearance via the available menus.

5. Select your character’s starting class*.

6. Select your character’s nameday (birthday) and guardian (patron deity).

7. Input your character’s first and last name.

8. Select the city-state in which you wish to begin your adventure.

9. Finally, select “Enter” to create your character and begin the game.

* Classes
In FINAL FANTASY XIV, a player’s class is determined by the arm or tool in his/her hand. The class chosen during character creation simply determines the items a player begins the game with. Players can change their class at any time by simply equipping different items they purchase, find, or create.

- Note
In the Alpha Version, a character’s race, clan, gender, nameday, and guardian do not affect his/her attributes.

At the onset of the game, you will find yourself on a boat, though at this point your character is already within what is called an instanced area, meaning it will not be occupied by any other players.

* Instanced areas, or instances, are areas in which only players directly related to or involved in what happens within may enter. The initial stages of gameplay in the Alpha Test will take place in instanced areas which only single players may occupy.
Instances will only be used for special events, such as the game’s opening sequence. For the most part, gameplay will take place within public areas occupied by any of a number of players.

As you progress through the opening event, the ship will eventually make port. After arriving, speak to the NPC Hob, who will be located directly ahead of you. At certain points in the game, Hob will present you with a list of options in accordance with your progress. For now, select the option presented to continue through the current event.

After speaking with NPC Hob and proceeding to the location to which you have been directed, there will be another NPC named Baderon who will present you with another set of options. After speaking to Baderon, you will automatically be transported from to a public area.

In public areas you will come across many other players. As fellow adventurers, it is up to you to make the most of your time in Eorzea together!

1. Display Name
The color of a display name reveals important information.
White – Other PCs
Blue – Party members
Green – NPCs
Yellow – Enemies
Red – Engaged enemies

* Semi-Transparent Display Names
When the display name of a PC is semi-transparent, it indicates that player is currently in a different area than you. These PCs are still displayed on-screen to help contribute to the seamless transitioning between areas. However, players should note that party invites cannot be extended across areas.

2. Minimap
The minimap displays the immediate vicinity around you, the direction you are facing, the direction the camera is facing, and the position of various NPCs.

3. Log
This display contains all of the various logs used to display text within the game, such as the system log, combat log, and chat log. Players may input text by selecting the chat prompt area.

4. Unit Frame
The unit frame displays various aspects of your character’s status, such as HP, MP, and TP.

5. Connection Status

1. Action Bar
This bar displays the various commands available for use in relation to the PC or NPC you are currently targeting.

2. Action Gauge
This gauge tells how much time is left before the next action may be executed. Though there are a few exceptions, for the most part all attacks, abilities, weapon skills, and spells require that the action gauge be full.

For certain classes, a secondary action gauge will appear when a shield is equipped in the off hand. All shield-related commands will make use of this gauge.

The action gauges of the main hand and off hand are entirely independent of one another. Should a character have a shield equipped in their off hand, two action gauges will be displayed simultaneously.

3. Effect Gauge
The effect gauge comes to life once the action gauge has completely filled. When a command is executed, the state of the effect gauge will determine certain bonuses to factors such as accuracy, power, or potency. These bonuses apply to all actions, both physical and magical.

- Other
- Passive Mode and Active Mode
“Passive Mode” is the designation given to the state in which a player’s arm or tool is not drawn. In this mode, hit points regenerate automatically.
“Active Mode” refers to the state in which a player’s arm or tool is drawn. In this mode, various battle commands are available, but movement speed is reduced in comparison to passive mode.

- Arms and Tools
There are a vast array of arms and tools in FINAL FANTASY XIV which allow players to assume the role of any of a number of classes. However, the following conditions should be kept in mind when changing equipment.
Equipping Arms – Players must be in passive mode and not engaged with an enemy.
Equipping Tools – Players must be in passive mode.

During the Alpha Test phase, there will be a total of nine types of arms and tools available (swords, hand-to-hand weapons, axes, polearms, bows, conjurer arms, thaumaturge arms, hammers, and pickaxes). Players can change their class simply by virtue of changing the arm or tool they have equipped in their hand.

The Flow of Battle
1. Ready an arm or tool, changing from passive mode to active mode.

2. Target an enemy.

3. Select a command from the action bar, and make use of the action and effect gauges to execute it effectively.

4. Strategize with other party members, deciding upon an appropriate Battle Regimen*.

5. Gain victory in battle to be rewarded with experience and skill points.

6. Obtain and distribute any loot dropped by the enemy.

* Battle Regimen
Battle Regimens are combat tactics which party members may employ against a single enemy. By coordinating and executing battle commands in a precise order, players may cause certain additional beneficial effects to occur.

