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Vitamin D
It comes out next Tuesday, as in 1 week exactly haha. Yeah though, this for SURE should be an AT gameday. IS MAHVEL BAYBEE!!!! at-emote1.gif
QUOTE(AC9breaker @ Feb 8 2011, 02:02 PM) *
Gentlemen, Next thursday it's going down. get your curly mustaches ready and ready your pringles cause it's going down. I demand we make this an AT gameday.


I third this motion.... with a vengeance!


Did an all night marathon with a friend of mine, after we picked up our copies at our local Gamestop's midnight launch.

Loving Arthur and Dormammu. Dormammu's alpha assist is nice for Arthur's playstyle (mostly playing keep away and turtling, seems to be by design for this character based on his moves and the fact he has no dash or backdash) . Also like Super Skrulls and X-23. These characters feel right to me. Phoenix is really good but can be killed in like two hits. Very powerful if used right especially X-Factor plus Dark Phoenix. Did not care for Dante and Trish. For Dante it is like they wanted him to be as close to how he plays in DMC. For Trish I don't like her moves. Overall I like this roster. Lots of variety.

Controls are weird and take some getting used to, especially if you use a stick and are used to MvC2; I'm in this boat. Some hyper combos are changed around because of the control scheme.

Sentinel plus X Factor is basically an "I win" button. Totally overpowered. Just get your hyper bar to max, get your other two characters killed. Just spam his Attack Rocket hyper combo. You can eat through all 3 of your opponents characters most of the time, even if they have near full health are are blocking.

Overall they made this game very casual it feels like. Not necessarily a bad thing because it makes the game more accessible to people that might be new to the series. Very fun regardless.
Just picked it up before work today, didn't get a lot of playtime in yet, but I'll be down for AT gameday action tonight.

Played around a bit with Dante, Deadpool, and X-23. The game is almost overwhelming how much shit is going on, and Scan is right on the controls feeling a little weird. I didn't play TvC much, so the whole 3+special attack buttons is going to take a minute to get used to.

Love the graphics and the presenation, hopefully the only play isn't laggy. Is it true that there's no spectator mode like in SSF4? :(
Online play is nice. Have not notice any lag during actual gameplay (sometimes there is slow down during the character intros) or input lag. And I played someone from Spain. I'm on PS3 so I can't speak for 360. No spectator mode. You just get the two people's license cards bouncing around lol. You can see their team and life bars though. . .
Vitamin D
Spent the vast majority of yesterday playing the game, and I'm loving it a lot. I think the best part of the game is the character diversity. I found myself liking a bunch of characters who turned out more fun to play than I thought they might, Spencer and She-Hulk being prime examples. I also appreciate the balance in the game. TvC was incredibly balanced for a versus game, and I think MvC3 might be more so. Though, as Scan pointed out, Sentinel IS pretty ridiculous D:. Still I'm impressed at how everything came out.

However, I do have to agree on the online. My brother and I played several games with a friend of his on X Box Live, and the connection was quite good. The problem was, I'm used to the vast majority of options that SSF4, and even the original BlazBlue had for online play. You can't save replays, there's no spectator mode, and Ranked matches seem to have the ass-backwards set up that TvC had. I think it was mentioned somewhere that they plan to add these features later, and I can only hope so.

Anyway though, I have the game for both systems, and my info's in my sig. If you guys see me hit me up! MAKE IT RAAAAIIIINNN!!!!!!
Vitamin D
Also, that picture is crazy epic LOL. beigelaugh.gif
The thing I hate about the online mode is the amount loading. Geez, maybe I am spoiled by playing PC games, but man does it frustrate me. Like if you fail to find a ranked match it reloads back to the online menu. And even after your match over, there should be an option to queue again for another match, instead of loading back to the menu. It like kills my high every time when I getting into the groove. I just want to play a bunch of matches in quick succession. But, it turns out Quick Match is not really Quick match. Seems the best way to get the fix is to join a lobby and just go on a winning streak.

Yeah ranked match seems to be odd. Your rank is just points you accumulated from playing (since you can still rank up if you losing, how is that helpful if you are new?) and not based on your skill. I want to play people around my skill, but I'm not sure if there is anything in place to do that. Or maybe the game is still early, and the game has not been out long enough to determine proper match making. Damn people that had the game for two weeks because some stores broke the street date though.
that was funny but then i remembered i like the Arcana Heart series >_>

but really the only game on there i dont like is virtua fighter.
I don't know what the sitch is on PSN, but on XBL it seems like it takes FOREVER to find a match, and a lot of times i'll get a "connection to host lost" message.

I found it best to just play arcade mode while "accepting challengers" till I got someone to jump in with me.

Agree with D on the playability and fun of so many characters. I find myself just picking "random all" a lot so I can mix it up and try new combos of guys.

Mission mode is a load of bullshit on some of those missions though, gotta pause, look at what the hell it wants you to do, then go back, fail at it 10 times, go back and read it again, break it down into separate parts, then finally nail it but you were one millisecond off the timing so it doesn't count... crash.gif

Right now my "main" party is Dante, Iron Man, and Wolverine. I'm loving Hulk, Dormammu, and X-23 too.
I turned off accept challenges while playing arcade and now I don't know how to turn it back on. I usually play in open matches inside of lobbies I haven't tried any ranked games yet. I've been playing a lot more with Dante and Captain America and they both fit in well in place of Wesker. Wesker is pretty hard, but as I spend more time and learn how to use him he's a lot of fun. He reminds me of Yin and Yang from 3rd Strike.

