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Full Version: Aion anyone?
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I enjoyed playing beta and thought I jump in on the Aion craze since nothing big is going to be happening on WoW for a quite a while; at until Icecrown raid comes out.

I don't know if you guys are into MMO anymore, but just putting it out there if anyone wants to join up. My current destination is Azphel server, Asmodian race (because they are cooler). Omar, if you remember him, is there too.
Really, I'm not much of an MMO guy. For the most part I've had nothing but disdain for the recent crop of RPG's out there and prefer a game that doesn't last too long. However, I'm interested to see how FF14 comes along and will most definitely be giving it a try. Besides whats Aion doing thats fresh? I haven't bothered looking into the game and haven't heard much of it. All I've seen of it are the ads on various gaming websites with that cool looking CGI cutscene.
Yeah I totally understand. I went through a phase of not wanting to play games that last long. Then all of sudden I got back into RPGs last year.

As far as doing something fresh goes, I have yet to see any MMO do anything really new. Aion is mostly a mix of things that has been done in previous MMO's. Namely, WoW, FFXI, and Lineage II. WoW's UI, and control scheme, and questing. Then you have the team work play that comes in later, with clearly defined roles for classes. Basically there is no class homogenization like there is in WoW. The look and feel, like when fight things, feels more FFXIish. This game is not the casual fest that is currently WoW. You pay for your mistakes in this game, and nothing is handed to you. You lose XP when you die. Everything cost money too.

I'd say the the main "new" thing is the Aerial Combat, which looks and plays natural. Though flying in this game plays different than WoW.

I would say the main attraction to this game is it is the best looking MMO since WoW. And I mean not just talking about the graphics, but the art direction. I think that is what captivated and drew people to WoW years back. That feeling of immersion.

Like all MMO's since EQ the game is a grind to leveling up. I applaud FF14 if in fact the game will have no leveling system. Leveling is so outdated for MMOs. Most everyone that plays these things know its all about endgame content, where there are no levels to gain. That is what we are there for. Leveling up content is a waste because you have the leveling up zones that you will never go back to unless you are leveling an alt. I mean, it took me 5 days played to get to level 80 as a Deathknight on WoW. But I have 60 days and 5 hours played at 80 currently. That's just over 90 percent of my time devoted to endgame content.

But the main reason this game broke pre-order records this year is because WoW is at its worse right now. Then you compare the release date to other MMO's, like Warhammer, that came out and failed, since WoW had either a major content patch or expansion release the day of, or week after. Nothing is happening in WoW right now, and won't be for a while. Aion can gain a lot of ground during this period. It won't kill WoW, but you will find a lot people moving over and being satisfied with Aion. Which is not a bad thing, because Blizzard needs a kick in the ass in the form of competition right now to get back on track.
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