A Battle Regimen begins with the stacking of battle commands. All party members who wish to take part in the Battle Regimen must stack their actions in the correct order against the desired target. One of the members then initiates the Battle Regimen, and the stacked actions will be executed automatically.

Step 1: Consult with other party members to determine the best Battle Regimen to use against a specific target. The battle commands and the order in which they are to be executed should all be decided.

Step 2: Wait until your position in the queue comes around to switch to Battle Regimen mode and select the battle command you wish to stack.

Step 3: After all participating party members have stacked their battle commands, one of the party members selects to initiate the Battle Regimen.

Step 4: Once the Battle Regimen is initiated, the stacked battle commands will all be executed automatically, chaining together to create additional effects.

Please note that factors such as distance from the enemy may prevent stacked battle commands from being executed once the Battle Regimen is initiated. In these cases, the Battle Regimen will not end, but will instead proceed on to the next command in the queue.

Enemy Toughness
An enemy’s degree of difficulty is represented by the color of the circle located in the extreme left portion of the unit frame. This display takes into account whether the player is solo or a member of a party.

Red – Incredibly Tough
Orange – Very Tough
Yellow – Tough
Green – Decent Challenge
Blue – Easy Prey

Physical Levels and Skill Ranks
In FINAL FANTASY XIV, a character’s progress is measured in two ways. Physical levels represent one’s actual physical development, while skill ranks measure how adept one is with various arms and tools.

- Physical Levels
Characters gain physical levels by accumulating a certain amount of experience points.
(During the Alpha Test phase, experience points will be obtainable only by achieving victory in battle.)

- Skill Ranks
Skill ranks are gained by accumulating skill points from various endeavors, such as combat or crafting. As a character’s skill rank increases, they will learn new actions, such as abilities and weapon skills.

* Physical level and skill rank caps will be set at 20 for the Alpha Test Phase.

Setting Actions for Use
Actions that have been acquired by a character can be set to the action bar for use. During the Alpha Test phase, the maximum number of actions available at any given time will be limited to 20.

Barring a few class-specific exceptions, actions will be available for use even when using a class different from the one on which the action learned. However, the power and efficacy of each action is determined by its affinity with the character’s active skill.

The Spoils of War
Any items received after a battle will be placed in a player’s loot list. During party play, items are distributed randomly to the lists of each member.

After a certain period of time, items on a loot list will be automatically moved to a player’s inventory. Should the player’s inventory be full, the items will be lost.

Items on a loot list are not considered in a player’s possession until they are added to his/her inventory. Until then, any items, including those which are rare (untradeable) and unique (players can possess no more than one), can be transferred to another party member’s list.

* Items received while mining/quarrying will also be added to the loot list before being moved to a player’s inventory.

If a character’s HP is reduced to 0, he/she will be “knocked out” and no longer able to move or act. A character can be revived by selecting “Return” from the main menu and choosing a destination from the listed aetheryte camps or aetherial gates.

* If a character is KO’d while participating in a levequest, he/she will be teleported back to the corresponding aetheryte.
* For the duration of the Alpha Test, characters KO’d will receive a weakness penalty which will not only lower total HP, but also reduce the speed with which their action gauge fills, as well as increase the length of casting times. This penalty will last five minutes before wearing off.

The "Battle Regimen" system seems like a successor to skillchaining, and its cool that you can use skills learned from other jobs on your current job.
Good info there, that answers a lot of the questions I had in my mind about some of the finer details. I can't wait!
lol it seems a ton of people are getting banned for violating the NDA. theres a bunch of videos on youtube better watch em before the SE nazi's step in and remove them. so choppy

just posting things as i come across them
Ace reporter Alisha, on the scene!
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Apr 9 2010, 08:00 PM) *
Ace reporter Alisha, on the scene!

your starting to creep me out lately but in a good way!
QUOTE(Alisha @ Apr 9 2010, 05:38 PM) *
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Apr 9 2010, 08:00 PM) *
Ace reporter Alisha, on the scene!

your starting to creep me out lately but in a good way!

I agree, it is creepy when Crush is being nice... why is that?

Also, it seems like kind of a stupid thing to get banned for, posting vids on youtube. Do they do it for some kind of brief fame or recognition? Common sense would tell me not to do it, not worth it.
From what I understand, the person posting the youtube vids had more than one alpha account, so they suicided their account knowing full well the repercussions.
First one to name a Hume Justin Beiber wins a prize.

