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So yeah, From Software has revealed "Project Dark" as Dark Souls, which is officially NOT Demon's Souls 2... But we all know it is.

As much as I fucking rage and hate Demon's Souls, I always said I'd gladly play a sequel. This looks damn good, if not just as brutal as its forbearer. Word is they actually have "normal" co-op now too, you can play with your friends, not just random dicks. The world is more open and focused on exploration, and its now multiplatform.

I'm a little tupset that Namco Bandaii is publishing this and not Atlus or Nippon Ichi, for the simple fact that the latter two seem to care more about bringing stuff that the fans actually want. Case in point all the good shit I got when I bought Demon's Souls collectors edition, or the extra shit I get when I buy a Disgaea game. Either way I'm excited and what I think has more excited then the game itself is Crushinators updates and impressions on the game. Comedy Gold if Demons Soul's is any indicator.

Some cool stuff I think she be noted that the developers have stated, the sense of scale and exploration. How there will no longer be a centralized hub and everything will be a giant world now where you journey to your destinations. Think Shadow of the Colossus. You see it in the horizon, you can ride to it and interact with it.

"We want the player to die. One of [my] favorite things to do is to create situations where the player will sort of have no chance." -- Hidetaka Miyazaki The producer of the game.
I think I will set up a live stream of me playing this game when it first comes out, just to capture the rage for posterity.
I am excited. I liked the first game a lot and died a whole lot too. Once you knew or "figured out" a way to bypass a cheap guaranteed death situation, most challenging areas can be finished with ease and can be done even easier with the use of stealth.

Gamescom trailer.

Looks HOT!
I never got around to playing the first one, but I am thoroughly enjoying this. I love hard and challenging games. I cannot compare the difficulty to the first ( most have said this is way harder than the first though), but man this game is brutal. My type of game!

My only issues with the game is the blurry graphics and sometimes enemies AI is wonky to the point where you can exploit it to make fights easier than intended. Like there will be pathing issues or enemies will get stuck in walls or stairs.
QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Oct 5 2011, 10:06 PM) *
I never got around to playing the first one, but I am thoroughly enjoying this. I love hard and challenging games. I cannot compare the difficulty to the first ( most have said this is way harder than the first though), but man this game is brutal. My type of game!

My only issues with the game is the blurry graphics and sometimes enemies AI is wonky to the point where you can exploit it to make fights easier than intended. Like there will be pathing issues or enemies will get stuck in walls or stairs.

For the most part playing the first, you learn the logic the game uses so you better understand how to approach a situation and from what I've heard the logic seems to have carried over into this game. Also, when it comes to this game, using the games faults like such a glitch you stated becomes part of playing the game. It's more of a battle of you versus the game rather you playing a game about some dood who has to do things.
Yeah, any jankyness in the controls and with how the enemies behave is actually a part of the game they deliberately WANT you to exploit.

You have to remember that these games were designed by people who hate gamers.
After about 20 hours of play, and lol, not even scratched the surface (according to reading the forums), I understand what you guys are saying here. I've gotten used to it and actually look for anything I can exploit. A new thing I noticed is the framerate dips below 30 even to sub 20; where it is like a slide show. My eyes have adjusted to the blurriness of the game, but the performance is really bad. I guess that is why the graphics are not better, hard to maintain a decent framerate and still have an open world with 256 mb of video ram. . . Does not hinder combat, but I am spoiled with high-end PC gaming. I like constant smooth framerate.

But man I was up playing all freaking night until noon time when I finally rang the first bell. OMG was it so satisfying when I finally did it because it took a lot of work and death to do. And I hear this part of the game is the easy stuff from what vet Demon's Souls. I got lucky bit later on though because someone invaded me and I managed to kill him, he dropped over 12k souls. I was able to level up by a lot and upgraded a ton of gear. I can now take on most anything encountered so far without much trouble unless I am at a part where the designers are just trolling lol.

