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Full Version: The Power of PSO
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Now I'm sure all you Arcade goers have probably skimmed over this little story that was posted by the member Angel, but I thought it was very touching and wanted to share it with you all here. Now, out of respect for the author, I'm not gonna copy and paste all the words but, rather, give you the forum link. It's a semi-long story, spread out over 3 or so posts, but it's worth the read. ;-)

Just proof that love doesn't have to start in the same geographic location. They'll make it to the 1-year mark, but can they make it past the 5-year lithmus test? Only time will tell...
Angel of Enders
Well that definitly adds some positivity to my negative day. Proof that video games create happiness.
*nods* that was an unusual tale, i'll admit; however, i have learned that it's possible for people to meet potential partners where we would least expect it.. in relation to PsO, i know 2 friends that met online back during the days of ver.1 & ver.2 for DC - they used to be part of what we termed 'misfit crew' *remembers =.)* those were the golden days of PsO, they were dear friends & lots of fun to play with.. anyways - to make a long story short - the 2 got to know each other rather well & fell in love online.. beigesmile.gif

where are they now? both are actually living together & are still happy to this day & still play PsO; on x-box, of course.. teleport.gif
beigebigeek.gif It''s my story! Whoa. Thanks Mute for spreading it, I didn't realize it had traveled without me, hehe. I s'pose I can answer the 1 year 5 year mark question now...lessee...*thinks* We met in January 2001, and it's now July 2003. Our wedding anniversary is this month so it looks like we're about halfway to the 5 year mark as far as our relationship goes, and at the one year mark for our marriage.

Where are we now? Sunny Florida, near Mute kinda. My husband is working, and I've been enjoying some time off for a lil bit. I'll be back to bustin' my hump shortly though. beigesmile.gif Not everything is picture perfect of course, we have our problems, we spat and all that, but at least we can do it together beigelaugh.gif The only major changes are the level of comfort and how much the depth of our relationship has increased, all in all, I'd say it's positive. ;)
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