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So after a shitload of leaks earlier today (by Kotaku of all places? WTF?), IW and #fourzerotwo officially confirmed MW3, and showed the reveal trailer early because the cat's already out of the bag.

Lots of leaks regarding the campaign story, but I've avoided them to keep it fresh.

The multiplayer (supposedly) has 20 maps in the list, although some could be DLC. Map names point to locales such as Mogadishu, Brooklyn, Paris, and others.

Spec Ops mode is back, HEL YEH, along with a "horde" survival type mode.

I'm officially all aboard the hype train, damn the torpedoes, even if IW is a shell of what it was before... I fucking love me some Modern Warfare.

Casual Bro Gamer status: confirmed.
After the lackluster release of black ops, it only makes sense to relax a bit on this one and gamefly it before you game-buy it.

Just sayin.
Ugly logo is ugly.

WW3 uh-uh-uh-uh.
And so it begins.... Activision will be adding a subscription based "Elite" program to MW3 this fall.

Details released in a Wall Street Journal article earlier today:

Short version from the Gamasutra article:

Activision is planning Call Of Duty Elite, a subscription-based service for console gamers to launch alongside Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this November, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ report notes that Activision "plans to charge a monthly subscription fee for the service, which will provide extra content that isn't offered on game discs sold in stores, including downloadable map packs that give players new Call of Duty levels to play."

According to the available information, the monthly cost will be less than other online subscription services such as Netflix, which charges $7.99, and "portions of the service will be free".

The service will be billed separately to existing hardware company-charged subscriptions such as the multiplayer enabling Xbox Live Gold, or the more content-specific PlayStation Plus service.

The article also cites Jamie Berger, Activision's vice president of digital for Call of Duty, as saying the company has "seven million daily players of the game who spend, on average, about seven full days a year playing the game against others online."

Gamasutra was also briefed on Activision's plans for Call Of Duty Elite. A larger article on the service, which is announced just ahead of next week's key E3 trade show in Los Angeles, will debut in the near future.

From what it sounds like, they are providing a social site/stat tracking not unlike what Bungie has for Halo at (which is provided free of charge); DICE's Battlefield games/community site are another similar example, and Brink from Splash Damage will also be rolling out a free stat-tracking page this coming week as well.

The subscription will also include the DLC map packs and seems to indicate additional campaign and/or Spec Ops levels as well.

No pricing at this time, but it was said "they expect the cost to be less than fees for comparable online-entertainment services, such as a $7.99-a-month Netflix Inc. movie subscription."

You don't need to pay the subscription or any additional fees to play the standard online multiplayer.

I guess we'll get the grand perspective at E3 next week.

Is this the beginning of the end for COD, or is it just the start of a terrible new era of monetization?

Spec Ops: Survival full reveal trailer.

Basically HORGUE MORGUE COD style. You get money, you buy upgrades, you get attacked by the JUGGANAUT BITCH and EXPLODING FUCKING DOGS. buttrock.gif

Looks like it has its own progression with XP and unlocks, I think it will be a good way for people who don't enjoy (read: suck at) MW competitive multiplayer to still have fun online.
Multiplayer Reveal:

Also the supposed leaked perks and killstreaks:

‘+’ = With pro added

Tier 1
Extreme Conditioning – Sprint longer distances + Climb obstacles faster
Sleight Of Hand – Reload faster + Faster weapon swapping
Scavanger – Reload ammo from bags + Spawn with more ammo
Blind Eye – Undetectable from air support + Faster launcher lock on and extra damage to air support
Recon – Explosive damage marks target on HUD + Bullet damage marks target on HUD

Tier 2
Hardline – One less kill for Killstreak + Two assists count as a kill towards next killstreak (Like)
Assassin – Immune to UAV, Motion Sensor, Thermal and Heartbeat Sensor + Immune to CUAV & EMP
Overkill – Two primary weapons + Second primary can have 2 attachments
Quickdraw – Faster aim down sights + Faster animation of using equipment and throwing grenade
Blastshield – Flack Jacket (Immune to most explosives) + Immune to stuns and flashes

Tier 3
Sitrep – Enemy equipment is visible + Enemy footsteps are more clear
Dead Silence – Your footsteps are silent + No fall damage
Stalker – Faster movement with ADS + Delay on claymores
Marksman – ID target from range + Longer hold breath on scoped weapons
Steady Aim – Increased hip fire accuracy + Faster aim down sight while sprinting

There are 3 Seperate killstreak tiers, you have to choose which tier you want to choose you’re 3 killstreaks from, but if you choose the last tier, you just get exactly what it says.

