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Full Version: E32010 Sony Press Conference
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So I think if it weren't for Nintendo and all their godamn Nostalgia thread tugging, Sony would have had the best showing.

The KevinButlernator- Talking mad shit on Xbros noice.
Killzone 3 looked cool enough
New subscription option for PSN, Playstation plus.
GT5 got a release date.
Sorcer PS move game looks interesting.
LBP 2 was Beast mode.
Exclusive PS3 only Special edition of multiplatform games for Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor
MEGATON BOMB Gabe Newell at Sony Press Conference
Portals and Steam coming to PS3 "Portal 2 for ps3 will be the best version"
Video montages of actual games.
surprise Twisted Metal game for trey actually looks pretty cool.

My dissapoint where no new info on The Last Guardian, but other then that. Solid show.
Yeah I agree. Sony had a very nice well rounded conference. Twisted Metal was a big surprise.

I was also disappointed at nothing new for The Last Guardian.
Fuck 3D goggles shit, and fuck the PS Move.

KZ3 demo seemed stale to me, the game looks pretty, and I guess its impressive they can still push those visuals while effectively rendering it 2 times for the 3d effect. But it just seemed boring, same stuff as KZ2. The badguy's didn't seem much smarter either... wonder if you can still confuse the AI by beasting with nothing but the knife beigelaugh.gif

I totally called the premium PSN shit.

Little Big Planet 2 is going to DESTROY, the potential is truly limitless, it seems.

Gabe Newell was funny as hell, but it sucks that we didn't actually get to see Portal 2 gameplay.

Impressed that they finally nailed down a release date for GT5. I think its still going to be a day late and a dollar short, especially with Forza 4 showing with the head tracking tech that GT5 was pimping last year.
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