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Almost a year since Mass Effect 2 came out, and I still play it. Can't wait.
This is most likely a dumb question and deep down I probably know the answer but do any of you guys think this is actual footage of the in game engine? I mean I was blown away how amazing the jump in looks was from one to two, so much that when I originally started playing I thought I was watching a CG cutscene until I was prompted by the game that this ain't a godamn cutscene; press A bitch run! save Joker! I mean, I'm sure this was a cutscene but yet part of me is still wondering.

Also I'm hoping they throw some more variety in the games main plot instead of making this a game about recruiting and getting your allies loyalty. I think it's probably why I like 1 more then 2 since it felt better in terms of telling a story compared to just recruiting twoops and doing loyalty missions and whatever random sidequest you stumble on. 1 Felt natural where as 2 felt too deliberate, too methodical.
Out tomorrow! Get hype!

Is anyone going to take the multiplayer seriously in this game?

I played the demo (on xbox) a bit. It seems like there is no scaling of the multiplayer mission objectives/difficulty for the number of players. Unless you are decked out with a full squad of 4 players, the missions are too overwhelming. Its tough but doable with 3 players, but if you have 2 or 1 its pretty much impossible.

I do like the high level of customization they offer, basically the same leveling progression/skill tree that's in the core single player game. They also have a TCG-esque "booster pack" system which you buy with currency earned concurrently with your experience. You open one of the "boosters" and get a random assortment of unlocks: new class/race/gender combos, weapons, armor colors/customizations, powers, etc.

I don't really know how much staying power the multi will have though, it feels like it might end up like Dead Space 2's online component where we play it 3 times and then never think of it again.

Totally hyped to FINISH THE FIGHT though! guns.gif guitarist.gif sniperer.gif
I'm pumped as hell. This past week I even powered through a New Game+ playthrough in ME2 on Insanity to go back and make a final pass at decisions.

I am a bit miffed about how the day 1 DLC was handled. The original announcement for the Collector's Edition said there would be exclusive content. To me, as well as others, that says exclusive in-game items because that is how shit like that has been handled. If they said "Hey you get day 1 DLC for free, valued at $10, that deals with a character that is quite significant to the lore" I would of put my money down for a CE. But, when this announcement of Day 1 DLC CE's are no where to be found. I am not going to get into controversy of Day 1 DLC with people on the net outraged and boycotting the game; which I totally understand the arguments Bioware is trying to nickle and dime. However, I am willing to put out the extra money if I think I am getting a good value, plus my love for the series.

The fact is in order to play all the content on release, with the DLC, it will be $70. So, what is an extra $10 to get the CE goodies, like the soundtrack? I would of gladly payed for one when it was available if I knew the full details of the game content it included. I ended up going with the $12 off and free shipping from Newegg deal like I usually do (since new releases ship Monday and arrives at my door Tuesday), but I would of made an exception here.

But yeah been playing the demo on PC. Mulitplayer is pretty damn fun, I was surprised. Was expecting it to be some last minute thing to in order to gain some of that Gears of War or CoD money. It's still horde mode, but the Mass Effect powers and abilities make it interesting. The only thing in the demo that has me worried about the final release is that a lot of the bugs present in Mass Effect 2 PC version were still present. How does that work, when they have had two games to fix it? Two year development copy pasta? Really hope that shit finally gets fixed in the release. I am skeptical though after the bugs in Dragon Age II demo still being present in release.

Lastly, been reading on NeoGaf of people that have the game early. If you imported your save from ME1 to ME2, when you transfer your save to ME3 you will not have a face code. You will have to recreate your Shepard over again. Also this is the same if you transfer over a New Game+ save and did not do custom appearance. I got screwed over by this for my New Game+, but thankfully my first playthrough of ME2 I had changed my ME1 Shepard's appearance which generated a code I can use in ME3.

Exact details here:
That seems like a serious oversight that the imported save from ME2 does not include the face. Its not a big deal on my man-Shepherd saves because I just used the default face, but I did have a custom lady-Shepherd on a few of them.

Regarding the DLC, yeah it seems like this is a ripoff compared to their previous offerings. Mass Effect 2 had the Cerberus Network included, which was essentially an "online pass" equivalent but ended up with a decent trickling of DLC throughout the year and also had the full Zaeed party member/loyalty mission from Day 1. Similarly Dragon Age 1 and 2 even came with "day 1 DLC" included, so its almost if they set a precedent then screw over their own fans' expectations.

