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Full Version: Halo 4
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Last year at e3 MS announced that Halo 4 was coming, as the start of a "new trilogy". They also clarified that the franchise has been full passed into the hands of 343 Studios for development, so this will be the first "real" Halo with 0% Bungie influence.

For GDC this week 343 released the first Making Of video. Not a whole lot of gameplay is shown, but what is there looks good. Regarding the campaign, they reference "Master Chief facing a threat greater than any he's seen before" and delving more into the humanity and backstory of Master Chief as a spartan.

They also make mention of a progressive skill-unlocking multiplayer (read: COD4-inspired), which I don't know how to feel about. Its obviously the hot thing that keeps players invested in the COD games (and I love it in COD), but I always felt like Halo multiplayer was a more "pristine" thing. You couldn't be mad that you died because the other player had some bullshit killstreak you can't unlock, or some decked out gun with extra damage, heat-sensor scope, and a heartbeat monitor that you don't even have access to. Everyone is on even ground and if you lose its because the other player (or team) is better than you.

343 also indicates that there will be some kind of story to the multiplayer, "a reason why Red spartans would be fighting against Blue Spartans". This may tie into the progession, maybe a persistent world land-grab thing? Who knows. I don't really care about it at this point, but if they show it off at e3 let's hope its relevant.

The biggest shocker so far seems to be the lack of another "lesser" game for MS and 343 to piggyback the "beta" on. Like Crackdown for Halo 3 and Halo: ODST for Halo: Reach. What does MS have in the pipeline to "beta hype" Halo 4 with this year? The game will be out this holiday, so the time's a tickin'!

Still can't believe this is a real thing and its gonna drop this holiday season. Halo has always had good music, with ODST being the best soundtrack of all the titles. I guess I'm gonna have to dust off the 360 and have it shipped to me so we can bro it up online.

buttrock.gif guitarist.gif dj.gif

Samples from the halo Soundtrack and OST remixes. 343 am not disappoint.

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