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Great developer commentary/walkthru of the e3 version of Portal 2. The game looks stunning! Hard to believe this is still running on Source.

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Vitamin D
SEXY. The game is looking great, can't wait to play it. Everything they've added seems like a natural progression from the first game. Glad to see the great writing is still intact too haha.
Oddies da Nerfed
Brutal stuff.
I really like that tractor beam! I love how they added new aspects to the game like that without changing the basic formula at all. I was kind of worried that they would start giving the main character extra guns or something, which would kind of just make the game HL2 with a portal gun. This looks great though, who knows what kind of amazing puzzles they can do with these new things. Also, if the facility is being rebuilt while you're in it, I imagine rooms changing completely while you're trying to traverse them! It's gonna be amazing.


I forget about Valve's acts of defilement against TF2 when I see videos like that. *is eager*
This game is pretty good so far.

The writing is hilarious and GLaDOS is genuinely disturbing this time around.

Like I'm actually dreading her impending revenge on me for having killed her in Portal 1.

Good stuff.
I'm loving it. There is a ton of test rooms compared to the first.

I like how there are these segue areas that take you exploring through the Aperture facility before you arrive at the next set of test rooms. It was quite surprising they did it this way, because I was expecting 19 rooms like the first. Instead, you get these in-between areas that offer a good bit of story, plot, and humor. Not to mention these areas introduce the new mechanics to the series. Also, the length of these areas are long enough for you to get the hang of them. Feels more like an adventure game this way.

Been playing for a good 8 hours. I think I'm near the end.
Oddies da Nerfed
One thing that was jaw dropping is the size of the facility. Holy shit is that place like a science nerds wet dream. The hardest parts where I got stuck the most were the adventure parts, while the actual tests were pretty straight forward and quick to do. Still, solid game with lots of time spent on detail. Gonna be fun toying with co-op now!
I'm a bit disappointed there are no extra challenges to unlock after beating the game. The game was great, but I felt the ending left more to be desired; even though there was a ton of content compared to the first one. I found there were only a few "brain stumpers," the puzzle with the blue gel and the sentries behind the glass wall guarding a button comes to mind.

Playing the first the game this is a bit on the easy side, especially toward the end. Speaking of toward the end why does the game get easier, like they ran out of ideas for puzzles? Most of the time you are just traveling down somewhere via the gravity beam. But, is that suppose to be the point narratively because Wheatley is an idiot and does not know how to design tests? The whole sequence before then with Cave Johnson was satisfying though: JK Simmons!

But is odd there is no extra content for beating the game besides Co-op. Maybe they are saving advance modes for DLC?
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