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I dunno, I thought I'd try a little something different here.

The site itself has almost been here for a solid decade, though I know the name AT itself started a little bit before. When you think about it, a ton of stuff has happened in that time period, even notable things we can't probably remember, unless a certain keyword were to spark a memory.

So 2010 gets nearer, personally a lot of events have happened to me, but it's not about personal achievements, or failures here, it's about the group as a whole. What were some memorable things that happened to you when you had AT flying over your head? It could be anything from an epic moment you and someone else had on some game, to a stupid photoshop, or random moments on the podcast that suddenly had us keeling over in laughter.

And I mean anything, don't be afraid to offend someone. They're probably LONG gone/banned, whatever, ups and downs, it's all worthy talk. Just any little highlights you had here, with the other fellows, and so on. I encourage our silly photoshops to, probably unearth something long lost!
My two most memorable moments were that Podcast showdown, where me and Breaker argued the ending to The Dark Knight, and Eco Warrior in FFXI. They always stick out in my memory. ;)

That of course doesn't count vacations which include Naba getting married and California!
There's so many good and bad moments, I don't know where to start. Maybe just a short list to start. I'll possibly add more later.

Meeting IVI for the first time, and also AT_Tenebrous on Puck 9 in a PSOW team. We played all night and exchanged cards in the lobby.
Tracking down and getting everyone back together again after the demise of V2, and prior to the launch of PSOGC.
A couple epic lobby meetings, with C-Mode tournaments. Forever Zero and I rocked the 2 person C1 TA.
Monster Hunter had some of the best teamwork games I have ever been in.
AT Radio.
AIM chatrooms and official meetings.
"In game" guild inductions and promotions.
The excitement and anticipation in the months before FFXI.
The growth and eventual mushroom cloud of the FFXI linkshell: This is almost equally good and bad.
PSU Week, and the week long 24/7 AIM chatroom.

I'll add some bad memories later.
Here's a few:

The Hobo Cup, The Phantasy Star Online: Episode III tournament AC and I organized, was pretty awesome. It was fairly random and quite a few dropped but in the end, it came out to be very successful.

My first experience with FFXI and how horrible it was. I log on for at least a week and didn't accomplish anything. Only AC came to help me out but only to get me killed by a damn bee. I still have the game laying around here somewhere...

The Monster Hunter stuff was all good. I just wished the servers were up a bit longer. I guess we'll wait for the Wii version.
I wanted to mention some of the earliest members of AT who many here will not remember. These people were a part of the original Dreamcast crew.

Kabuki64 (Galactia?)

Also of note are some other PSO "clans" from back then.
Dark Horse Society(DHS)
Maiden Circuit
Team Katana
Ganja UK

I recall a bit of a run in with Maiden Circuit when DarkEpyon joined AT. The rule back then was that to join AT, you were not allowed to be a member of another guild, so I went with DE to speak to the head of Maiden Circuit to facilitate his release. Suffice to say, they were not happy that he was officially leaving.

I also remember when claimed Anteres 7, which Voodoomoose also inhabited. I think this time period was also when a certain top heavy HUnewearl begin to join AT games and lobby chat.
Speaking of "bad" times, maybe you can bring back some of those topics for us to view lol.

Here's some Hobo Cup topics:
I was considering that, maybe add a sub forum to Ops.


woend.gif divebanned.gif

lmao ^

And even more LOLs


haha what topic was that donkey? I assume I banned him after that post.

Found this while searching:

QUOTE(Dive @ Dec 31 2009, 02:40 PM) *
haha what topic was that donkey? I assume I banned him after that post.

I believe it was when we still had a WoW forum. I forgot what the topic was about though. There's also a topic in relation to his banning in Ops lol.
QUOTE(donkeybeatz @ Dec 31 2009, 02:44 PM) *
I believe it was when we still had a WoW forum.

I vote we bring back the Dialbo II Screenshots forum.
I unfortunately was on the sidelines for a majority of things. Lot of things boil down to just amusing personal moments when I think about it.

Playing TMNT with Dive and Donkey on MAME, and ending up using like 5000 imaginary quarters to beat it.

When AT Radio was new, I remember Dive skipping work or something, and we ended up just playing music all morning. That was just too fun.

Being nervous I'd actually be rejected for membership, haha. I think I was drunk or something during the PSO meeting where I'd be evaluated or something.

Using the Dreamcast to browse here, most of my old posts have that terrible margin where everything is smooshed to the left side, like a bad haiku. Whatever forum skin we had going on them, I'd like to see again, it'd be a total nostalgia trip.

I actually do remember playing with Dive and Woe at one time on Dreamcast, I was a complete stranger though, and had no idea what AT was. We were doing Caves, and being envious of Dives hax weapons. I didn't get to know them and AT till way later on GC though. I'm proof positive I have their GC's still on my character, which is still intact.

Bringing Donkey here from the old Arcade forum. Pretty sure that's how a good portion of us ended up here actually.

I can definitely think of more later, but like I said, I didn't get to participate in most of the games everyone here played.
Hells yeah lots of good times. Some of my favorite times have been mentioned.

