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No, I didn't draw this myself. I made an innocent little request over at The Arcade and Shotie put together this great piece to satisfy my Rico needs. ^_^ I thought it was particularly good and decided to share it with those that may not visit her forums. Here's the pic:

user posted image
In case it doesn't show up, here's the url:
I saved Shotie's pic to my server and edited your your img tag so we don't indirectly steal any of Shotie's bandwidth. It's not a big deal I'm sure, Shotie is cool with us but I wanna keep it real, word? beigelaugh.gif

That's a fun drawing, I like it! trophy.gif

Great work as usual Shotie. Thanks for sharing with us Mute.

It's great, as usual shades.gif She had her husband pose for it beigelaugh.gif
Very nicely done indeed.
*looks closely & nods* Shotie has talent - that's a very nice portrait of Rico; i like the pose & her facial expression is calm, yet confident.. beigesmile.gif
Yes indeed, it's a very swank piece of work, great art from Shotie as always. beigesmile.gif

QUOTE (Rogue @ Jun 19 2003, 08:19 PM)

It's great, as usual  :cool She had her husband pose for it  :lol

And I'm sure darth enjoyed it. beigelaugh.gif
I wish I knew how to draw cry2.gif
i like it. her take on the sword is intresting.
Oh man, I can't believe I missed this thread!

*checks date*

Oh right, it must be because you posted it after I left. ;p

Well, mad props to Shotie... that illustration rocks harshly! Thanks for sharing, Mute! =D
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