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Full Version: FFXIV Guardian Deities
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"The Twelve" are twelve benevolent deities of Eorzea who ruled the continent and its surrounding islands until the arrival of wandering tribes. Impressed by the resilience of the primitive settlers, each of the Twelve mercifully saw fit to ensure their welfare.

So those of us who have have gone through the character creation process have had to pick one of twelve guardian deities to align our avatar with. It's kind of like picking your own zodiac sign in a way. I found this part of the process very interesting and was wondering who and why you guys picked the guardian you did. Let's discuss!

I'm not going to list the info from all 12 guardians here, but here is a link to the list:

I chose for my character Byregot, the 7th. Here is the game's description of'em:

Byregot is the purveyor of architecture and industry and god of the arts. He commands the element of Lightning and is associated with the seventh moon of the Eorzean calendar. Byregot is the elder brother of Halone, and pupil of Thaliak. He is most often depicted as ardent smith with a two-headed hammer. His symbol is the hand.

I guess anyone who knows me in some capacity can see why I chose him. As a artist and designer in real life his profile rung closest to my personality and background. I like that his symbol is the hand and that his name sounds strong and bold. He's also the elder of two siblings just like I am.
On the beta I chose the first one Halone just because I thought it was their convoluted way of asking for your birthday so they can assign their own weeaboo zodiac sign to it, which I was partially correct on it seems.

I kinda like it though after reading it, plus it's Ice element and I can get down with that.

Halone, mover of glaciers and goddess of war, is the guardian deity of Ishgard. She commands the element of Ice and is associated with the first moon of the Eorzean calendar. Halone is the daughter of Rhalgr, and a bitter rival of Nophica. She is most often depicted as a relentless warrioress armed with a bronze greatshield. Her symbol is the three spears.
I chose Nymeia, in part cause I went with what my birthday was and its corresponding deity. Also cause she's the goddess of fate and in turn based on Clotho one of the 3 classical fates.

Nymeia is the watcher of celestial bodies and goddess of fate. She commands the element of Water and is associated with the fourth moon of the Eorzean calendar. Nymeia is the younger sister of Althyk and master of Rhalgr. She is most often depicted as a weaver donning a white, silken veil. Her symbol is the spinning wheel.

Nymeia appears to be closely associated with the one of the Three Fates, Clotho, and her equivalent in Roman mythology, Nona.

Nymeia is depicted as the "younger sister," a weaver of fate, donning a veil of white. Clotho, which literally means "spinner," was the youngest of the three sisters of Fate, and spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle. Her thread represented human life and her decisions represented the fate of all men in society. In some mythological tales, Clotho is believed to be the daughter of Uranus and Gaea, making her the sister of Saturn. Since Althyk, elder brother of Nymeia, appears closely associated with Saturn himself, this sibling connection is also preserved.
This is an interesting thing to throw into an MMO. Reminds me of choosing your birth sign on TES games.

Does it affect your character stats/growth in any meaningful way?
If they do, I think its a replacement of FFXI's elemental day system, in how they effect the game.
Each diety has an elemental alignment. So I wonder if it has some affect on your character from an elemental standpoint. We should all get an uber Limit Break based upon it... and then lag out in the process.
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