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Full Version: FFXIV v2.0 detailed, coming Q4 2012, end of free play
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Square Enix has announced its plans for an overhaul of troubled MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, revealing that the remade version of the game will be made available in the fourth quarter of 2012.

In a statement, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada explained that the development team has been working to fix the game to a high standard after a rocky launch ten months ago.

As part of the announcement, Wada said that the unbilled period for the game will now come to a close, and a subscription-based system will be put in place sometime between late November and early December 2011.

The remade version of the game, dubbed 'Version 2.0', is due to be integrated into the game between October and December 2012. The full client will then go on sale at the start of 2013 for both PC and PlayStation 3.

The PS3 version of the game was delayed back when the game launched for PC, as Square Enix said that it was looking to improve stability, performance and functionality before the launch.

Naoki Yoshida, producer on the game, listed all the changes that the game will undergo for the rerelease. The game's current maps will be redesigned to fix the repetitive feel, while a whole new graphics engine will be put in place.

A new server system will also be integrated to fix speed and performance problems, while the user interface will receive a full overhaul.

Finally, the in-game community content will see more regular expansions, while overall the game will see numerous bug fixes and alterations.

"I promise that we will continue to give all Final Fantasy XIV players our full attention as we do everything in our power to provide a high-quality service," he said, "and as such, would like ask for your continued encouragement and support."

"As always, everything we do will be for our players and customers," he concluded.

Yoichi Wada said last month that the Final Fantasy name has been "greatly damaged" by the troubled Final Fantasy XIV.

So they're basically trashing almost every aspect of FFXIV as it is, rebuilding it from the ground up, and releasing the game they SHOULD have waited an extra year or two to release. But in the meantime they'll start charging diehards money for the "shit" version of the game that still won't see release on PS3.

I can't believe that it will be a full 2.5 years before they actually release what they consider to be the "true" FFXIV. I'm impressed in a sick way that Square Enix stuck with the game this long, any other company would write it off as a failure after a few months and move on, but they're really dedicated to making this game work, somehow.
Wait, will I have to repay again for a new version of final fantasy 14 v2? I don't mind a subscription fee for a new and improved version, but I am not paying another 50 bucks for a game that was intially incomplete and poorly made. I canceled my account awhile ago, so overall it's no difference for me. Problem is by then Star Wars will have been out for a year, and so will diablo 3. True some people will be bored and try something different, but I almost feel like I deserve a squaresoft gift certificate for buying such a shitty game intially.
There seems to be some confusion on their wording on that. I take "The full client will then go on sale at the start of 2013 for both PC and PlayStation 3." to mean that the retail package they're selling at that point for PC and the PS3 release will have the 'v2.0' client on the disc, so you don't have to update all the changes to the game via a patch. Prior to that release, I'm guessing the PC version will still be the "vanilla" one we all got suckered into last year.

But who knows, with how terribly SE had handled this game maybe they will have the gall to charge all users for the client again?

And you're right about the other pending game releases... we'll be a over a year into Star Wars, 9-12 months into Diablo 3, and Guild Wars 2 will be out by then too. Too little, too late has been the modus operandi of FF14 so far anyways, though.
Here's a concept screenshot SE released; this is what FXIV 2.0 is shooting for:

And concept art of one of the new areas:

Looks cool, but so did FFXIV a few years ago.
I hope for a clarification on the client because if I can update the old client I'll just go pick up a few copies that were in the "shitty" bin at my local Gamestop for 8 bucks. Sell the extra copies for half the price of v2.0 or more.

That UI!

Lol at UI. That should be an easy fix in the future.

Game looks VERY VERY FF tactics/FF12 styled. Maybe they had that team work on it (which isn't a bad thing). I am also going to assume the game will be more FF11ish and cookie cutter MMO, which is probably for the best. I'll keep an open mind and wait patiently. Either way, I deserve a gift certificate from Square, or a digital BJ from a FF heroine. It's only fair.

Lmao @ the terminator screenshot.

I just wanna be the first person to say this now.

Assuming PSO2 is out by then, I'm sure this will go largely unnoticed by a number of us. I'm still surprised their shareholders went along with this even with the restructuring. I hope they get it right this time.
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