Looks more like a taru to me.
I can't wait. I love the music previews on the main site. Right now they have the FF theme up. Though I'm worried there seems to be a disproportionate amount of caster classes compared to physical classes. I would like to see a little more variety in the caster department. Like, summoner with healing capabilities. Having one healing class is asking for trouble.
QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Apr 18 2010, 11:55 PM) *
I can't wait. I love the music previews on the main site. Right now they have the FF theme up. Though I'm worried there seems to be a disproportionate amount of caster classes compared to physical classes. I would like to see a little more variety in the caster department. Like, summoner with healing capabilities. Having one healing class is asking for trouble.

actually it seems all the caster can heal and all the melee's can tank.
Yeah I saw that. But the other one lacks a group heal that I see; that is what I was referring to. It could be possible that the game is not AOE damage heavy. Which could explain why all classes have a way to recover HP on their own. Still could use one more caster type though.

I really hope the gameplay is decent though, and this alternative progression system works. And I hope there is some nice story and gameplay driven quests that offer a great experience, and not grouping up to farm X amount of rabbits for hours. You know battles with some strategy involved and not just tank and spank.
the only mmo ive played where you need group heals is wow. in most other mmos group heals are situational like goblin bombs in ffxi.
Apparently there are 2 more caster classes, among a few more physical classes, that were data mined from the game. There is so much variety in the physical classes, but not caster; it is odd. A lot of people wish to play a pure healer. I would like to see a pure healer class in this game. The advancement system can lead itself to pure builds, but being able to distinguish who is who makes grouping so much easier.

I hope there is a way to distinguish who is a pure healer. Same goes for pure tank. With the state of the MMO community these days, the thought of having to find a group makes me cringe. For example, I don't want to group with the Conjurer who has been advancing his damage spells but says "LOL I can heal I got curez!" But, the truth is he has not touched/advanced his healing spells at all, and we are doing high level group content. I can think of a million scenarios like this because it has happen to me in every MMO I've played recently. I need to know who is going to be an idiot, and who is going to be good at the role/class they were invited to play as.

The idiots suck the enjoyment out of the game and makes the community hostile; trusting other players. This is mostly because of the WoW player base, and the state of the WoW community. The majority of the WoW player base are very very very bad at playing these types of games, and they don't listen when you tell them they are doing it wrong. The thing is the people playing FFXIV, US side, are going to to be mostly WoW players. The success of FFXIV game is going to rely on how many WoW players that stick.

The cycle is always the same when a new MMO comes out. First you have the hype that it is a "WoW killer." All the baddie WoW players believe into this garbage, and buy the game. The game will generate record breaking sales or pre-order sales. Server instability the first week of release. Awesome reviews from gaming sites. After a month people realize the game is not WoW or the "WoW Killer" they bought in to, they abandon the game. For the people that actually enjoy the new MMO for what it is, they are left with a deserted game where it is difficult to find good groups, or difficulty in taking on certain content because the population is spread thin.

Looking at the classes being able to have multiple roles, as well as being able to solo and switch jobs on the fly, this tells me they want to be more friendly to WoW players. There are so many pitfalls with having so many classes being able to do multiple roles, though. Having so many classes able to tank, for example, is a balancing nightmare. Just ask Blizzard with introducing Death Knights in WoW. The problem is when people get a firm grasp of the mechanics, min/maxing will always determine which class is best suited for a particular role. What that does is leave the people who want to tank with another class out to dry. So you have to ask, why are the lesser classes able to tank anyway? That is why I ask where is the pure healer and pure tank?

FFXIV seems to have very well defined class roles, but they decided to haphazardly throw in some ambiguity for the sake of appealing to WoW players; or solo enthusiast. This ambiguity in the class roles is not a good thing when you are trying to put together a group that will have the highest chance of being successful. The result of this issue is different depending on how many people are playing the game. If the population is huge, then you are more at risk of running into idiot players like I mentioned above; not having the correct skill or knowledge for the role they were invited for. If the population is small, then desired roles/classes/playstyles will be harder to find, thus finding a good group takes longer.

I do like there is no PVP to speak of. Having PVP always ruins balance for PVE.

I really want this game to do well because I think the advancement system, ie no experience based leveling, is the direction MMO's need to go. Maybe, it will encourage MMO developers to stop making WoW clones that suck.
QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Apr 21 2010, 02:42 PM) *
The thing is the people playing FFXIV, US side, are going to to be mostly WoW players. The success of FFXIV game is going to rely on how many WoW players that stick.

