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Full Version: FFXIV: Extended Free Play TIme
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First of all, we would like to thank you for joining us in the realm of Eorzea, and hope you are enjoying your adventures.

Since the official launch of service on September 30, 2010, we have received a wealth of constructive feedback from the FINAL FANTASY XIV community, and the development and management teams would like to take this opportunity to express their sincerest gratitude. For those who purchased the collectorís edition and began to play one week before official service began, the month-long free play period is drawing to a close. Considering the nature of much of the feedback we received, however, and the current state of the game, we have decided to extend the free trial period for all users. Please continue reading for further details.

We would like to assure players that the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV is constantly growing and evolving, and the voices of the community are essential to that process. The development and management teams are carefully considering all player feedback, and working diligently to implement whatever changes and additions will serve to make Eorzea a better home for adventurers. We humbly ask for your continued support to this end.

Today, we have released information regarding forthcoming version updates. For further details, please view the following Lodestone Topics:
・Version Updates Coming Soon! (10/15/2010)
( http://lodestone.fin...m/pl/index.html )
・Ask the Devs! (10/15/2010)
( http://lodestone.fin...6e6fc02b03b1184 )
・Message from the Director (10/15/2010)
( http://lodestone.fin...5f04bf0793632b5 )

Free Trial Extension Details

All users who registered a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account and purchased a character by October 25, 2010 will be eligible.
Character purchases must have been carried out no later than October 25, 2010 at 23:59(PDT).
Accounts terminated due to User Agreement infractions are ineligible for extension.
Holders of multiple service accounts may receive extensions on all accounts.

Extension Period
An additional thirty (30) days, for a combined free trial period of sixty (60) days.

Free trial period end dates and initial billing dates will be automatically extended. Users are not required to take any action.
Extensions will be for a period of thirty days regardless of billing cycle length. Regular billing will begin upon conclusion of the extended free trial.
Should automatic renewal of options be disabled, the free trial will still be extended.
Users notified by automated mail of either the end of their free trial period or the beginning of their billing period will still receive the extension.
Extensions will be processed by the Square Enix Account Management System on or around October 19, 2010. An official announcement will be made at that time.
Information regarding new billing period dates will be available via the Square Enix Account Management System.

YES, another 30 days of free rage time!!!
Well, only for those of us who picked up the game before the 25th.
Hahah, I was just about to post this. When Afroforce told me about this, my first reaction was "Great, I have to play this game for another month?!"

With how the leves work we could probably cap out at level 50 by the time this is over, though. Not that that is necessarily a good thing, but whatevs.

Maybe by that time they'll be able to un-fuck the game into something we want to continue playing?
It will only be playable after the following patch that will fix the stuff that was fine before the update. Then after that patch there will be an additional dozen or so hot fixes and patches fixing the issues that, that patch caused, and by then everyone will have left the game to go play wow with its new expansion.
I won't be leaving for WoW. I'm being positive about these new changes. I like how they actually admitted that they fucked up, too. Good business move, now maybe SE will get their lives right.
Now I can rage on for 30 more days. Seems like they are on the right track, so I'll give them that.

Did you hear about the guy who shut his ffxiv account down and sold his 26 million dollars in Square Enix stock. Uber rage quit.
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