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Full Version: Old Republic Craft Thread
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Ok folks on Saber of Exar Kun, post your crew skills, so we know who does what. Mine are:

Republic Side
Synthweaving 240+
Archeology 220+
Underworld Trading 190+

Note: It is possible to trade items across fractions via the Nar Shaddaa/Hutt Trade Market
Artifice 400 (makes lightsaber hilts, lightsabers, color crystals, enhancements, relics and offhand gear)
Archaeology 400
Treasure hunting 400

All crafting skills are at max now. Hit me up if you need some goods.
Oddies da Nerfed
Hopefully I'll remember who to send patterns to since I get a lot of synth weave ones while working underground

Skills sub 100 since chars only a day old.
Cybertech. Mods, armorings, earpieces, droid parts and ship parts.
Underground trading.
400 Cybertech

I make hoverbikes.
Republic guy isn't worth posting yet, but he's a cybertech. Wish I made a biotech. :/

Empire guys is 400 in armormech/scavenging/underworld trading
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