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Full Version: Borderlands
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4 player co-op, loot-drive, character class-customizing FPS RPG, who's in?
I've been excited about this one for a couple months, but I'm going to wait a few weeks before picking it up. Random weapon generator sounds intriguing. I don't know if you thinking about PC version or what. But Steam has a four pack deal for $134.99. That's a hella nice deal if you trying to play with friends.
This game is like literally on the edge of my to get video game list this winter. If I do get it it'll most likely be for PC.
I've been watching this game too, but I couldn't wait for apocalyptic action and picked up Fallen Earth a few weeks ago. Currently I don't have any time for either, so it will be a while yet before I think about getting this one. I am not sure which platform I would get it for yet.

~Edit: Here's a stream of some multiplayer co-op.
I'm really digging this game, there's a lot of flexibility with how you build your character and what weapons you choose to use. Even though each class has their "specialty" weapons, all classes can use any weapon, so you're not pigeonholed into one playstyle. The action is always intense and it doesn't really hold back on the challenge either buttrock.gif .

I have a level 24 berserker (explosives specced now) with some crazy triple rocket launcher that shoots acid beigelaugh.gif . Also tooled around with the hunter and soldier classes a bit. The game is very good at feeding my loot hungry nature too, gotta get them raerz! Just one more mission...
This game is certainly a "play to the wee hours of the morning" type of game. But the PC version has a lot of problems that probably not going to get fix. Right now you go online and the lobby freezes the game. And there is no push to talk for voice chat, or an ability to disable it without editing the settings file. And the setting need tweaking to get it to feel like a PC FPS and not a Console FPS. Anyway fun game so far.
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