This game is excellent though. I am actually enjoying this more than Deus Ex, at the top for GOTY for me. If this game keeps it up I can see it stealing Deus Ex's spot. I am already anticipating playing New Game+ in Dark Souls after I beat it. Whereas Deus Ex did not care so much for playing again.
Finished the game some time ago. It's definately designed with the fact that people will be online looking at FAQs and tips. So much to the point that if you aren't doing so yourself, you'll miss out on a lot of the game content. Invisible bridges, hidden secret worlds behind paintings and inside trees are just to name a few. Keep in mind if you're one to rage quit and punch your grandma in the face, have a strategy guide ready and youtube boss videos handy. If you're playing offline or solo, the game is very punishing. If you play online and invite people to help you, the games a lot more manageable. I didn't bother with the online aspect of the game when I first started, and I am now playing it through again with a fresh character online and the bosses are so much easier when you invite people to help.

I am liking this game to be a lot better then Demon Soul's. It took me about 60 hours to do almost everything in the game and beat it. If you're an action rpg fan, I would say this game is a must buy.

I beat it too. I took my time though. My playtime was 73 hours. But, I never played Demon Souls, I only did online for two bosses at the beginning (Gargoyles and Capra Demon), explored every nook and cranny, and did all the optional bosses/areas. I did not use a guide except when I could not find the next bonfire. Also, I read forum post about people's opinions on bosses, like which ones were giving people a hard time. I knew about the Dragon Sword from a video before the game was released in US, so I got that (not much use because I was DEX build Thief). Lastly, I did no farming for souls.

I know I had a harder time than most at the start because I used the first firekeep soul instead of giving it to the NPC. So for most of the game I had gimped healing. Also, I killed the first blacksmith because when I accidentally hit R2 with my leg while I was talking to him, he went hostile. I ended up killing him because I did not know about the NPC that lets you pay to make NPCs friendly again because I had not killed the Gargoyles yet. So, I could not do much upgrading for most of the game.

The part I literally got stuck for 20 hours was Sen's Fortress. This place gave me a hard time. It's not really hard though. It just trolls you with beginner's traps if you are going through it blind. Then punishes you hard for rushing through because you think you've mastered a section of it from the sheer repetition. I was punching walls and screaming at this part. Does not help that the stretch to the next bonfire is quite longer than anything before. After several hours of trying I would take a break by working on Sif for 4 hours (the run back is the main source of frustration here because its quite long, not really any enemies just a stupid run back).

After Sen's Fortress I found the last quarter of the game was oddly easier than what came before, mostly after beating Ornstein and Smough. It's seems the last portions of the game just hands it to you. For instance, there seems to be bonfires every couple of rooms. The last few bosses are push overs, with one boss even saving your progress when you die. To be fair, I found the challenge of this to be just right for me though. I was actually having a lot more fun. I just find it odd because the game was quite grueling, along with trolling the hell out of you, until then. Intentionally, or did I finally learn the game?

Ornstein and Smough is my favorite boss fight. A lot of people claim this is the hardest fight in the game. I did not find it too tough, just more a battle of attrition. You have to know when to attack and when to dodge by taking your time.

Knowledge is key in this game. I started NG+ and I'm blazing through it because I know what to do.

Definitely my favorite game this year.
I haven't been able to put as much time into this game as I've liked, certainly not as much as you guys seem to, but over the last few days I finally feel like I've started making some real progress.

I started as a thief character, been focusing on a DEX build. I was stuck for what felt like FOREVER after having beaten the gargoyles and ringing the first bell because I just couldn't figure out what to do next.

I had a lot of trouble with the Capra Demon fight, but I finally beat him 2 days ago and was able to move on into the deeper parts of the sewers... I used a shortcut behind one of the butchers and was able to kill the giant rat from above... but having skipped a large part of the sewers I was totally lost trying to find my way out. Then FUCK ME I fell down one of the holes and panicked when I saw those frog monster things. Got cursed, died and lost half my HP permanently, so I had to spend time grinding up 6000 souls just to buy the item to un-curse myself.

After several hours of being lost in the sewer I finally figured it out and was able to get to the gaping dragon battle. I summoned another player and the NPC knight guy and beat it on my first try, feels good man! After this I was feeling bold so I went back to the forest and was able to take down the big butterfly. Then I proceed to fall down the middle of the tower and humiliate myself...