I don't know about that. I think most of the players will be transplants from FFXI or simply final fantasy fans before they consider themselves "WoW players". Anyone that has invested even a little time into FFXI will be interested in this game before someone who is into WoW. Given that, I think the game will have an automatically adequate player base no matter who comes and goes back to WoW. (FFXI is still going even now)

Also, not everyone who plays MMOs likes WoW, or has even played it past the free trial. Me, for example. And I don't think I'm an exception, either. WoW buster or not, who cares.
There is over 2.5 million, there will be more when Cataclysm comes out, active US WoW subscribers. My point is WoW dominates the MMO market for subscription based MMOs. In comparison, FFXI never hit over 500k worldwide. I agree FFXIV will pull long time FFXI players; which is very small right now they had to merge servers. As for those that once played FFXI (a number of these play WoW now) or FF fans, I agree there as well. However, those players are less likely to stick around with FF fans being the most likely not to stick.

Don't underestimate how the WoW population get sucked into the latest fad, or hot thing to come out, and spend money on it. And I'm sure FFXIV will qualify as that because it is a new FF MMO. A week ago Blizzard released a mount, that is basically a reskin of an existing mount in the game, and charged $25 dollars for it. Guess what? Everyone and their mom bought this stupid thing. On its release Blizzard made 2 million dollars within 4 hours.

And everywhere you read about how FFXIV going to be more casual friendly, or solo friendly. These are words WoW players buy into.

My concern is more so how WoW and WoW players have influence on the over all MMO community. While there are some people that never really touched WoW, a good number of people playing free MMOs or other payed MMOs have. And a lot of MMO's try to do what WoW does, so thus attract the same type of players. There is a lot of hostility and immaturity in these communities, and it comes from the state of the WoW community. People stop playing WoW because they get tired of dealing with those types of people, but they are those type of people, and bring it to other games. I saw this happen in both Aion and Star Trek Online.

Ultimately, I'm going to have to decide if I want to give this game a try. I do play WoW, but only to participate in raids with my guild; they are a good group of people but it took me years to find this. One of the reasons I don't play other parts of WoW is because the community is awful. After seeing parts of the WoW community jump over to Aion and Star Trek Online, I have a hard time thinking any future MMO's are going to be any different. WoW population is too large, and too willing to spend money to try out new MMO's to not have a sizable chunk wanting to play FFXIV.

Now for WoW the developers are changing a lot of mechanics in order to reduce some of the issues in the community. I applaud Blizzard for recognizing that some of their gameplay is partly at fault.

For example, Blizzard added a cross-server, play with people on other servers, grouping system that allows you to queue up with your class/roll. It will automatically place you into a party with the correct class makeup and then port you to the instance. It has a vote-kick system to deal with bad players. If you vote someone out, it automatically replaces the player and ports them where your party is. So you hardly ever have to deal with idiots that are rude, or screw up your party. It also gets rid of the problem in these types of games when you get a group and it falls apart before it starts, or half way through. Lastly, it helps players easily find groups for low level content that has been deserted. Best feature in a MMO ever!

On the other hand, I read about some FFXIV mechanics that I think need to be fleshed out a little more, so they don't create the mistakes that WoW had. They need to catch up with the times. My opinion, but will determine if I like the game or not. Allowing US players in the Alpha test so early on is a good sign that they want American feedback. Which is a good thing because Japan is not exactly known for MMOs. I hope Alpha and Beta test are successful and Square listens to good feedback.

I understand if you play a couple smaller population MMO's, played FFXI in the past, or have not experienced the current state of the WoW population; what I am saying has no barring on your decision to play FFXIV then. However, I am all too familiar with the WoW population and I know they will most likely be trying out FFXIV in the first few months of release; which is a crucial time in deciding if one will be sticking with the game. I know how these players behave. The thought of having to play a new MMO with these types of players again does impact my decision to play FFXIV or not. I'm throwing this possibility out there to warn those, that may be like me, who care about having a decent community to play with when deciding to stick with a new MMO. If you don't care about the community in the MMO you are playing, then who plays the game will make no difference to you. Or you already have a good group of people to consistently play with; consider yourself lucky. beigesmile.gif
click here mang;#entry3849747

i like how there seems to be a bar onscreen that shows when your ja is back up instead of

/recast boost

/recast boost

/recast boost

/recast boost

/recast boost
So in other words final fantasy has caught up to where every other MMO has been for the last 6 years?

