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So last week was TGS and had a whole bunch of news. Why don't we some of post some things that had us excited. I personally didn't follow it as much as I was expecting I would. But I heard some things, and I'm hyped.

Disgaea 4: Hell yeah. Sprites look freaking fantastic and the new cast seems great. I'm totally hyped, I easily put in over 1000 hours in the first game. Even though I only have 600 recorded and probably half of those from falling asleep with the game on while grinding.

Project Dark Demon's Souls/King's Field 2? Hell yeah! I'm hyped. I love the atmosphere of the game and I'm getting the itch to go back and play Demon's Souls again.

Weird stuff at TGS. Zombies in Yakuza 5. wtf

bad stuff from TGS

New Devil May Cry Dante looks stupid.
I'll totally play a Demon's Souls 2. I'll probably hate it, and myself, but I'll play it.

Fuck disgaea and fuck geocubes.

New Dante looks stupid and I have no faith in Ninja Theory to make a game worth a shit. Bayonetta has rendered DMC irrelevant anyways, especially after how middling DMC4 was.
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Sep 21 2010, 05:55 PM) *
Fuck disgaea and fuck geocubes.

I actually think new-dante looks pretty bitchin. Not that it applies to me since I don't play or care about DMC but I'm down with this new direction.
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