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Full Version: Gears of War 3
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GEAHS OF WAH! Time to finish the fight, beards till the end. Who is getting this game tonight/tomorrow?


Ice-T as a playable character!

I'm in on the midnight launch tonight and I'll be playing it a lot over this week. Honestly I'm most excited for the new changes to Horde Mode, the progressive upgrades to your character, building barricades, boss waves and shit... intense!

Horde Mode Preview:

Wtf, this game is coming out already? I'm stuck here with no internet and no Xbox. :(
Did a marathon 10 hour game COOP with Naba yesterday and beat it on hardcore diff. On thing that's really impressive is the drop-in drop-out multiplayer, Donkey joined us partway through the game and it doesn't even stop a hitch when another player comes in, it just places them as one of the 4 playable characters without a single change, pretty amazing.

Multiplayer quick matches work the same, too. You can just dive into a match already in progress so you aren't stuck waiting for a free spot in a finished match.

This is a damn GG.
So how's the story? Is it as brotastic as the last two? Should I care about anybody? SHould I be getting drunk right before I'm about to stand post? Why do they call them apple jacks if they don't taste like apples?
The story is surprisingly fleshed out. Like within the first 5 minutes of the game it actually wraps up some lingering questions like "why the fuck was Marcus Fenix in jail at the beginning of this series?" and "WTF happened to his dad?". It has some serious bro moments with Cole Train and Dom, and the best part is it actually ENDS, no bullshit "dun dun dun" kind of shit. There are still some questions you have about the Gears universe as a whole which can be explored in other games, spinoffs, etc, but the whole story began in GoW1 is nicely wrapped up.

BROTHERS TO THE END. That's all I have to say.
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