So I delve deeper into the sewers and proceed to Blight Town... FUCK THIS AREA. The stuff of nightmares... I hate the weird angled catwalks and asshole monsters running at you from all over the place. I saw a treasure that Naba had tipped me off might be a katana that's good for my character, so I make a running leap at it and... miss. But i fall somewhere else and land way below so maybe I got a shortcut? Who knows, but I'm lost as fuck. So I keep making my way down and find a bonfire, then continue down and end up in this poison-ass swamp surrounded by bugs. "I can't take this..."

So I reach out to Naba, my go-to guy for Dark Souls advice... he tells me to keep going in the swamp and I'll eventually find another bonfire. PRAISE THE SUN, I find it. I'm feeling more confident, so I go across the swamp and take on the big ass spider bitch. Beat her the first attempt too keeping her at range with my arrows.

Then I made my way into the lava area behind her and was able to vanquish the Ceaseless Discharge (which sounds like some STD) after 2 tries. Then I went exploring in the open lavabed and got raped repeatedly by the (now apparently common enemy status) capra demon just hanging out down there.

Maybe this story isn't so interesting now that I've put it down in writing, but I fucking love this game. I haven't really felt this true sense of adventure since... well since Demon's Souls. It's even better in Dark Souls since it's one contiguous world. I love finding shortcuts and seeing how areas are connected relative to each other, and the sense of tension when going through a new area for the first time. Way scarier than any "horror" game ever tried to be.

Skyrim has to be pretty fucking grand to eke out GOTY for me over this title.
So I just started playing, rolled as a knights dood. Figure this time I'm just gonna be physical instead of the pussy thief I usually play and plinking doods with arrows and spells. Got out of the asylum without much trouble, when down stairs to some cave looking ruins area with narrow bridges.

Read a message about ghost and decided fuck that, ghosts are scary and went back up to explore the other place. Inside Old Berg now and just took a nap at the first bonfire with the merchant.
You said you have no internet right? Because they nerfed the 1st playthrough. So I would totally recommend to people that pick the game up now or in the future to disable internet on their systems. You know to at least try the game with it's unaltered difficulty.
Ah dang. Didn't know. I'm back home now so I do have internet again. Still though, wouldn't me being invaded and people dumping trash items to make extra bad doods still make it just as hard if not harder? I heard that there was something people could do to make your playthrough even harder by dropping some kind of stone or sign or something.
Yeah for the dropping item thing, but I could never get that to work right. I think I only ran in one item mob the whole time, and I've playthrough the game several times now. Staying human people can invade you in the areas you have not defeated a boss. If you want people to invade you constantly, my tip would be stay human and join one of the PVP oriented Covenants.

Main thing that was nerfed was enemy HP and their damage. Also Master Key is useless as a perk since you can buy it now. Not that you need the Master Key honestly. The only reason you would want it is if you want to skip most of Blightown, but you miss some good items if you do that.
So I've been playing the game a bit more "cereal" this time around. I must have fought like 6 bosses already? Pretty nice amount I think considering how much time I've put into the game. Beat that first minotaur dood on the bridge without much problem, of course I summoned random doob and he helped out big time. I didn't realize there was a ledge that I could have gone up on and done the jumping attack on him till after I beat him. Anyway proceeded onward ran into the dragon on the bridge, and went around to the bottom and avoided him for the moment. Housed that black knight at the top of the stare case in the beginning of Undead Parish and got his Greatsword. Summoned an NPC dood to help me fight these two gargoyle guys on the roof and owned them. Got a nice looking helmet too. Now I decided to go back and kill the dragon on the bridge, Demon's Souls style by stocking up on arrows and hitting him in the face. Got a pretty cool one handed sword which has made the game WAY easier. Killed him and got this pretty cool greatsword. the Claymore lying on the bridge.