My understanding is there is another "online pass" type deal with ME3, but its to gain access to the multi mode only this time, there won't be any trickle releases or such.
Vitamin D
Really excited to finish up the story with my character, it's been all too epic so far. I'm also interested to do some AT multiplayer bro runs if we get enough people. Though admittedly I didn't try the multiplayer in the demo, only tried the singleplayer stuff. TOO HYPE. CAN'T WAIT!

Sucks that I can't transfer my appearance over though, I hope my Shepard looks a little similar at least haha.

YES WE CAN! (Unite the alliance against the Reapers)
So I wasn't expecting it, but I'm totally hooked on the multiplayer mode. I still think its too damn hard on the bronze level -- its essentially impossible to win with low level characters -- but the character progression and booster pack unlocks are really compelling.
I love the multiplayer. Played so much of it, which why I still have not finished the game. Oh and don't believe Bioware saying you can get the best ending without playing multiplayer. I think a few people who have beaten the game have disproved that. You would have to get 10,000 war assets, which is there is not that many in the game (this what people are saying who have done every side quest).

Have not had any issues with low level teams in bronze except for the final two waves if it is a 3 player game.

So I am playing on Insanity. Insanity is different compared to Mass Effect 2. Easier but more fun. If I die on ME3 I know why I died and it was because I made a mistake. On ME2 it was not really hard they just put shields, barries and armor on everything. In ME2 you are dealing with the dumb AI of your squad getting themselves killed or not listening to your commands or other AI issues with the enemies. It can get real frustrating. The other issue with Insanity on ME2 was that the first half of the game some missions are brutal just because you don't have upgrades. However, once you get the upgrades the game becomes easy as hell.

Insanity on ME3 feels more rewarding to me because the AI is smarter and so is your squad, so you feel great when you handle a bunch of dudes flanking you. The openness of the level design helps too. The only thing is right now I no longer have fear in the game killing me. To the point where I melee Atlases for shits and giggles, and most everything else for that matter. Still fun though that Bioware made melee viable and fun. It just I am destroying and tearing shit up and I have to stop and check to make sure difficulty did not reset to normal, or something, like 20 times a play session.

DLC was decent but totally not worth $10. It's so integrated into the game I don't believe that "it was finished later crap." On the PC version, it turns out, you can go in the config file and activate the DLC character without paying and downloading the DLC because he is already on the disk.

This game is amazing though.
Yeah, I haven't actually touched the single player mode for the last 3 days because I've been so caught up in multiplayer. I started out playing as a vanguard, but that class isn't really for me. You have to spec all your shit into HP/Shields since the class is all about being up in the enemy's face, but I am always greedy and spec towards damage before defense beigelaugh.gif

I switched it up and am playing Sentinel now and I love it, I've specced to get my recast times down as fast as possible, and increase biotic combo damage. So i just Warp > Throw combo myself for massive damage. I also picked up the trick of only carrying one weapon from the people I've played online with, to maximize your recast speed bonus. Currently using the Phaeston assault rifle, but if I can get a better pistol I might switch to that to get even faster recasts.

Playing with a decent team certainly helps, I've been able to clear bronze's with a team of 3 as well as long as we work together. Typical XBL gung-ho COD type players running into the shit and dying like idiots at the lower levels. Now that I'm progressing I'm getting matched with more skilled players so its working out a lot better. We can beat silver missions pretty regularly, although vs reapers its damn near impossible on the final waves.

So is the Galactic Readiness % from multiplayer tied to the single player War Assets or something? I have the earth region at 100% and all the others at 97% currently. I thought it was some kind of persistent world collaborative effort among all players, but I guess its just tied to your individual game.

Also there's an achievement that says something about exporting your multiplayer character as a war asset or importing a ME3 character, what the hell is that talking about?

I beat insanity on ME2, so I'll probably tackle it on this game too. Good to hear its not as bullshit... the missions that gave me the most trouble on ME2 were the collector ones, just certain encounters were so brutal and your team would die in 1 second so you're basically soloing it.

Free Multiplayer DLC Expansion coming out on Tuesday:

New weapons, new maps, and most exciting to me -- New classes!

Batarian! Geth!

Bioware also announced a free DLC "Extended Cut" which will supposedly address people's issues with the shitty ending.

No concrete date, but "This Summer" is the time frame they've given.
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