Good job, ace reporter!
well i've only played 3 mmo's asherons call, ffxi and wow. though in wow the highest level i got to was about 15. one of those games didn't even have non magic abilities.
Well, long story short, I've been chosen to participate in the Final Fantasy XIV Beta. I don't know what beta testing would mean to any of you, but to me I feel like I might be able to play a role in making sure the game comes out nice and clean, bug and balance issue free. Since my profession in life for the past years seems to have fallen to quality assurance in gaming, I hope I can do a good job in identifying issues that I believe need attention. Based on my experience in the industry however, the developers tend to work harder trying to talk their way out of fixing something rather than actually fixing it, so don't blame me if there are serious problems left in the game. Believe me, I'll report everything and try to be a pain in their ass.

As far as sharing information with you guys, I'll do what I can, but I'm not going to break the terms I agreed to when I downloaded the beta. Sure, you'll probably find tons of other leaks all around the internet, but I wouldn't want to fuck up this opportunity like those idiots on youtube did, heh. I guess I'll post some updates of my adventures here (or what I am allowed to post of them) and answer questions you guys have if any.

Wish me luck! buttrock.gif
Awesome, keep us updated on the front lines with what you can! Maybe if its allowed, you can get some scoops for a guest appearance on the podcast!

It wouldn't be Final Fantasy online if you weren't fight crabs... all the god damn time.

Game looks damn nice though, I like the wow-esque ability bar.
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Jun 16 2010, 06:48 PM) *

It wouldn't be Final Fantasy online if you weren't fight crabs... all the god damn time.

Game looks damn nice though, I like the wow-esque ability bar.

just watched this it looks way faster than XI. seems you can keep attacking till your action bar runs out and it regenerates. [sweets]

heres the second live report

I didn't post the 2nd report because its just a bunch of stupid people being surprised by 3D shit while NOTHING IS GOING ON in the game.
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Jun 16 2010, 07:51 PM) *
I didn't post the 2nd report because its just a bunch of stupid people being surprised by 3D shit while NOTHING IS GOING ON in the game.

yeah i stupidly posted that one before watching it because i posted it right before going on my dinner break.
I really like how the action bar changes based on context. Should be great for the unfortunate folks that have to play this on a PS3 with a controller.

I think the combat is too slow, though still an improvement over FFXI. It seems they got a lot of feedback regarding that because they mentioned they turned the attack bar into basically a stamina bar. So you can get more attacks in by depleting instead of waiting for it to fill to attack. But, I understand the combat pacing is most likely due to the game also being for PS3 and the limitations of playing with a controller. They have to find a middle ground because the two version will be playing together, and they have to play the same. Or else you get the situation like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age where the pacing and flow of combat feels like two different games when you compare PC and 360 version.

Maybe towards endgame when you have most of your abilities it gets faster? Since, you might have more active abilities to use. Sitting there waiting to do you your next attack is not fun. Controller folks would have a hard time keeping up though. So maybe not? We have to see.

And very interesting AI there. He seemed to dodge an attack by running behind the crab, and it just sat there, until he had to provoke it. Then the crab turned around. LOL! What is that?
unfortunate? i actually preferred playing ffxi on ps2/360. but i think its one of those things where tend to like it the first way you tried it. its like in pso where through muscle memory you could do elaborate button presses to cast spells from the menu at the drop of a hat.
Compared to a controller, using good keybindings with a keyboard and mouse allows you to multitask with greater efficiency (I'm speaking strictly about MMORPGs). Scrolling to find abilities and then activating them takes longer than pressing a specific key you have memorized. Yes muscle memory does help, in both setups. But, keyboard and mouse with keybindings will always come out ahead because you also don't lose functionality such as moving your character, controlling the camera, targeting, when activating an ability. In some cases, a controller user has to lose one function in the control scheme in order to scroll through and use an ability, same goes for other types of tasks. On the other hand, a keyboard and mouse user can do all those tasks simultaneously.

Targeting suffers the most on the controller because you have to cycle through targets, while with a mouse you can point and click the person or enemy. There seems to be a lot of abilities in this game, and things could get messy when you have them all at your disposal. Not to mention you are going to need macros on your bar too for times when you need to share vital information with your party.