Went into the forest and killed a huge butterfly. Then I did some more exploring and killed some blackknight guarding a bonfire area that lead to the dragon valley and got his spear. Exploring the dragon area I ran into what appeared to be dead looking dragon with some items near him. Now if demons soul has taught me anything it's that the dragon is anything but dead. So I chanced it and picked up the two items. Got some magical sword and a cool shield and died in the process.

So I decided to go back and explore the forest some more, see some crazy looking regi-ice looking doods and kill then get sniped by some crazy lochness monster hydra thing in the swamp. Respawn and decided to explore the tower near the regiice looking doods and continue to get one hit killed by the dood guarding the tower like a billion times untill I finally realized how easy he was to backstab. Got his ring which is super sweet on my tanky knight character. Explore lower regions of undead berg, save some magician and beat the Capra demon on my first try. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I was exploring the graveyard area behind firelink shrine. Everything was going good until I head into the lower catacombs area with the floating skulls and the skeletons I killed started coming back to life. (fuck this shit) ran the fuck out of there.

So now I don' know where to go.
Those catacombs are scary as shit and godamn skeletons are tough and keep coming back to life.
Londo ruins is scary as shit and has ghosts.
Dragon valley has a huge ass undead zombie dragon blocking my way forward(area is pretty hard too but not as scary as the other two)

I was thinking of just stocking up on arrows and killing the dragon like I did the other one. I dunno. Having a blast though.
You need to go into the Sewers and head to Blighttown to ring the 2nd bell. Then "The Real Dark Souls Begins". Go to the area before the bridge with the red dragon you shot to get the Drake sword (where the Sun Knight was), you can go to the left and descent down to an area that should take you to the sewers.

Keep pushing down through the sewers and you'll get to a big open area/underground ruins where you'll fight a big ass dragon (not too hard just keep away from his charges and stab him in the ass, bring an NPC and some player helpers), then you'll get the key to open a gate to blight town.

Descend to the bottom of blight town and cross the swamp and you'll find a cave filled with spider webs, kill the boss there and you'll be able to ring the 2nd bell. Then it will be time to move on to new areas. New Londo and the Valley of the drakes are probably too hard to explore at this point for you.

Since you got that magic sword from the undead dragon, you can use that to fight the skeletons, since its divine enchanted when you kill a skeleton with it, they'll die permanently. Use a jumping attack (up+R2) with the sword and it will cause them to CRUMBLE so they can't get an attack in, just keep jump attacking them and they'll be crumble-locked. Its a pain in the ass, but if you go to the bottom of the Catacombs and beat the boss, you'll get an item that lets you kindle bonfires 2 times, so you can carry 15 estus flasks.
So in the continuing Bizzle adventures in the world of Dark Soul's. I have been dying a lot. First off, I finally got around to beating the Capra Demon(Did it on my first try, don't see what all the fuss about him was about) and made my way into the sewers. Got raped by two people who invaded my game, and beat the Giant sewer rat in the most unbelievable easy fight ever. Found a shortcut to him, got a shield and sniped him with arrows. Was doing some exploring and fell down some hole with some crazy looking frog doods who proceed to curse and kill me. Bought the uncurse stone from the lady in the shortcut to the swamp(who I later realized overcharged my ass) and decided to do some more exploring. Killed the Hydra in the lake,(like a boss) and was surprised at how easy he was then went up the water fall and sniped some crazy looking werewolf cats and a bunch of annoying ass NPCs and got the Stone Golem armor set. I saw some fat cat sitting on a window who at the time I didn't know was an NPC and thought it was a statue. So I went next to it to read a message that was written under it and was scared shitless when it started talking.

