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Full Version: I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! =D
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Hey all! Remember me!??! lol

I finally got my modem ordered and a keyboard adapter ordered as well, so i'll be on GC version VERY soon! =D

reply if u remember me, so we can meet up online!


Tim "Crazyfx" Larson
Well there's someone I haven't seen in ages beigebigeek.gif How have ya been CFX?

been busy. work all the time, am a dad, life is hectic. lol

finally got back into pso since RO is lame as shyt now, finally ordered the modem and a keyboard adapter, so i'll get back into pso for a while i think. hehe

how u been?

~feels the need to mention i currently suck on pso, i can play and everything fine, but my charachters are crap still. =/

only lvl 29 ><"

~is poor, low lvl, and has shyt for gear~ LOL~

oh well, soon enough. =)
Welcome back, and about time!!!
Lots of new stuff on PSO to enjoy.
*waves* we have yet to be acquainted - welcome.. teleport.gif
Welcome back, Crazyfx. Once you get online, be sure to check us out on Altair 5: Lobby 7. Hope to catch ya soon. ;-)
i'll be sure to find ya'll =D

i can't wait! =D


To all my old homies wassup.gif !!!!!!!!!!!! heheh

can't wait to play with y'all again (and probably leech off ya too if yer willing LMFAO)
wow CFX, its been a LONG time man. (this is IVI btw) quite the comunity we've built here eh?

kick back and enjoy yourself beigesmile.gif good to have ya back.
Daaaaamn, Crazy, I thought you were gone forever! Glad to hear you will be back on the PSO soon buttrock.gif
Good to see you. I look forward to seeing you on PSO.
for a while there i thought i was gone for good too. ~LMAO~

Good to see ya IVI been too dam long ^_^

It's good to be back, this seems like a nice community indeed. =)

Good to see everyone again, i missed y'all. ~can't wait for my modem and keyboard adapter to arrive~

sooo, can someone update me, what are the charges and stuff to play GC pso online?
Hey welcome back Crazy! I bet you got here by trying to go to the old Ikonboard, correct? beigelaugh.gif It's great to hear you will be online soon, there is a lot of activity now and we have some fun events planned for the near future.

The Hunters License costs $8.95 per month, and lately we have been geting some great new quests and online events. Well worth the price. trophy.gif
QUOTE (Dive @ Jun 22 2003, 05:51 PM)
The Hunters License costs $8.95 per month, and lately we have been geting some great new quests and online events. Well worth the price. trophy.gif

Nice to meet you...I don't think we have met...yet.

HL is well worh the $9 right now. Especially since if I can't find anyone to play with I can always do some more cmode...heh...I have the cmode bug, some of you might have noticed. Anyways and the new quest coming out in a few days will keep me occupied too.
kewl, $9 ain't bad at all =) I can't wait, been so out of touch with pso and console gaming for the most part as of late, will be kewl to get back online and play with other humans for a change. lol

i just hope people will actually play with my low lvl char =/ ~sorry i suck~LOL~ hey it won't take too long before i can play in ult. again. lmfao. but right now i'm only lvl 32. blah.
level 32?
Don't feel bad. I am new to this board and I level like a snail. Maybe we can hook up sometime. I am sure that you'll be passing me in no time.
btw - scu is level 87.

Hey! How are you?!!

I'm so glad to see you after all this time! It'll be great to play with you again =)

I've done the same thing as you in the past month, returning to PSO after months of absence =)
hehe, hey hey

just got my confirmation emails that my orders for the modem and keyboard adapter have been shipped! yay! =D

i'll be online withint he week! =D

~does a happy dance~LOL~
awsome! cant wait to see ya online man.
sure, i get online...and no one is on ><"

where the hell are all of you!?!?!?

i need help lvling my n00b azz ~ROTFL~

am lvl 38 now tho, so i can almost play v.hard ~LMAO~

get back to me, hopefully someone will be on tonight to play with me.
i don;'t have my keyboard yet tho, hopefully that arrives today while i'm @ work.
Tell ya what. I have to head to school in the morning, but most of us in AT are on in the early evening to late night...say from 8pm or so until 2am in the least for me anyways speaking I am in WA state PST in daylight savings time now.

Sure, we can help you level. I will give me a short break from ultimate...heh, maybe I can level too. I have been addicted to cmode lately again. Only C9 to go...again. Then I get to improve my times.

Edit: drop by Altair 05-07. Most of us meet there, although there are sometimes exceptions to that, but generally that is where you will find most of us.
What times are you on Crazy? I haven't been able to get online too much these past few days due to continual thunderstorms but I think I will be on tonight, oh lets say around 8 pm Central.
generally 7:30pm to 10pm central time, and i will be on tonight. ~dc's the PC to go on PSO GC~ hehehe

hope to see some of u on ^^

no keyboard yet, hopefully tomorrow ><"
It was nice meeting you last night cfx. We gotta get you to lv 80 now.
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