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Full Version: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
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A ton of hot multiplatform games are coming out this holiday season, but I think Uncharted 3 is really the only PS3 exclusive to stand out. But god damn it stands out well.

I didn't get a chance to get on the multiplayer beta, but i guess there's some Subway "play it early if you eat our shitty sandwiches" promo? Have any of you guys given it a shot?
Yeah I've tried. The multiplayer is decent. I was pleasantly surprised. Map design is really good, quite vertical, that makes better use of the Uncharted climbing and mechanics compared to Uncharted 2. It's not just run and gun with taking cover. Perks are interesting; like the scarab attack one lol.
So I beat the game, like two days ago. Great game. I wasn't as impressed with this game as I was with 2 but it was still a solid game. I've yet to really sink my teeth into the multiplayer since we don't get any internet service round here but I don't think this game would be my GOTY for 2011. Arkham City has it beat imo.
I have not started it yet. Maybe tomorrow? LOL! Was playing the hell out of Battlefield 3 and lots of Dark Souls (New Game+) and then I played through Kirby (sucks this game is getting overlooked it's fucking SNES nostalgia all the way) . I am playing Skyrim and don't really intend on putting that down at the moment. So I'm behind. Don't even think I am going to be able to fit in Assassin's Creed and Rayman. And Zelda comes out next Sunday too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Good thing December is mostly vacant until The Old Republic.

A lot of people, who's opinion I trust, said the same thing about this game though. One of the reasons I've had no drive to play it when I am having fun playing other games.
Yeah, this gaming season seems super absurd with how many must play titles have been released.

My main thing with the game is some of the set pieces and scripted events that made the game so much of a blast seemed phoned in and recycled from the first game. It's nice that they expanded on the history of Drake, and all but I just didn't feel the interactions with characters in this game to be as gripping as the first two. It seems like a lot of attention was given to Multiplayer and making it much more balanced. Which kinda sucks cause I don't get much of a chance to try it out down here.
Yeah a lot of the scripted events did seem phoned in. A lot of the time everything was just going through the motions.

Enemies spawning behind you during combat in some parts of the game is annoying (not talking about enemies flanking you). It's like dealing with a bunch of enemies, then "boom!" dude with grenade launcher raining down on you from no where. Aiming seems harder in this one which made shit way harder and frustrating then it should be ( I did playthrough on hard though). Still enemies have homing grenades. I had the aim sensitivity to where I was comfortable to help with aiming, but then at the end of the game it throws Ghost Rider dudes at you that can teleport behind you and throw grenades. So yeah, had to crank that shit up to max, and it still was not good enough; damn analog stick.

Boat level was awesome! Cover that moves as the ship rocks. Good shit, great level design. Talking to other folks I know, they say they hated the horse part. I thought it was fun, and not annoying like some people have claimed. Loved the melee combat improvements. But, getting locked into melee and seemingly difficulty of dropping out of melee then getting shot to pieces is not fun.

I wish I could play the game in 3D. There are some moments where imagine it would of really shined.

Good game. But, not as good as the second imo.
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