--AT GCPSO Soccer lobby meetings and events.
--Hobo Cup.
--FFXI Dynamis and my original MS paint banner that Dive later awesomnized.
--MS Paint Stories
--AT radio
--Monster Hunter fun. Specifically, Vitamin_D Donkey and Jagdpanzer from PSU leaving PSU to play Monster Hunter and then the hilarity in vent when we asked donkey you ready he said no but we still left.
--Video Editing
--Ventrilo Quote: Kazicht" Whats Teabgging?" Crushinator:"It's when you repeatedly dip your nuts into someones mouth."
--Halo 3 Xbox craze
--Getting booted from my own server on Metal gear Solid Online
--AT AIM meetings

more stuff when I think of it.
I'm just glad this place is still around. Like a some of you here I came from PSOW forums. I think most of the vocal and popular members from there moved to The-Arcade or Omega Hour either cause they were banned by the mods, or to get away from all the drama. I found Apocalypse-Tribe after those two site mostly died (though The-Arcade did not officially shut down until early 2009) because I saw Retehi, AC9, Alisha, Zio, Vitamin D, Frosty, and Donkey over here. There is a bunch of people that used to be here that was named above that I wonder where they are at.

While I have not gamed with you guys since Phantasy Star much, you guys have been awesome. I think for the new decade I will play some games with you guys on whatever consoles may come in the next 10 years.

I think this whole thing is documentary style reunion worthy.
Oh man... where to begin. So many good/crazy/WTF memories flooding back.

I too remember all the crazy PSO "clans" out there. DreamStation, MAMAK (also a purveyor of news on PSOv2 when it came out), and of course Maiden Circuit. Ganja UK and S.T.A.R.S. were among the most infamous for cheating/hacking back in the days. I avoided those jokers like the plague. I remember the GUK site had a boatload of codes for v1/v2, even that infamous "NOL" garbage.

I happened to be one of the few keyboard-enabled folks for several months until Layrinn made that adapter (he used that Japanese keyboard/controller as a base and went from there if I remember right). I got the thing a couple weeks after importing GC PSO

I remember the infamous "v1.0" crap from JP GCPSO, and wound up getting the NA version of said game with all my old friends from Dreamstation. However, the servers for Ragnarok Online were to come back up at the end of November that year and subsequently 99% of em jumped ship for that. So a lot of my time was spent offlining, doing C-mode with JPs or hanging around with the few MC folks that stuck around as well. If I remember right, the leader of that place lost her voice in a skiing accident sometime before PSOv1 came out. I haven't heard from any of them in like 4 or 5 years, but I digress. I needed a new and bigger circle of friends to do stuff with, since PSO's game play tended to be quite monotonous. Enter Apocalypse Tribe. I'd hung out with a number of folks here before officially joining up, and the rest was history.

I remember those crazy in-game meetings where we had to split off into separate lobbies since there were so many of us (even the occasional person that wandered in). The BA6 tournament and the C-mode time attacks were some great stuff. It was a nice and much needed diversion for me since our second big gathering happened a few days after my grandmother had passed on. It helped keep things interesting for the few of us clawing our way to level 200.

Getting banned from PSOW for posting that "boss trick" and getting back at them later on was also a source of lulz, as well as traumatizing for a few mods there. I only did it a handful of times myself and the bulk of my EXP toward the end came from spamming ruins with some folks from another board I frequented at the time.

Hitting 200 like a week before "Towards the Future" came out and in the weeks that followed, there were a lot more 200's. If I remember right, ZEOTA's playtime was somewhere around 1600 hours. Strangely enough, I never finished Cmode on her due to that "tech reset" bug and some of those lv20 tech discs were annoying as hell to find.

I played FFXI off and on for a few months until PS2 release but I just couldn't stand it back then. I used to diss on it every chance I got until I decided to give it another shot in late 2007 and have been there ever since.

Those last couple months of 2004 were fun playing Diablo 2 with a number of folks even though it was usually Mute, Reteh, myself and a few others. I tried to get my girlfriend at the time to join us, but AOL, her PC, and the game didn't seem to agree, so off her hard drive it went.

Like Scan, I haven't really played much with anyone here since PSO outside of AC, donkey and myself importing PSUJP.

So many people from not just here, but other sites I frequented, have dropped off the face of the earth more or less. I wonder where they are now and what they've been up to in the past years. I can probably count on one hand the number of folks from PSO that I'm still in touch with on a regular basis. Shit just happens and people enter and exit our lives all the time.
Vitamin D

Haha good times all round, most of my favorite memories have been documented already, like the Monster Hunter fiasco AC mentioned. Scan talked about it, but I got here through The Arcade. I was actually pretty cool with Shotie back in the day from my heavy PSOW days and ended up at The Arcade. I saw familiar names here and joined up.

My favorite memories were probably the PSO GC days, which is around the time I joined the site. The lobby meetings were incredibly fun, and I remember we'd usually pack it out with people. I also loved the great times on Episode III, I remember Forever Zero was a BEAST at that game haha. Also Hobo Cup for the MF'in win! Monster Hunter was also one of the best times I've had with a game. When we played that game is when I was actually asked if I wanted to be in AT. I simply hung out with AT folks up to then haha. I made some great friends outside of AT on that game, unfortunately that's how I ended up having a several year run with Final Fantasy XI D:.

The podcast has already produced some of the best memories I'll have with AT, such as the incredible image above haha. And this bastard of a gif that I remember talking about Tatsunoko vs Capcom and LOSING IT when I saw it haha .

The first episode is so funny to listen to now. Things have changed pretty considerably since, but it's still incredibly fun to do when our schedules allow. I think it would be awesome to have a best of episode at 50 or so haha.

One last thing I remember, is our several attempts at trying to make a game haha. We'd always have some cool concepts, but it never amounted to anything. I remember at one point even Proj wanted to help us out. What do ya say fellas? How about we get that AT beat em up out there sometime this decade!

I'm sure there's more, but that's the best things off the top of my head. Here's to many more awesome years guys. at-emote1.gif
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