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Full Version: Guardian Heroes in HD!
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Vitamin D
One of my favorite games of all time... OF ALL TIME (Thanks, Kanye), Guardian Heroes is getting an HD re-release this Fall on XBLA. It has a few added bells and whistles too, like a few extra modes and of course, online play.

I effing adore this game, and it's always exciting to have an old favorite more readily available. God knows how much this game must go for on E Bay these days. Now I can build a shrine for my Saturn copy! I love you Sega. I love you Treasure.

NO FUCKING WAY!! I'm stoked. It's also one of my top favorite games. Can you imagine HD sprites??? I think I need to invest in a fight pad now since its the only way to play this game.

EDIT: OK I found some screens on NeoGAF and the filter they have on it looks bad.
What the hell kind of filter is that? Made me think they were poorly doctored deviantART uploads. beigeconfused.gif
It's great that a lot of these "collectors item" type rare old games are getting DLC rereleases. I've played GH a few times, but never got to really dig into it back in that day, so this HD remake is welcomed with open arms.

(Release dragon force 2 next!)
Guardian heroes is one of the best FUCKING games ever. I mean really, I am so glad I bought that game. I dunno why I got it, but I just bought it for whatever reason. It's a primary reason why my Sega Saturn still works to this day, so I can fire up Guardian Heroes (and Panzer Dragoon Saga). Online multiplayer gameplay would be the great.

I remember playing that game initially and not being able to beat it. I eventually learned the strategies to the characters and was eventually able to beat the game on Hard mode consistently. Understanding that some characters weren't that balanced as others helped a lot, and that Hans gets the uber sword that gives him like +20 levels really helps a lot.

Sweet ass memories.
HD gameplay.

Oddly, this shows HD sprites but it doesn't have that stupid looking filter in those screenshots in the neogaf thread. Now I'm impressed.
Vitamin D
HEL YEH! Comes out next month, October 12th.

Vitamin D
Yeah so this just released today. I had forgotten until I saw something about it on Joystiq. Anyway, buy it NOW.

I first played classic mode and ran through it with Randy. It was essentially the same great game with updated graphics. That filter from before? Yeah it's still that, but it's not nearly as bad in motion. I also noticed a LOT of added sound effects and voice clips, it's a nice touch. I played with a Madcatz Fightpad, and it was quite literally JUST like playing it on Saturn (with some button configuration of course).

What separates this version though is the "Remix Mode". Essentially, it's Guardian Heroes with some really cool added gameplay mechanics. Donkey and I played earlier in this mode and it's incredible! So what's different?

- You can effing airdash. It really adds a lot to the gameplay, and is just damn cool.
- All characters have 100 MP. To balance this change, all attacks recover your MP, not just combos. It actually works out excellently.
- Back dashes now are a single button press. In the original it was holding one button then pressing another, pretty convenient.
- Attacks are broken up into light, medium, and hard. Within these moves are all the moves of the original, and I think a couple are new moves.
- Unfortunately, you can't gain expereince juggling dead enemies in this mode. A shame, that was always fun haha.
- There's this thing where enemies will be surrounded by a burst of some kind when they block correctly sending everyone in different directions. I THINK it can be done by the player too.

I think there's a few more, but from the time we played these were the most apparent changes. Also, the game seemed harder, as enemies seemed to deal out more damage than before. Donkey and I had to pour stats into Vitality to finish the playthrough haha.

Overall, for $10, I'd say this is one of the best deals on XBLA. It's a timeless game that fans of the original can't be without, and anyone who never played it should definitely try it out. trophy.gif
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