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The next version update will usher in a change of Twilight God proportions with the lifting of level restrictions in Chains of Promathia areas. Tweaks bound to further enhance your adventuring experience in these areas are also in the works.

The upcoming version update will see the lifting of level restrictions in Chains of Promathia areas. In light of the planned level cap increase, the level and distribution of enemies in certain Promathia areas will also be adjusted to pose a worthy challenge to players level 75 and beyond. A journey of rediscovery to your favorite areas of old awaits!

Level restrictions will be lifted in the areas below:
Pso'Xja / Promyvion - Holla / Promyvion - Dem / Promyvion - Mea / Promyvion - Vahzl / Phomiuna Aqueducts / Sacrarium / Riverne - Site #B01 / Riverne - Site #A01

Promathia Missions

Level restrictions imposed upon mission battlefields will also be lifted, making the Chains of Promathia missions more accessible than ever before. Adventurers who have yet to delve into the dark secrets of the Twilight God may now proceed with easier hearts!
*No changes are being planned for the storyline or mission progression. Level restrictions will remain in effect for ENM quests.
What kind of shitty topic title is this? I'm so enraged by the topic that i can't even read the post. What the hell, alisha?

EDIT: I just realized you didn't even type anything in this post, you just pasted it from somewhere. What's the point? Nobody here even plays FF11 anymore, right?
This should be posted in the FFXI forum. Oh wait a minute...

People still play this game?
I'm not gonna lie, this is about as relevant as Ultima Online patch notes.
Are you doods serious? I've got FFXI on my tweet watch list!
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