I didn't understand what the fuck he was saying at the time and said no and now it seems like I can never join the forest covenant. So I shot an arrow at it, and he disappeared in my rage I picked a fight with a giant mushroom who I made a lot of effort to avoid before and was surprised when he one shotted me while I was blocking with full stamina.

went back to the valley of the drakes and killed the zombie dragon and proceeded to make my way into blight town. I gave up about halfway down the ladders since I was low on health and out of Estus and decided to go back to the Firelink shrine. Went back to the undead asylum and got a ring to run around freely in water and was surprised when I fell down to the bottom level and the asshole first boss killed me with some over powered AoE attack. After a couple of retries I fin ally managed to overwhelm him then went back to firelink shrine and decided to fight the golem dood in water basin with the ring. When I killed him he transformed into a girl and I was pleasantly surprised. Feeling more emboldened I decided to venture into in catacombs with the sword I found by the zombie dragon and have been making some good progress. Made it to the 2nd bonfire and have died a shitload of times to the titanite demon down there. Made it all the way to the bottom of the valley and was flattened by the great axe wielding black knight. Right now, my goals is to join the Gravelord Covenant or the Covenant with the cool ass Skeletor armor as soon as possible. Stopped playing around there.
I can't believe you beat the capra demon on your first try. What soul level are you at? That guy raped me 5 ways from sunday, I was stuck there for a few days throwing myself at him :(
I was level 20 ish when I took him on. I'm now level 47 ish. Just recently beat the gaping dragon. I managed to hit Rank two in the Gravelord Covenant, now I'm trying to get into the Darkwraith Covenant. I killed the NPC in new londo ruins and and killed Great Wolf Sif and got his ring. Now I just gotta kill the 4 kings which shouldn't be too bad at my level.

It's annoying that everyone online seems to use some kind of Lightning based weapon, really pisses me off cause they kill me in like 4 hits, and my internet connection in the barracks is pretty crappy. =/
Did you already beat Ornstein and Smough?
For my and my broken XBox's sake! D:
Apparently this petition has actually gotten Namco's attention too. PC port is actually a possibility!

Would love to play this game at a constant 60 fps.
Looks like PC version is on the way in August. It will feature new bosses.
PC trailer! OMG so stoked. New bosses! I played this game a ton this past weekend and I realized it's my favorite game of all time.

New bosses look cool. Hopefully its on steam at a reasonable price.
This is about to unlock on Steam. And man! I am excited all over again. Would never think I would be this pumped to play a game that I already played almost a year ago. I will have impression on new content soon!
Just got to the new content. So impression once I complete it.

In the meantime some screenshots. It's a shame these textures went to waste on the console version because of the insane blurriness to keep framerate somewhat stable.

Where is the new content located? Is it like shoehorned in the middle of the game so its part of normal progression, or do you have to do some side mission deal?
It's like a side thing, kind of like Painted World. You can do new content after you place the Lordvessel. I still have the last boss to beat and the optional boss to beat, but man is the DLC very good. The content is about 10 hours long, but I am at about 15 hours or more on it since the stuff is very challenging ( I still skipped a lot of items) It like adds so much to the lore and answers more about the Dark Souls story. The whole mystery aspect that is ever present with the world of Dark Souls opens up more questions in this DLC; in a good way. I am left wanting to see more of this world.

From Software claims they are not doing another Souls game next. However, supposedly there is a hint to the next Souls game buried somewhere. I would hope the next game, if they do one, is a direct sequel because there is a lot here I still want to explore. Maybe more DLC is the route?

The the content has a ton of stuff in it, and stuff that has not be discovered since the game just came out. Hell, if you do the content before a certain boss and find a specific secret, it changes a cutscene in the main game: not in a way that just adds different colored fireworks sniperer.gif . Who knows what other stuff like this is present.

On top of that you have Arena style PVP matchmaking with leaderboards. You can view the top players' equipment and builds too via the leaderboards. Nifty!

My impression on the bosses? They are amazing, and hard as hell. I would argue they are much harder than anything in the main game.

So for other things about the game. This is actually Patch 1.06. So there are some gameplay changes.

Like they nerfed the Ninja Flip ring (Dark Wood Grain Ring). Before you it lowered weight requirements by like 50% so you can get fast role at 50% weight and flip around. Now you have to be 25%, which means some build will have to go well over 40 endurance. I was so shocked when I got the ring that I thought the game was glitched.

Bunch of items nerfed in damage and even Greatsword swing speed is slower.

Backstabs do less damage.

