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Full Version: Bungie signs 10 year contract with Activision
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Are you serious, Wendy?

On a side note, we always talk about how we should post news in the forums more often instead of just talking about it on the Skype chatroom.
So here we are.
*Sigh* Another one crosses over to the darkside.

This is honestly the most shocking game news I've read all year, even with all this IW shit going down.

On one hand its great that Bungie is finally free from the binds of the Halo franchise. Now they can move onto a new IP, and possibly even start doing other genres again. It will be great to see what new worlds and gameplay the talent at Bungie can create.


This is Activision. With MS or pretty much any other publisher Bungie would have that legendary "untouchable" developer status that outfits like Blizzard, BioWare, and supposedly Infinity Ward have. Freedom to make the game as great as possible, taking as much time as resources as it takes to get it right. But we saw how that shit flew with IW, when they didn't toe the line with Activision's plans.

And would Activision try to shoehorn Bungie into developing their core franchises? The most obvious thing that comes to mind is getting Bungie to take up the reigns on the COD franchise, filling the void left by IW. And what else? Master Cheif's Pro Skater? Guitar Hero: Martin O'Donnell?

Strange times, indeed.
once upon a time i had this sweet game for my mac made by bungie called Abuse. at least i remember it being awesome who knows if it actually was.
lol it's like when the Germans took over the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
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