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Full Version: Suggestions welcome
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What would you do to make this a better forum? If anyone has any input, feel free to speak up here. I think this community is great, but I think we could do better.

Do we need more off topic discussions? I know that there is only so much that can be said about pso, especially after most of us have been playing it for over two years now.

We are closing in on 50 members now and I think that we could have alot more posts and activity than we have. I would like everyone's opinion on this matter.

I have tried to steer clear of spam topics like, Word Association, Person Above You, etc. These are great for adding more posts to the board and for getting everyone's post counts up to the triple digits and higher, but there is really no heart to these types of posts and I feel that this site is above those threads. Do you want to have, and participate in these types of topics? I'd like everyone's opinions on this.

Am I talking out of my ass here? Thoughts?
Nothing at all really, I love the place how it is. I wish there was more off-topic related disscussions though, I like everyday disscussion of life, rant, joke around, whatever it may be, that's just how I am though. crash.gif

And I think we can do without the word games. >_>
Nick novalis
Other than having 'Nick novalis is a God' in the title pic I dont think theres a way you can really improve this place beigebigrazz.gif
Its just great the way it is!
i have one observation to note* - i like the atmosphere of this forum, mostly because the subject matter & focus is primarily based towards our favorite game ~ Phantasy Star Online; a down-side i notice about other forums is this - there are too many sections of various topics, although intriguing - ultimately, i tend to get lost easily & the chances for community development become less..

AT is good because the focus is clearer - this provides for a closer knit community & easier navigation through the sections given; in other words, i like *nods* beigesmile.gif
DivA's point is the same thing I try to employ at ninjagamer's forums. If you divide it up into too many sections than the forum loses focus and not all the posts are seen.

As far as OT topics goes, I think that most of us here are probably getting all the "general" type discussion over with on other forums, and mainly come here for PSO/AT-centric topics. It's the tie that binds us, and the focus of the site. You and IVI are doing a great job running this page.

Also, although we have over 50 members, how many active posters are there? The amount of active posters is the real factor in keeping the board hopping, and if they don't feel the need to engage in OT discussions then it just won't happen.

And add another no-go vote for the word games. They are stupid.
Thanks for the viewpoints, I am getting a good idea of how people feel about this site and what they would like to see here. We shall strive to make this the coolest pso site ever. king.gif
You know, you can always take note on how the cow is going along, and use that as a guide. They have it split up into only a few categories. In fact, they actually paired down a few into a more general one. I agree with everyone else though, less is better.

"Blue" king.gif

Seriously though,i like this place and i agree with what the others many "genres" gets confusing and would make the place less cozy. teleport.gif
As far as the forums are considered, I'd say changing the Quest Board to something like General Gaming or Entertainment would be groovy. I'm with Crush on the subsections thing. I used to be a big part of a place that had about 19 subforums, and man it got too tedious. As for the rest of the site, perhaps we as members can collectively contribute content (whoa lot of c's there) like artwork, fanfics, or faqs and such. I know myself that I always go to PSO World (boo @ me) when I need like MAG information or some other basics. Perhaps some of us can put together or own little mini-FAQs and give em the AT stamp. I'd much rather just find what I'm looking for here than go PSO World (I mean, the bloody place goes down for maintenance every other hour it seems o.O). Just a few ideas. I know putting together FAQ type material could prove tedious, but perhaps we can award our members that contribute with some sort of AT honors or something. Well, it's up in the air anyways. ;-P
I was thinking about just that Mute. It would be great if we had Official AT Maps and Item Charts. I know there are plenty available already but it would make this site even cooler if we had more of our own guides.
I'm willing to contribute some FAQish material, but since I'm Capt. Obvious, I dunno how useful it would be.. beigelaugh.gif
I'd have to agree on that word association thing. It's fun, but gets inane after a while. I would much rather have a few posts with substance than a whole bunch of nothing.

Between all of us, we can obviously throw together a stellar cmode faq, but HC82 beat us to the punch on that one. We could have information on the base stats (without mats) that each character has at each level. PSOW has such a thing, but it's for every 5 levels. I was meaning to do such a thing with Zeota, but it just went through the cracks. At 181, it's hard to remember where everything was from 1 on up if you catch my drift. And did you guys know that after using all 125 mats and reaching lv200, the HP values of the initial 9 classes are the same as in v2? Lv200 HUcast has 2012 HP, same as in v2.

yeah ive never been much for word games, its just post bumping nonsense, and we're not a bunch of post count freaks around here. the more i think about it the more im leaning towards just deleting the quest board, we allready have everything needed.
Nick novalis
Yeah I wrote a few old PSO FAQs back in the day of Dreamcast.. Ive lost them tho lol not that theyd be much use now!
They were pretty useless and inane
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