Overall it feels like the game is slightly harder. Like they tweaked the AI or something. Like they seem to mix up their attacks a lot more and not have as much path issues that you can exploit. This was very noticeable on Ornstein and Smough for me. I just could not beat these dudes. It took longer than my first playthrough on PS3. It was just something different about their attack mix-up and I could not cheese them with the pillars as much. I mean I have one shotted these dude so many times, even as early as two weeks ago when I did a new playthough on PS3 in preparation of PC release. I even spent 2 hours wiping on Gargoyles. I dunno something with the AI just feels different.

Other things. Backstabs seem more responsive. Like no more of that you are behind an enemy yet it swings for some reason because you were a pixel off.

My favorite gamplay change though, is they added more warp points. Basically, every major area has a warp point now like the Undead Perish by the Blacksmith; even the Painted World (cannot warp out still though). Very good quality of life change here.

About performance, the elephant in the room. The game is locked at 30 frame per second. Any attempts to raise the frame rate to 60 causes the game to speed up twice as fast. The good news is areas like Blighttown do not drop in frames if you have a good computer. Smooth Blighttown is all I wanted, and I got it.

To get those better looking textures in my pictures requires a simple mod that allows you to increase the Internal Rendering Resolution. Shows off the great work the artist put into those texture but were hidden behind the blurry lower resolution of the console version. Yup the HD textures were always there, just rendered in a lower resolution so performance could be stable. But yeah, there are details in the enemies I never thought were there before. It's amazing to see in motion.

Even without the texture mod, it seems the draw distance is a lot greater on PC though.

Lastly, I have run into a couple hackers. One of them was clearly bot and in area of the game you cannot access, like on a rooftop you cannot jump onto on. So have to be careful when invading or being invaded. However, most of the people are total noobs. Like seriously, playing PS3 was hardcore. If you got invaded or invaded someone there was a good chance you will be destroyed. Here 90% of the people are new it seems. Which is good, in my opinion, it makes the game feel fresh. Since people are using messages and co-oping, it felt like Day 1 all over again back when the PS3 version was released.

Overall the game is worth it with the new content and better performance. This is the best version of the game. Also, you can find the game under $30 with discount promos on Green Man Gaming. I heard a few direct2drive places had it for $21.
SOunds pretty cool, no level 10 tweeked the fuck out dooods invading your shit and killing you in the first stage. Kinda Upset my PS3 broke before I could beat this game. I was at the last boss too and he was beating the shit out of me. :(
I didn't know there was arena-type multiplayer. So you can actually matchmake with specific opponents, not just randoms/invaders?
You can match make with your friends somehow. Not sure on all the details but it puts you in a lobby waiting area and when you want to join a match you stand on a trap door. Basically if you want to play with a friend you have them stand on the trap door across from you. There are two arena stages. You can do 1v1, 2v2 and 4 player free-for-all. Really good feature. Since a lot of what keeps this game going is the PVP. Finally, brackets and leaderboards are split by level ranges.
So I totally loved Demon's Souls and was super excited for the spiritual successor Dark Souls. However, I think the gods are some how intervening to make sure I never beat this game or that I perpetually play it, fruitlessly trying to beat it.

So as some of you may or may not know I'm in the military. When Dark Souls was first released I was in Florida for some training. I had pre-purchased the special edition off of amazon months ago. However it was to be delivered to my home on record at New Jersey. So unless you have a permanent place of residence off base, it's usually a hassle getting mail in the military. I eventually received my copy about a month later. I was thoroughly enthralled with the game, I would have to put it down for extended periods of time due to field ops training and a lot of moving around. Somehow during my last move my PS3 was damaged and was no longer able to do anything.

I send it in to sony to get it repaired and also lose all saved data on my harddrive.
Oh well, I say to myself I'm pretty familiar with what I'm doing in that game. Shouldn't be too hard to get to where I last left off. Finally today I was just about 2 bosses shy from where I left off previously and lo and behold we randomly lose all power on base. When the power finally comes back on I find out that my saved file is corrupted and needs to be deleted.

