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Full Version: Torchlight
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Wow! That's all I have to say about this game.

No seriously, wow!

I'll update with a review after another 10 hours straight of playing.
I've heard good things about this, its a diablo-type game from the original team of guys who CREATED Diablo at blizzard north, before they splintered off and made Flagship Games.

But isn't it single player only? Seems weird in loot driven game to not have any multiplayer options.
Yes it is single player. It is a shame really because the game is damn good. The cool thing going for it is players can mod the game much like Fallout 3/Oblivion. Adding or changing content as liked.

My guess is they wanted to get the game out there in some shape or form to start creating a fan base. The online version is suppose to be coming out in a year or two. I speculate they are going to try to grab the WoW crowd and compete with Diablo 3. Torchlight has that same cartoony look and feel that WoW has. While Diablo is dark and gory. I just can see Torchlight being a bit more appealing to WoW players than Diablo 3 with the exception being Diablo fans.

In case people are wondering just what the hell the game looks like.
They've got a special that ends Jan 4th on their website if anyone is interested in playing the game, where it's half price (9 bucks).

I've been playing the game and it's loot driven and easy to pick up. They really streamlined the characters so you really can't fuck up your build, but still have good diversity. The game doesn't feel quite as rigid as most "click-click" rpgs, and almost feels like a balls-out straight action rpg. So, even though it lacks multi-player if feels more intense then the usual point and click rpg. If you like these type of games then you can't go wrong; although, the lack of multi-player hurts. You can DL the game and play it for 2 hours as a trail, so it really can't hurt to try it out.

I'll be honest, it's a mixed bag. I can see people getting bored easily of this game because they might find it repetitive and I can see people playing it for hours on end because its a good dungeon crawl. There is like ZERO story so it all depends if you're a fan of the genre, because if you are, then the game is solid and well done in what it offers.
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