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Full Version: what do you think this is?
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at first people were thinking myself included that this may be the long awaited skies of arcadia sequel,but since they updated the site with silhouettes....
the one on the far left looks like a sinow beat and the girl looks like she is holding a magical piece.
Hmmmm..... interesting.

My theory is its a new RPG video game, probably published by SEGA.
hmmn why do guys think its funny to attack me with sarcasm.... everyone does it even my brothers.
Because the topic title is terrible and not descriptive, and the answer to the mystery game is TOTALLY obvious to anyone. So obvious that we probably don't even need to discuss it, but I'll indulge you for the sake of conversation.

The guy on the left is obviously Jehuty, from Konami's Zone of the Enders.

The second pic is without a doubt a stylized Heather Morris in her Princess Heart secret costume from Konami's Silent Hill 3.

The 3rd guy over is CLEARLY Solar Boy DJANGO from the Boktai series, a fairly obscure Konami ARPG. In that pic he's definitely dual weilding his sword and solar gun.

The Last guy (on the right) it TOTALLY "War" from TMNT Tournament fighters, another Konami classic.

So any person with a RUDIMENTARY videogame knowledge can easily tell this is a Konami character mashup RPG being outsource developed by SEGA.

It looks likes skies of arcadia sequel or something

It's PSU portable 2, LOL
beigelaugh.gif more PSU bullshit eh? Nothing to see here people, move along.
gah psu needs to fucking die.
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