They are unfortunate because they likely do not have a PC able to play this game: which I hear the game looks gorgeous on a powerful rig. Nor think, or unable, to maybe use some kind of keyboard and controller setup. Unlike FFXI, FFXIV is being designed and tested with the PC version as a priority. So certain things in the user interface and control scheme may not translate well on a console. The context sensitive action bar helps though. It grays out what you can't use but lights up what you can use at the given moment based on some context. Basically narrowing down your options to a few abilities, so you can find the one you need faster. It reduces the disparity between the two control schemes, keyboard/mouse or controller. The slow combat reduces the disparity too. Sadly, these are just some of the design choices they have to make in order to successfully make the game work for both platforms, which will likely being playing together. Without these design choices the PC users would have a very large advantage over PS3 users. Square seems to be trying their best to find a middle ground, ie speeding up combat through the attack gauge, and adding the context sensitive action bar.

I don't think there will be many of these unfortunate people outside of Japan though. But I think it is great Square is actually trying to polish the user interface in order to be most viable for both versions. FFXI on PC suffered greatly for being a port of a PS2 game.

But it has to be said: Playing a MMORPG with a controller is doing it wrong. This is partly why you don't see many MMORPGs on consoles.
I guess this belongs here.

QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Jun 17 2010, 10:32 PM) *

While testing the alpha for FFXIV, I've been experimenting with both the keyboard and the controller. I don't feel like reading your wall of text, but there is virtually no difference between the two at all other than I find it much more relaxing to sit back and relax with a controller in my hand. You can use the D-pad to scroll back and forth between all the choices on the action menu, and given the fact that you can't do two moves at the same time, it doesn't matter how much faster you can tap "5" on a keyboard than the 1 second it might take to scroll over to it with the d-pad. Crush and I also used controllers in ffxi, and we were great players, and I don't think we were "doing it wrong".

Rest assured, Alisha, your way of using the controller in the game is still intact.
I explained why there is little difference between control schemes in this game, I'm aware of it. The effort Square is putting forth here is a good thing, to restate. Too many companies try to favor one version of the other, or adapt the controls poorly during the port. With one version suffering a bit relative to the other version (Alpha Protocol for PC comes to mind), or gameplay feels slightly different between the two (Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age for consoles comes to mind here).

But I have questions.

-How is the combat system, and is it fun?

-Can you attack and use abilities while moving?

-Is there any strategy involved depending on enemy types?

-What is your favorite feature in the game?

-How do you feel about the combat speed (I been hearing a lot of complaints about this)?

-Is there a story attached to the quests you are doing?

Official launch data, September 30th, 2010!

If you get the special edition you actually get to start a week early, on the 22nd.

Special edition looks pretty swank:

The normal game is $49.99 and the SE is $79.99, both come with a free month of play. Subscriptions are $12.99 a month.

Also this is ONLY the PC version of the game, the PS3 one is not coming out till March of next year. chocobo.gif
Those are very shitty release dates for both versions. Square has to know they are in a tight spot.

It would be nice if the PC version and PS3 version were released closer together, but the competition is forcing Square in a corner here. They need to get the PC version out as soon as possible because of WoW: Cataclysm. They are probably betting that Cata will be out no sooner than late October; giving them enough time for people to choose FFXIV instead. But, Blizzard has always released new content when a new MMO tries to challenge them. So I expect a similar release date for Cata. Especially, since on the very day Square announces release date for FFXIV, and a closed beta coming soon, Blizzard sends out their closed beta invites for Cata. So there is going to be closed beta competition too.

A spring release for PC version would be decent because it gives all those players who want to try WoW enough time to experience the content available, and decide if they want to continue or quit. However, The Old Republic is going to be released in the spring. So the Sept 30 release date makes sense. Square needs to get the game out as soon as possible. The anticipation for both Cataclysm and The Old Republic are relatively higher than FFXIV among PC gamers.

If you are a PC FFXI fan, that has no interest in WoW, you will be happy with the release date. But it has got to suck for Square. And it sucks for people like me that play WoW and were interested in giving FFXIV a try.

And the monthly pricing is stupid as hell. What are they thinking? Subscription models are dead. It only works for WoW. And even WoW is slowly transitioning to micro transactions; though until maybe 5+ years down the road.

Not to say this anything to do with the quality of FFXIV as a game. But, they are coming into this as a major underdog for capturing the PC player base. An uphill battle that's for sure.

I'm going to have to pass on this one, barring exceptionally excellent reception, until some time after The Old Republic comes out.

It's very fascinating to me though. Can't wait until fall to see how it all turns out.
That's a good question Scan_man.

guess I'm gonna reserve special edition.
Well I am in the beta. Guess I'll see for myself.
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