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Full Version: Grand Theft Auto V
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Back in San Andreas, my favorite GTA locale by far! I'm loving the look of modern day Los Santos, and I can't wait to go cruising through the rolling hillsides outside the city buttrock.gif

I could never finish one of those games as I always found driving around running people over much more fun.
Screens, yeeeeee! Rockstar says "More to come this week...".

The hydra jet is back, and bikes. If they pull it off right this could be the perfect game to close off this generation. TOTAL HYPE!

Looks even better than before, totally digging the San Andreas flavor this is giving off. I think Trevor is going to be a blast to play as, he seems completely out of control. LOL @ the juggalo in his segement, what the hell.

Good to see Grove Street still repping their colors too.
I'm never gonna play this. Too much game for me to handle. skullcross.gif
Bullshit, you're going to buy it and we're going to play it and just spend the whole game ramming our car into a glitched swingset just like GTA4.

First gameplay reveal. FUCKING. AWESOME.

Looks like they are actually EXPANDING on the depth that GTA:SA had rather than contracting back like they did with GTA4...

I'm loving the ability to customize how you execute the heists, the character customization, the way they handle the character swaps, and how you can purchase properties and make investments now. And that teaser for GTA Online at the end... hooof. Looks like Rockstar is really going all out. I can't wait for September! Perfect game to send this generation off with a bang.

GTA Online! Strange that its launching Oct 1st, about 2 weeks after GTA5, but its developed as a separate product.

Seems amazing, almost too good to be true haha. Persistent world, in game property purchase, player content in the form of DM Modes and Race tracks, seamless transition from offline single player to multiplayer. The heists sound really in depth too, seems like the bigger ones will take a lot of planning and coordination. I can't wait!

I wonder if we'll get ports of GTA5 to next-gen consoles next year -- the graphics are unbelievable for a current gen console, and I'm worried that the 360/PS3 won't be able to keep up with all the action when 16 players of shit starts hitting the fan.
So my god damn 360 decided to shit the bed today, a week before GTA5 comes out. I guess I'll be playing it on PS3 now, because i'm sure as fuck not buying a new 360 2 months before the new consoles come out.

That being said, who all is going to be getting this, and what platforms? When GTA Online goes live in Oct we need to posse up, but obviously platform is an issue.

PS3 TREY 4 LYFE here.
Change of plans as I was able to borrow another xbox. Back on track for 360 4 lyfe!
Is anybody able to get online yet? When I was finally able to get on, it just repeats the tutorial cutscene.

For anyone that is able to get on, how is it?
They just did another patch last night and I was finally able to get online working. Previously all my attempts were the same as your experience, Scan. I made my character then it would just keep trying to matchmake me on the first tutorial mission unsucessfully. Was stuck like that for about 5 days.

Now that I'm online I'm pretty impressed with how they have it set up. Feels like an instanced MMO sort of like how Guild Wars 1 was.

Are you playing on Xbox 360 or PS3? I know Donkey and Naba have picked up the game on 360, maybe Kazicht too.

I've set up a crew for us here:

Need to design the emblem and stuff, and send out invites. I just barely got it together a few minutes ago, haha.
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