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Full Version: Dragon Age
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I'm surprised this game has not been mentioned on here yet. I blame MW2. I've had it since it came out. I have not finished it which is why I did not make a topic. The game is quite long too.

Probably Bioware's best game. Easily gets my vote for Game of the Year.

Most recommendation say get this on PC over 360 or PS3. This is due to the interface and control being better suited for PC.

The story and dialogue really pulls you in. The character Morrigan is awesome. She is voiced by Claudia Black of Farscape, SG1, and Chloe from Uncharted 2 fame.

The combat is pretty much like Mass Effect and Old Republic. But they added the gambit system from FF12 to better control what your NPC party members are doing. It is a bit useless because the "Pause battle, and queue abilities" micromanament is the only way to win in most cases. And you will die a lot at the start of the game while you refine your strategy.

Excellent game. I recommend it to anyone that enjoyed Mass Effect and Old Republic.
This is really a great game with a massive amount of replay value. This game has a far larger range of alternative paths and choices you can make during the game to give it a lot of replay value. Also the class customization adds to the flair. It's certainly a game you will want to play at least twice, especially if you want all the achievements, you'll have to play it a few times.

My only gripe is that the tactics or "gambit" system really sucks hard. It's limited and unreliable. It doesn't allow you to put priorities in place in exact detail. Thus, your expected to micromanage your party with every fight, which is ok, because it part of the challenge and fun, but I just hate the tactics system.

The graphics could be a bit better scenery wise. The environments are unimpressive, but the character equipment and faces are great so you can tell where they put their time. If you play RPGs, you should own this game. It's as simple as that.
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