Assault Tier Killstreaks:
4 Kills – Care Package
5 Kills – IMS – 3 or 4 placeable landmines that cannot be stunned or flashed
5 Kills – Predator Missile
5 Kills – Sentry Gun
6 Kills – Precision Airstrike
7 Kills – Attack Helicopter
7 Kills – Little Bird Flock – Mini Helicopters which patrol the map
9 Kills – Little Bird Guard – Big Helicopter that follows you from above and protects you
9 Kills – Mortar team – Mortar team but with 5 predator missiles – all go off at the same time in different places
10 Kills – Talcon – Mini Tank Robot
12 Kills – AC130 (We cheer!)
12 Kills – Pavelow
15 Kills – Juggernaught Suit – From spec Ops ( For anyone who says in the spec ops video he gets it at 14 kills, well thats because he has hardline on)
15 Kills – Osprey Gunner Cps – You control a chopper gunner that also drops an emergency airdrop for your team mates.

Support Tier Killstreaks:
4 Kills – UAV
5 Kills – Counter UAV
5 Kills – Ballistic Duffel – Drop Juggernaught perk for the whole team, not jugg suit
5 Kills – Airdrop Trap – Drops a hacked care package
8 Kills – Sam Turret
10 Kills – Remote [Missile] UAV – Target enemies with missiles
12 Kills – Advanced UAV – Blackbird
12 Kills – Remote Turret – Sentry Gun that you can control
12 Kills – Stealth Bomber
18 Kills – EMP
18 Kills – Juggernaught Recon Armour – Care Package Drop Armour
18 Kills – Escort Airdrop – Same as the Osprey Gunner but you dont control the gunner or chopper and Drops 5 care packages, one will be hacked

Specialist Tier Killstreaks (you have the opportunity to choose the perk each time):
2 Kills – You get 1 extra perk
4 Kills – Get another perk
6 Kills – Get another perk

Another thing is that the killstreaks will cycle through in the same life, so you dont have to die to reset your killstreaks and get your first killstreak again.

And deathstreaks are back...

Juiced [Lightweight] – 4 Deaths
Martyrdom – 4 Deaths
Final Stand – 4 Deaths
Revenge (Last person that killed you is always visible on your mini map) – 5 Deaths
Stopping power for one kill – 5 Deaths
Dead Mans Hand (You run around with c4 in your hand (suicide bomber)) – 6 Deaths
Details of the CoD Elite subscription service have been revealed.

PR blob regarding the benefits follows:

  • First, subscribers will get a year's worth of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 3. That is over 20 pieces of new content, he says, spooled out over monthly content drops. That content will include new maps, new game modes and more, with a total cost of over $60 if purchased separately.
  • Call of Duty Elite subscribers will have access to daily and weekly competitions and events, which will offer both real and virtual prizes.
  • Subscribers will be able to level up their clans in competition (though simply creating or joining a clan is still a free option).
  • Subscribers will have "eight times" more video sharing capacity than standard users.
  • Subscribers will have access to "expert strategy and analysis," including tips on guns, maps, and perks, which Hirshberg said would be updated and maintained by "real humans."
  • And finally, subscribers will get to watch "Elite TV," a service of "premium episodic entertainment" themed around Call of Duty. None of that content is yet created, but Hirshberg suggested that two shows would begin the service: "Friday Night Fights," produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, which will pit real life rivals (like Democrats and Republicans or policemen and firefighters) against each other in Call of Duty matches; and "Noob Tube," a series produced by Will Arnett and Jason Bateman that will feature the stars "smack talking" over user-created videos from the game.

The other stuff like TV shows and online video stuff isn't too appealing, but given that I'll probably bite at all the map packs anyways (@ $15 a pop 4x this year) I'll probably get this anyway.

All these features are in addition to the stat tracking, clans, heatmaps, and such that are free for all MW3 players.

The Hardened Edition of the game has also been detailed, biggest feature being it comes with a full year of CoD Elite. It's priced at $99, so paying $40 more for the game to get the $50 subscription I'm going to buy anyway seems like a good deal.


I got wood.
I am not impressed but will probably still buy the damn game.
Good, you better. No one else in AT seems interested besides me. :|


Yes, I'm excited for this.

Yes, I'm anticipating playing this WAY more than BF3.

Yes, I'm a degenerate bro gamer.

Yes, I'm buying the Elite "subscription".

Maybe I am what's wrong with gaming.
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