12 new characters, 4 already announced

Ghost Rider,Hawkeye,Red Arremer (Firebrand) and Strider Hiryu

Vitamin D
Damn... Capcom really sucks at keeping shit secret. Case in point: the other 8 characters! Doctor Strange, Frank West, Iron Fist, Nemesis, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon and Vergil.

This just in, Capcom officially hates Mega Man haha. Also, Rocket Raccoon... yeah what the fuck.

anyway, HEL YEH.

HOLY SHIT nice catch on the leak, D!

Fucking Dr. Strange!!! (Dr. FABULOUS!) Nemesis!!! PHOENIX WRIGHT!

I have no idea who Rocket Raccoon is... BUT WHY THE HELL NOT!



Rocket Raccoon possesses the normal attributes of an Earth raccoon, including an acute sense of smell and sharp eyesight. He is an accomplished starship pilot, an excellent marksman with the two laser pistols he carries as well as having an affinity for heavy weapons. He's also an excellent military tactician and leader, attributes that see him frequently taking charge of the Guardians of the Galaxy when Starlord is unavailable.
It's a bummer there is no Mega Man. Yeah I know because it's a Capcom thing. But, from now on I'm going to wait a year or two before buying a new Capcom game. I did anticipate this though, hence I did not bother paying for Jill and Shuma. So, saved some money there. I'll pass until the price drop is at $25 (well I'm still thinking about it, depends on release date).

The characters are awesome. Glad to see my Doctor Strange prediction come true. And wooooo! Strider! And Phoenix Wright, good to see Capcom finally figured out a way to get him in the game. I'm curious as to what type of balancing or gameplay changes they make; since I regularly follow the happenings in the competitive scene.

I like this announcement though. This month as been slow as shit for gaming. Us gamers needed a new exciting announcement.
Vitamin D
Ohhhhh JAM! trailers for and Nemesis and Dr. Strange!

Both look effing dope.

Here are a couple more gameplay videos.

Finally, here's a collective trailer showing more of the new moves some of the original cast got. Shoutouts to She-Hulk haha.

Yessss,I'm so maining Nemesis and Firebrand, backed up with TONY STARK.
Vitamin D
Oh snap! It's Crushinator's birthday! Oh Snap! More UMvC3 characters!

This time we got Vergil and Iron Fist!

First Vergil, he's SO DMC 3.

Iron Fist, dude looks like a straight bruiser with a gameplay mechanic I don't yet get, but already dig.

NOICE. Now a couple gameplay videos.

Lastly the "we revealed new characters so we need a new trailer!" trailer.

This game looks so HYPE!

Also that Vergil video really made me want the DMC3 HD remake.... WHEN CAPCOM, WHEN?

The moment we've all been waiting for.... NOVA'S REVEAL!!!!

Nah, I'm just joshin'.... PHOENIX WRIGHT! OBJECTION!

Vitamin D

Both characters look sick, but man, all the series references in Nick's moves are so epic. Maya, the Judge, Missile assist, that Level 3... so silly and so awesome at the same time. Love it haha.

Also, Capcom got their troll game on lock, check this out.

The posters in the back are characters who were in MvC2, all but one are either "apprehended" or "slain". It's of course Mega Man who's neither. This is either the most ambitious troll ever, or Mega Man has a high chance of DLC. We'll see. Anyway though, just one month to go. HYPE.
Hahaha, good catch on that poster. That is indeed some massive Capcom asshole trolling. They already slapped Megaman Fans 3 times this year with cancelling Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Legends 3, and by snubbing him in MVC3's first release...

If this is a hint that he's DLC that's awesome, but if it's just a straight up "gotcha"...somehow that's even better beigelaugh.gif


Vitamin D
So at NYCC Capcom unveiled a "Heroes vs. Heralds Mode". It'll be free post-launch DLC that'll let you customize your team in ridiculous ways. The last part of this trailer makes this the greatest thing EVER.

...Just in case you don't get it. DEM JOKES.
Vitamin D
Happy Halloween from Capcom! Rocket Raccoon and Frank West!


He's covered wars you know...

I'm damn impressed with both, especially Rocket Raccoon. I was on hater status at first, but he looks dope. They also gave Frank a MUCH better moveset than he had in TvC GET HYPE.

Been had leaks!

I gotta say, a lot of these DLC skins are actually making me want to pony up the extra cash... some of my favorites:

Shall I call you LOGAN, Weapon X?

John Talbain Ammy (the closest we'll get to him being in the game TROLLIN)

Viewtiful Joe as... Regular Joe


Tony Stark as Captain America?!:

MEGA MAN CONFIRMED!!!! Oh wait its just Frank West #CapTroll

I dont' know the context, but this Hawkeye looks completely badass:


She-Hulk: Ace Attorney

Classic X-Men Jean Grey:

Deadpool and Cable fused together!?

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