WHAT!?WHY!? I say to myself. I was totally mad bro. Now I'm just feeling vexxed. In a couple of weeks I'll be heading to Japan and totally won't be able to beat the game by that time. Guess I'll just have to wait till I get to Japan before I can beat it.
My uncle that works for Nintendo says they're up to Dark Souls 4 in Japan. You can probably play the new one when you're there!
You know PS3 + membership is looking more and more appealing for Cloud data services alone.
Also I canceled my Xbox Gold Membership.
You know PS3 + membership is looking more and more appealing for Cloud data services alone.
Also I canceled my Xbox Gold Membership.
Not that I disagree with your choice, because XBL's gold pricing is quickly losing its value, but XBL does have cloud saves too, and you get 512 MB of storage compared to the 150 MB you get on PS3.

Really though, MS really needs to step up their game on XBL Gold. With the free games, launch-day discount prices, and day-1 digital releases for retail games, PSN+ is really outshining XBL Gold.

MS keeps adding shitty features like facebook, twitter, bing... then scaling them back and taking them away. They're adding a bit more value in the discounts lately, but its buried under tons of advertising so its hard to even find new releases or shit that's on sale. The best thing MS ever did on XBL was 1 vs 100, a truly innovative use of XBL's platform delivering live and compelling content... and of course they axed it and never followed up or built on the idea.

I still feel that the xbox matchmaking, friends list, messaging, and party system are superior to PSN's, but with how burdened the rest of the Xbox experience is becoming on the dashboard next gen is going to be make or break for XBL compared to PSN.
Yea I don't understand that shit, I know microsoft is making mad money with all those fucking ads, so why the fuck do they keep jewing me with the fucking Xbox gold membership. Honestly I feel like PS+ is way worth more then Gold for the simple fact that you actually get free shit. Although dumb shit, its still better then no shit, imho:)

Plus last time I logged in shit just felt cumbersome and unintuitive. Plus Xbox headsets always suck.
Im so close, I can feel it! I'm close to beating the game! By the gods!
actually with PS+ you get 1gig. but more importantly double dragon neon!
anyways whats so good about this game when i ask my friend google it sounds dumb.
You didn't have to google much, this thread has a pretty good amount of info, but I don't blame you if you don't like it. It's pretty narrow in the market audience this game is targeting. You either like it or you don't. This game pisses me off as much as I love it.

But yeah, 1 boss away from the last boss and 4 trophies away from platinum, so close!
I didn't realize that this game has hidden audio files on its disks for story content that was never released. Ergo, if you haven't checked out the Dark Souls Lore video on youtube, it uses the in-game clues and audio dialogues (hidden and spoken) to piece together a nice rendition of the games back story and lore. Check it out.
Thanks for posting that link. I had seen it on twitter before but didn't have time to watch it and I wasn't able to locate the vid again.

I've beaten Dark Souls a jillion times at this point, but it's still my go to game, I just can't stop playing new builds! I also love fucking with the game order by sequence breaking and doing invasions on low level areas.

I know it's time to quit playing now that I'm putting stupid restrictions/challenges on myself beyond what the game itself presents... haha.

I'm playing a "onebro" character, staying at SL1 Pyromancer through the whole game to see if I can beat it. At Sen's fortress now, it's going pretty well and its a nice challenge to focus on really low level equipments and sequence breaking to upgrade for an advantage on boss fights, you need every edge you can get.

I'm also doing this COMPLETELY retarded "Belmont" build I read about, where you only use whips, no shield, and use throwing knives (daggers) and firebombs (holy water) for a Castlevania Dark Souls experience. It's fucking retarded and hilarious, the whip is so shitty and not being able to block is a huge pain in the ass.

There's no singular game I've enjoyed more than Dark Souls this last console generation, Dark Souls 2 can't come soon enough for me.
Oddies da Nerfed
You still need a Calamity ring run as well. "Doubles damage taken by the wearer" Enjoy!
Yeah, fuck that. Although I did finally beat both Manus and Kalmeet. Manus is way harder IMO but Kalmeet takes a long time because of how much HP he has, so you have more time to make a mistake and fuck up.
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